If you missed it, you missed the best send off in Bachelor history! Oleevia goes HOME. Applauds from Bachelor Nation can be heard around the world. Ok well at least around the country.

Last week’s cliff hanger had us hoping Oleevia was going home but fairly certain she wasn’t. And Ben didn’t send her away at that rose ceremony. Here’s how the big night went:

The Rose Ceremony

Ben pulls Oleevia aside and confronts her about her Ms. Jekyll (in front of Ben) and Ms. Hyde (in front of the girls) personality. She temporarily redeems herself by blaming all her idiosyncrasies on the jealousy of the other girls. She says they are into painting their nails, and she is into reading books and “talking smart things.” (Ok Einstein.)  She even squeezes out a few tears, so Ben brings her back to the ceremony, rose in hand.

The other girls sigh as they realize she isn’t going home. And then Oleevia flaunts her staying power at her interview by saying the other girls tried to trip her up, but she welcomes the competition.  She says, “Come at me bro,” and Bachelor Nation cringes.

Then the roses go to: Caila, LB, Nojo, Imbeccable Becca, What-am-I-doing-here Leah, and TwinEm. Still-don’t-know-who-she-is Jen goes home, and we are on to the first date.

The I-Don’t-Know-if-She-Loves-Me-or-Loves-Me-Not, One-on-One Date

There is no other way to put it. We have no clue if Caila likes Ben.

It begins with a great boat ride. They jump in the water and Ben kisses Caila, but she’s not all in (replay it, she wasn’t). Ben says he has only seen the fun and smiling Caila and wants to know the deep Caila.

Caila sounds confused that she received a second one-on-one date and admits some of the other girls were upset. Ben says who, but she won’t tell. (Smart.)Then at the evening date, it gets so confusing that we have to replay it only to become even more confused.  She says she feels like she loves him but her greatest fear is she can’t fall in love and she is afraid she might hurt him. (Huh?) After that, well, go back and listen to it yourself because she did a song and dance and Ben gave her the rose, but we still aren’t sure whether she likes him or just wanted to finish out the vacation in the Bahamas.

On to the:

The Swim-with-the-Pigs Group Date

LB, Imbeccable Becca, Nojo, I’m-a-mommy Amanda, Kinderlauren and Leah go to swim with the pigs. Weird. Awkward. We are fairly certain producers are clamoring for group date ideas. Becca‘s afraid. Nojo gets pig-chased and nearly mauled, the girls squeal louder than the pigs, and Ben slips away, a little too long, with LB.

He spends so much time with her that he ruins the group date. I’m-not-sure-why-I’m-still-here Leah breaks down completely, and Ben pulls Becca away to try and find out what went wrong and how he can patch it up. She’s kind. Says its hard. He reassures her. Kisses her. Says he wants to be fair and then takes a turn kissing and reassuring all of the other girls, so everyone wonders who the heck he is going to send home at this week’s rose ceremony.

Then the mistake that sends girls home season after season occurs. Leah throws LB under the bus—big time. Later, when LB is crying, Leah lies and says it wasn’t her. The girls console LB. Ben gives Mommy Amanda the rose and then walks off ignoring LB’s teary-eyed stare. We think it is over.


Back at the hotel, the girls figure out Leah bad mouthed LB. But they don’t confront her because she takes off to Ben’s room and asks how he is doing. She says she wouldn’t use her time to talk about someone else and that she doesn’t want to throw LB under the bus. Then she shoves her, kicks her, gets in the bus and drives back and forth over her until LB is unrecognizable. But the bus backfires. (Do these girls not watch prior seasons?) He sends her home, and we are thankful because we cannot take a second bachelorette as wicked as Come-at-me-bro Oleevia. Which brings us to our next date:

The Two-on-One Oleevia-Versus-TwinEm Date

They boat through rough seas to an island. Right away, Ben steals Oleevia for alone time and she says: My love is growing. I feel good. I’m an introvert. At peace with myself. Grounded. In tune with my body. Intimidating. I am who I am. Deep. I like intellectual “things” (go-to noun). Like what?  Ben asks, looking confused. Then she breaks out the L word and he seems to fall for it.

Next Ben takes TwinEm for alone time. She looks gorgeous: hair cascading, blue eyes shining. Cute, fun Em materializes and Ben says he wants to get to know her but  when he takes her back, he picks up the rose and asks Oleevia if he can talk to her.

That’s when it happens. The BEST SEND OFF ever. He tells her he’s sending her home, leaves and producers make her stand on the rocky edge of the island crying while Ben goes back, gives the rose to Em and boats away with her. The camera drifts away and we watch Oh-no-I’m-going-home Oleevia stand motionless amid the raging seas. She’s aghast, appalled, sobbing, repenting, crying and honestly I can’t even describe how desolate and forlorn it was—it was so humiliating that even Athletchic felt bad for her.

However, we did move happily on to:

The Rose Ceremony

Here’s the thing. There are only nice girls left now. Chris Harrison comes in (always bad news) and says Ben doesn’t want a party. He knows what he is going to do. He enters looking sheepish, hands out the roses to Imbeccable Becca, Nojo and LB, and Kinderlauren goes home.IMG_6888

Then producers flash glimpses of future scenes. Ben’s crying because he is in love with two women and we are sure he is because, maybe for the first time ever, a Bachelor has gotten it right. He’s kept the nice girls.

Ben—boring but beautiful.

Can’t wait for next week. GO BECCA!


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I’m-not-crazy Lace beats out Mad-Hatter Mindy for the Bachelorette more likely to play Lorena Bobbitt in a lifetime Movie.

After seven days, Athletchic was still scratching her head and wondering how these two girls made it to day two.  Ben picked them last in episode one, reviving rumors that the Bachelor really only gets to pick 18 out of 20 girls and the producers pick 2.

Here’s what happened Monday night:

Back-to-School Group Date

Ben picks Jackie, LB, Becca (yippee), Lauren H, Three’s-the-charm Amber, Mad-hatter Mindy, G-I Jubilee, Jennifer and, take a deep breath, Looney Lace who says this will be her opportunity to prove she’s not crazy (not).

The girls compete at a school to be the Home Coming Queen. First, they must complete a project to make a volcano erupt. G-I Jubilee gets stuck partnering with Lace and loses. The rest move on to a bob-for-apples competition (lame) where Jackie and Jennifer  are knocked out of the games.

The others move to a geography test. Becca and Jojo put Ohio on the map sideways (embarrassing) and they are out. The final four shoot hoops. Mindy and Amber win but have to race each other on the track, jumping hurdles. Amber talks it up but Mindy beats her and then drives around the field in a convertible with a homecoming crown and Ben. (Weird.)

On the evening date, the girls fight for time with Ben.

Becca takes Ben aside and shoots some hoops (nothing but net), but he doesn’t kiss her. He kisses Jennifer on her alone time. LACE steals him away during Mad Mindy’s alone time and says she isn’t crazy but afterwards says they were staring so intensely at each other that they were eye F’ing (crazy). Fortunately, Jubilee steals Ben away, tells him she was born in Haiti, spent her first years in an orphanage. They hug. He kisses her, but we think she’s more into it than him.

Lace goes off the deep end (Apparently she’s forgotten that she’s not F’ing crazy.) and steals him away again to tell him that she’s not crazy. The girls have a fit. Ben takes Jojo for a walk, says he likes her and then kisses her (all-in) on the top of a building with the lights of LA romantically glowing in the background.

He gives the rose to Jojo. Jubilee cries. I’m-not-crazy Lace gets crazy and we all move on to:

The First One-on-One Date

Newsy says she will be surprised if she doesn’t get the first one-on-one date. Surprise!

The date goes to Caila. But before they leave, Ice Cube and Kevin Heart show up to “Ride Along” and the four embark on an LA adventure that has everyone wondering how anything could ever get done with Heart in tow. He even shows up in the hot tub with Ben and Caila—naked! But mercifully leaves them before the evening date where the two head to a quiet dinner, and Caila hits an absolute home run with Ben (Athletchic, too). He gives her the rose, they walk off, see their names on a Theater Marquee, go inside and Amos Lee gives them a private concert. Clearly this chic is going to give Becca a run for her money.

The Five-blondes-and-a-Russian Group Date

Passed-the-bar-exam Sam, Newsy, the twins, Amanda and Shashana take off to a scientific love research lab to determine who is the most compatible with Ben.

They flash pictures in front of each girl and study them. Blindfold Ben and have him smell them (yep) and then go into a room individually and touch Ben while the other Bachelorettes watch their colored energy on a screen. Olivia wants to kiss Ben while she is there, but Ben’s not having it. Says he won’t kiss her in front of everyone. (You gotta love this guy.) The lowest score, most incompatible, goes to Bar-exam Sam, who Ben said smelled sour. Her score was 2.4 of 10. Newsy Olivia earns the most compatible score of 7.5 but loses face with the other women.

She says she was confident that it would turn out that way and laughs out a “Winning” that makes viewers sorry they ever liked her. On the evening date, Ben talks to her first. They kiss. She goes back to the other girls. Won’t tell anything. And the girls think she thinks she’s high and mighty.One twin talks to Ben. He smells Jojo again and tries to make her feel better by saying she smells like passion fruit and, miraculously, Shashana talks to him fluently in English. Amanda tells Ben about her two little girls. Ben takes it well. Says kids don’t scare him and kisses her.

But he gives the rose to Olivia. The other girls get mad. Amanda cries and wonders if this is worth being away from her girls. And we are on to the Rose Ceremony.

The Rose Ceremony

Newsy Olivia pisses everyone off when she takes Ben away even though she already has a rose. Lace says she’s not crazy but takes Ben away at least twice, maybe three times, and then steals Newsy away for a conversation that we heard but still aren’t sure what it was about.

Then Bachelor Ben shows his true colors. He steals Amanda away and sits gluing little flowers on little barrettes for Amanda’s daughters, reminding us how much we like him.   

And the roses go to Amanda (glad he picked her first), G-I Jubilee, Lauren B, Hiked-the-football Leah, BECCA , Can’t-remember-anything-about-her Rachel, I’m-not-crazy-Lace (really?),LB—but wait—she wants to talk to him.

She takes him out of the room and tells him she just can’t do this. It’s too hard. He walks her out to the car and you spot glimpses of I-m-not-lovable Ben.

Once back, Ben hands out the remaining roses to—Jennifer, Twin Emily, Jaime the bartender (w-what? not twin number two?), Lauren H, Shashana, Twin Hayley (phew-that would have lowered his notch) and Third-time’s-the-charm Amber.

And we waived good bye to Mad Mindy (one down, one to go), Jackie and Passed-the-bar-exam Sam.

Boring overall, but Bachelor Live afterwards spiced it up by bringing in Chris Jenner, who is a Bachelor fan. She is down-to-earth, smart, kind and a joy to watch. She sits alongside Chris Soules (we still can’t figure out why he is hanging around), answers questions and gives advice kindly to Newsy Olivia by saying she may want to tone it down a bit.

Later, Jimmy Kimmel wonders if Ben was afraid NOT to pick I’m-not-crazy Lace and Athletchic yawns and   turns the DVR on to watch Vanderpump Rules. Next week has got to be better.


Cyndie Zahner is a freelance writer and The Bachelor addict. Follow her on Twitter @Tweetyz or on Instagram @athletchicz.



He may be the most boring Bachelor ever but is lovin’ Ben Higgins!

Last night The Bachelor tweets beat out Vanderpump Rules tweets, stinging the big anticipated Katie-and-Tom engagement episode. That’s how BIG Ben Higgins is. (Not to be confused with last year’s Big Ben.)  And yep, Athletchicz  taped Katie’s big night to glimpse Benny in is fine taylored suit.

It’s going to be a long season for Athletchic (#1VanderPumpRulesfan) and Athletchicz (#1TheBachelorfan).

The show  went like this:

Meet the Parents in Indiana

Ben comes from money. (No surprise.) His Mom captures viewer’s hearts when she actually cries Ben close up in carreminiscing the Season 19 Episode when Ben said he may be unlovable. We already love her. And we love her son. He comes across as a small-town 26-year-old with a big heart.

Then we move back to LA to:

Get Advise from Other Bachelors

This was the really confusing part. Why were Chris Soules and Jason Mesnick giving advice?

Sean Lowe, we love. But Jason? Really? He picked the wrong Bachelorette and then traded her in at the Aftershow. And Chris Soules was barely better. Although we adored his choice, Whitney, Athletchic knew he wouldn’t be able to live out his days on the farm with that voice. They split.


Let’s move on to the girls:

The Bachelorettes 

As usual, there are a few favorites and a few psychos.

Athletchic favorites are Laurin, the flight attendant (darling); Jubilee, the kick-ass war veteran; Caila (ok we weren’t lovin’ the jump-into-Ben’s-arms opening but she reprieved herself later); and Olivia, the newscaster.

First on the psycho list is the Dentist, Mache Mandi, who came in with a seven foot paper mache rose on her head; the twins (that’s just plain weird);  and Jojo horse head (yep, you got it, she came in with a horse head on); but even Jojo couldn’t beat out Meagan for the craziest entrance because Meagan came in with a horse. (At least I think it was a horse. If you didn’t see it, don’t ask.)

Oh and two other Bachelorettes deserve a mention. Trust me. There is no category for these. First, Tiara gets a mention for her occupation. What the heck is a Chicken Enthusiast? (Actually we don’t want to know.) And Shashana get’s a mention because, well, she’s Russian and we can’t understand a word she’s saying. (Seriously? How desperate were they?)

On with the show:

The Surprise that Rocked Athletchicz’s World 

Ok, my life is boring but, drum role, BECCA IS BACK!!!!! If you’ve read past blogs you know we love Becca. She was our all-time favorite, and we are swimming in hope that she’s the one for Ben.

Another past Bachelorette, Amber, came along with Becca. But honestly, we don’t think she’ll be flaunting that old saying–the third time’s the charm.

On to the Party and Rose Ceremony 

No big drunken stupor like last year’s opening, but Lace had a little too much and talked trash; Meagan sealed her ‘going home’ status by combining a Texan accent with sailor trash talk; and the Newsy, Olivia, got the first impression rose and was quite nice about it.

Here’s who Benny picked and in this order:

Lauren B (yippee); Kayla somebody; Amber (third-timer); Jami (the bartender); Forgot-to-say-her-name Jennifer (she didn’t introduce herself when she got out of the limo); Jubilee (yeah!); Amanda (mother of two adorable little girls); JoJo horse head;  Hiked-a-football-through-her-legs-to-Ben  Leah (awkward); Can’t-remember-anything-about-her Rachel; I-passed-the-bar-exam Sam; Jackie; twinnies Em and Hay (geesh); Shashana (not feelin’ it); Lauren H; BECCA (HALLELUJAH); Mad as a hatter Mandi; and Lunatic Lace.

The others go home and Lunatic Lace pulls Ben away from the celebratory toast to begin the games. She tells him he picked her last (no kidding) and didn’t once look into her lunatic eyes, and we all come away thinking this chick thinks she’s his girlfriend already and this may be the best Bachelor season ever!!!!!

Woohoo! Who knew the Bachelor could cure the winter blues? Can’t wait for next week!


Cyndie Zahner is a freelance writer and The Bachelor addict. Follower her on Twitter at @Tweetyz and Instagram @athletchicz.