Reality Recap – The Bachelorette – Season 11, Episode 4 – #TheBachelorette

Kupah throws a tantrum outside Bachelorette paradise after last week’s interview bomb and big boot. He doesn’t want to do the bye-bye interview.

Kaitlyn becomes distracted during her interview by all his hollering and goes outside to confront him alone. (Even Big Ben Z doesn’t budge from the couch to go along.)

She confronts him. He says he doesn’t want to go home. She says too bad. He promises not to yell anymore and then melts into a pathetic loud whisper about whispering after she leaves. He says he doesn’t even like her and rides away into after-my-fifteen-minutes-of-fame world.

Kaitlyn cries, finishes her interview, talks to the  guys, then Chris Harrison spoils the fun by announcing it’s time for the rose ceremony.

And the Roses Go To:

Voted-for-Britt-but-don’t-want-to-go-home Jared, the other Ben (H), Shawn (no surprises so far), Jonathon, the Kleenex Gifter, Cupcake Chris, Brian (where’d he come from?), Justin, Ian, Almonzo Josh, Joe, Corey with an e, and don’t-legalize-marijuana Tony. (Seriously? Guru guy?)

The other guys leave. She cries and says she was attracted to Cory but he needed to be with his daughter. (Weird)  But not as weird as…

The Morning Wake-up Call for the Group Date

Fat men  clang drums and a fatty Yama is introduced. We have to wait for a few minutes for Chris Harrison to reveal Yama is a guy. (We weren’t sure.) He weighs in at 600 pounds.

Kaitlyn has picked six guys for this next date, and they put on sumo wrestling thongs to show off their butts.

JJ says everyone looks good–except Tony must have partied his ass off because it was nonexistent. Joe flaunts his junk. Cupcake Chris shudders and the fat guys go at it. Then the bachelors go at the fat guys . Diapers fly. Tony says he is not aggressive but peaceful and loving and asks for a boat ride.

JJ accuses Tony of bothering Kaitlyn, and Tony tells him to get the “f” out of there. (Tony’s got some balls.) Almonzo says Tony is crazy but JJ had no right to go at Tony, and Jonathon walks Kaitlyn away from the ugly situation.

The date gets somber. Ian tries to calm Tony. Kaitlyn tries to talk to Tony. Tony talks spirituality, development and primal instincts. His nipples twitch. (Yes they did.) Kaitlyn hugs him and goes back to the date while Tony sits on a ledge.

The date moves to an outside makeshift arena. The bachelors ride in on bikes. (Tony is a no show.) They disrobe and show off their butts to the public. (Awkward.)

JJ thinks Kaitlyn is checking him out. Kaitlyn wrestles one of the fat guys. He lets her win and then it is the bachelors’ turn. JJ hams it up, Joe shakes his butt. And Joe flips JJ and wins. Clint flips Joe, Cupcake and then takes selfies with the crowd.

Back at the ranch Tony says he wants to go to the zoo, and he can’t do this anymore. He packs and leaves. (Ho hum.) But before he rides into the new-age sunset, he stops at the on-going date, gives Kaitlyn a flower and says goodbye to her under the moon. (She sweetly tries to hide her unconcern.)

The rest of the date goes like this: Interviews fly. Clint plays hard to get. Shawn gets the rose. Clint sulks in frustration. Kaitlyn tells Clint he ignored her all day. Clint says Kaitlyn isn’t the girl for him but he’s glad he’s there because JJ is sweet. (Start of another show?)

Be Ready for Anything Date

Kaitlyn gets a date card from Chris Harrison. Ben Z gets one, too. Harrison has set up the date and Kaitlyn excitedly calls Ben Z a babe soda. (Gag.)

They proceed to a junk yard, then a building. Harri tells them to walk through a door. It will lock behind them. They go. There are birds. Kaitlyn freaks out.  There is blood, bodily limbs, gas, spiders, clues and snakes (Ben freaks out ). They wander aimlessly, grasping at how-to-get-out clues until, with less than a minute to spare, they break out, live, walk away hand in hand and have a great date later in the evening.

Big Ben gets a rose.

The Sex Group Date

Bachelors Jonathon, Ben H , Almonzo Josh, Brian, Jared, and Tanner must have the birds and bees talk with school children (don’t get all bent out of shape–they are child actors).

Each gets a topic to teach from their pretend school lockers and Kaitlyn says this will separate the men from the boys.

Ryan B talks female anatomy, vaginas, important parts and butts. Jonathon answers questions about the four bases, homeruns, sex positions, wet dreams, and condems.  Tanner puts a condem on a banana. Almonzo Josh talks blood, tampons, and periods pretty poorly (no sisters?). Then Ben H hits a homerun himself by turning a reproduction lesson into a beautiful story of the love between a man and woman.

They have a great evening date and good interviews. Kaitlyn dances pretty close to Jared, but gives the rose deservingly to Ben H. (Woohoo, new front runner.)

The Back-at-the-Ranch Bromance

JJ and Clint bond, and Justin calls their bonding a bromance. They chill by the pool, cook together and sit on the couch playing games shirtless. Clint says JJ owns him. Justin says the two have a little pep in their step when they are together, and JJ says Clint squeezed his zit in the shower the night before. (TMI.)

Later they talk turtles in the hot tub,  strum the guitar together and Clint admits he may be too close to JJ. He said falling in love with a man on the Bachelorette never crossed his mind. He said he doesn’t like Kaitlyn, but his is still a success story.

The Rose Ceremony

JJ talks hope for a lot of other bachelors to get the hack. (He must not be feelin’ Clint’s love.) Clint says things didn’t go well for him but he loves JJ.  Then he grabs Kaitlyn away from the others right off the bat, says the big sumo boy must have adjusted his diaper so tight that he lost his balls. (Something like that.) Then he apologizes. (Bi-sexual?) Lies. (Nope.) And Kaitlyn says he seems genuine. (Wait until she sees this episode at the Bachelors tell all.)

Once alone, Clint again admits he isn’t interested in Kaitlyn then goes to JJ and tells him how cute he is. JJ mentions his pants. Clint says he loves JJ and wants to stay for him not Kaitlyn.

JJ and Clint fear the other boys are going to mention their bonding to Kaitlyn. And the boys do. Josh drops names. And Clint and JJ blah, blah, blah on. Kaitlyn pulls Clint aside to talk and leads him toward the fireplace, saying it is cold….

To be continued….woohoo…can’t wait..

But we don’t have to wait a week for the fun because Tuesday night Jimmy Kimmel shows clips of the bachelors proclaiming their love for Kaitlyn and clips of Kaitlyn’s interviews…only it is Kaitlyn Jenner. (You gotta love him! I’m starting to look forward to his reviews as much as the show!)


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Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair Cover Revealed


Call her Caitlyn! Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) graces the July 2015 cover of Vanity Fair. Wearing white lingerie with long beautiful curled locks of hair, Caitlyn is gorgeous. She is beautiful, graceful and absolutely stunning. Vanity Fair will introduce us to Caitlyn Jenner in this issue which will hit newsstands June 9th.

ESPN announced today that Caitlyn Jenner will make her first major public appearance at the 2015 ESPYS as she will receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award on July 15, 2015.

To see pictures of the cover and to get more on the story check out Vanity Fair’s website by clicking here.

To follow Caitlin Jenner on Twitter, click here!

**Photo from Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram page.


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Reality Recap – #RichKids of Beverly Hills – Season 3, Episode 2 Recap – #RKOBH


Last night on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills the crew heads out to The Bahamas for EJ’s business trip. Here are the three most interesting things that happened in last nights episode:

1. Brendan Reveals Morgan’s Middle Name

Yes, I know you must be thinking, “Who cares?” or “Why is she reporting something this stupid?” But really guys?! This IS Rich Kids of Beverly Hills here. We aren’t solving any ancient mysteries or really digging into the lives of some really intelligent person. This show is pure drama and hilarity! Last night while in a confessional, Brendan reveals that Morgan’s middle name is Rangley. It was HILARIOUS. Morgan is so angry, she clearly hates that middle name. I got a kick out of this.

2. Then Brendan Keeps a Secret!

By now I hope that all of you #RichKids viewers absolutely LOVE the relationship between Brendan and Morgan. I know I do. Morgan is probably my favorite person on the show and in real life we could honestly be besties. As a girlfriend, she must be SO difficult to deal with. She is demanding, she is a diva, and she is high maintenance! (Wait, now I am describing myself. Ugh!) Although she is all of these, and many other things, Brendan loves this girl so much. (#RelationshipGoals) Throughout this episode Brendan explains to us how in love with Morgan he is. He talks about the things they have been through, their travels and how excited he is for their future. During another scene in this episode, Morgan is talking about babies and baby names. We see Brendan soon after, in the confessional, explaining that babies may not be too far away, but Morgan doesn’t know that yet! He explains that he is having a great time in the Bahamas but can’t wait to get back to LA so that he can ask her to marry him. All the while, Morgan has absolutely no idea.

3. Dance Floor Make Out

Later in the episode we see the crew all hanging out at a club in the Bahamas. They have been having a great time and the trip is coming to an end. Taylor-Ann explains to us that her and Bobby have connected because as they are both new to the group. Brendan has been trying to get the two together but earlier in the episode, Bobby revealed that it would not happen here, in the Bahamas, as he was trying to still get over this ex. After a few drinks and dances we see Taylor-Ann and Bobby kiss on the dance floor! Ah!



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Kim Kardashian West Pregnancy Update

So after all the stress and hard work that Kim K has been putting into getting pregnant we have some news for you all. E! reported last night that the 34 year old reality television star is pregnant with her and husband Kanye West’s 2nd child! North West is going to be a big sister! Another Kardashian (Eh! Kardashian West) baby is on the way!

Will it be a boy or girl? I am thinking a girl but a boy would be great because then he could be besties with Reign Disick like North and Nelly. AH! Kardashian Kraziness!

**Photo from Kim Kardashian West Instagram.


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Reality Recap – Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Mid-Season Finale – #KUWTK

Last night was the mid-season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and it was filled with interesting stuff. The episode starts where last weeks episode ended, with Scott just barely avoiding an accident in Montana. You see him yelling at another car that almost caused them an accident with a semi-truck. Scott pulls a U-turn and is angry. Everyone in the car is scared but at the same time they are mostly quiet. They understand why Scott is angry. Scott explains in the confessional that if he would have gotten in an accident and lost his family members he would have never forgave himself.

The rest of the episode is filled with the families last days in Montana. The group is happy that they are carrying on the tradition of family vacation. It was great to see the kids, running around the house, the sisters playing games, Scott enjoying his time outdoors, they really needed this getaway in the midst of everything they are dealing with. Khloe toasts at dinner to Kim, for making it all possible and putting it together. Mid-toast Scott also thanks Kim, sarcastically, for all of their careers. (Don’t worry, they were all laughing!)

Outside of Montana, Kris is travelling to London to present at an awards ceremony and then she is off to Paris to see Kendall walk in fashion week. Kris let’s us know that she wants to be there to support everyone during this tough time. In Paris, we see Kendall complaining that she is tired and also being pretty cranky. (#ModelProbs) At dinner one night she asks her mom why she is following her around saying that Kris is “obsessed” with her. (What a bratty thing to say!) Kris brushes it off and is not at all bothered by it. She explains that she misread Kendall and she thinks Kendall is handling the Bruce situation even better than she expected.

Back in California, we see Bruce, happy as ever, moving into his new home on a private drive in Malibu. Bruce is ecstatic explaining that he has bought multiple homes with his wives but this is his first real house. He picked it out himself, he gets to decorate it the way he wants to, and we see many women’s clothing items in his closet. He explains that he is going through a big transition and that he is excited for this home. It is the only place that he can get away from the paparazzi and he loves that.

Before they leave Montana, Kim has some business that she needs to take care of in terms of her fertility. She goes to see a doctor while she is out there to see if she is ovulating. Kim is exhausted and thinking about giving up on pregnancy. She decides that she is going to call her psychic friend, John Edward, to see what he thinks about her getting pregnant. He says that he does not see her conceiving now and that she needs to stop stressing and allow it to happen.

The day of their departure from Montana, Kim is in the car hurrying everyone out the door. Khloe is driving one car with Kylie, Kim and North in it. They are headed to the airport when Khloe hits black ice and spins out of control. Camera’s in the car show a seriously concerned Kylie Jenner, Khloe screams, “It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault!” and Kim yells that she is not wearing a seat belt. The car goes off road and the girls are fine but clearly shaken by the situation.

In a preview of the next half of the season, Kim tells us that she has seen Bruce as a woman and that she looks beautiful,  we find out Khloe has spoken with Lamar and Kris questions Kylie about birth control. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings!


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Reality Recap – The Bachelorette – Season 11 – Episode 3 – #TheBachelorette

This week we were bound for a bore after hype was dropped about Kaitlyn sleeping with someone in last week’s previews. So if you were out partying on Memorial Day and missed this episode, mmmmmmaybe you just want to read about it and wait for next week.

Here’s what happened:

The Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em First Group Date

Daniel, Justin, Voted-for-Britt-but-not-ready-to-leave Jared, Corey, Kleenex-gifter Tanner, Kupah, Ben H and Ben Z are drawn for the  first group date.

The boys take boxing lessons from the tough yet lovely Laila Ali and, briefly, Ben Z beats the crap out of everyone.

It goes like this: Guys chase each other around the ring. Kaitlyn covers her eyes. The crowd moans. The bachelors land some punches. And Ben Z sends Jared to the hospital in the championship round.

Later at the evening date, the Bachelors flaunt their bluish-black eyes. An unscathed Ben Z leads off the alone time with Kaitlyn and captivates her with the story of his mother’s death when he was 14. Justin has a good interview talking about his son. The Rose-welder (He’d play Almonzo on a Little House on the Prairie remake.) does ok and Kaitlyn spends alone time with others but not Kupah. (Earlier she hinted that he couldn’t tear himself away from Ali.)

Jared interrupts the evening by showing up outside to sneak a walk and kiss with Kaitlyn but has to leave by doctor’s orders. Kaitlyn goes back to the  date and gives the rose to Big Ben Z and the other five bachelors’ float-like-a-butterfly egos deflate.

The Pool Photo-shoot One-on-one Date

Clint gets the alone date and clearly this guy has slipped under the radar. Athletchic has underrated him. (He went from don’t-know-who-he-is status to top contender.) The couple partakes in the new underwater photo-shoot fad, and Clint’s underwater pictures are hot. ( Who knew?)

He easily wins a rose from her at the evening dinner date when she says the underwater shoot was fun, they clang glasses for a toast, and he utters she took his breath away today. Kaitlyn is smitten’. She says he is a hunk of a man, and it may have been her best first date ever.

Comedy Club Group Date Number Two

Back at the ranch, Guru Tony talks love and flipping switches (Britt to Kaitlyn). JJ routes for other bachelors to do something stupid. The other bachelors laugh at Guru and loath JJ. The date card arrives. Seven guys are selected for group date two. And Guru awaits a sign from the universe that says Kate is for him.

The selected bachelors work with comedian Amy Schumer to prepare Improv speeches. Guru says he has been training for this his whole life. Chris says he is going to suck. And JJ wallows in self -confidence embellished by his Joker laugh.

This is how their comedy club performances go: Ian is nervous but survives (B+), Joshua is funny but gets dirty (B), Jonathon survives (too short to grade–the clip not the guy), Joe’s Tennessee twang saves him (B), JJ stinks (B-), Chris kills it (A) and Tony turns his comedy caper into a new age appreciation rant in which the audience turns on him (D+ for effort).

Then, don’t ask how, JJ gets the rose in the evening and his ego gets even uglier.

The Rose Ceremony

And uglier (JJ). He laughs at the Bachelors to their faces and taunts Tony relentlessly.

Before Kaitlyn arrives, the guys agree to allow those bachelors that didn’t get a date first divs on sitting with her. She arrives, talks, raises her glass, but before she can make a toast, JJ steals her away for a chat.

He says he’s there for her–not to make friends. He’s a fighter and a husband would fight for her. Then fortunately, Kaitlyn gives him the dodge when he attempts to kiss her. (Rerun it. She turns a cheek.)

He returns proud as a peacock, smug, cocky and accuses the others of mad jealousy.

Kupah and the Drama

Kupah blows his interview with Kaitlyn by inferring he’s not sure there is a connection. He says he doesn’t want to be there as a minority token, and then confuses everyone by saying he’d like to stay and get to know her.

Kaitlyn calls him out  for not trying to talk to her during the group date and said she originally thought they had a connection through music; that’s why she chose him. Kupah tries to backpeddle, but just gets in deeper. They argue. He says he feels like they are having a connection now and doesn’t want to leave. Kaitlyn is confused and needs time to think.

She goes off to sit alone, but  she can hear Kupah talking to the guys in the other room. She gets mad. Calls him out again and walks him to  the front door. He doesn’t want to leave, keeps drinking, but Kaitlyn sends him packing.

During the final interview before she hands out roses, Kaitlyn becomes distracted by a commotion outside. It is Kupah raking havoc with the producers during his final interview. He’s yelling into the camera. Kaitlyn gets up, heads for the door  and TO BE CONTINUED flashes across the screen……

Britt and Brady Sidebar

The Britt and Brady spinoff lingered on. The two loved it up all over town–and Brady asks the big question. Will she be his girlfriend? She accepts. “He’s my boyfriend,” Britt giggles. (Who does that?)

Athletchic was glad to see Brady was not wearing soccer shorts and tights but had a jacket tied around his waste. (Still sure Urbanati and Yang were cringing.) We’re wondering how long these little clips will be included. A few episodes? The entire season? (Until TV land can’t stand them any more?) Only time will tell, but for the moment, Cry-cry-cry Britt desperately hangs from the rafters while we all wonder if she really likes Brady or is just saving face.

We’re all about next week!

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