Reality Recap April 9-15

The week starts off of Monday with American Idol duet week, 12 of the top 24 paired with star talent like Train lead singer Pat Monaghan, the guy who sings Despacito, Sugarland, some random girl named Bishop Briggs, Allen Stone, Andy Grammar who the F are these people and Aloe Blacc. The judges kept saying everyone was great so it was a shock that they actually voted anyone off, but they did say goodbye to Layla Spring, KayKay, Trevor, Dominique and Brandon. No I don’t know remember who most of those people are and yes that weird Catie girl is still in and I hope she wins! The most notable thing from the entire episode was Katy Perry looked ri-GD-diculous in some bogus ass off the shoulder gold dress! It was hideous, trust me and go Google it!

On my favorite show, Vanderpump Rules all hell is breaking loose like it normally is as the crew heads back to LA after their trip to Mexico. Kristen has to explain her alone time with James to her boyfriend Carter, who is the most amazing man in the world and stays calm and tells Kristen not to put herself in those kinds of situations. Jax decides to confront Adam about trying to get with Brittany. Poor Adam has no idea what Jax is talking about because clearly Scheana made all this shit up. Adam is not into Brittany and knew she was with Jax. Jax loses it and flips out on basically everyone at SUR including Lisa and Ken. He stands at the hostesses podium flipping everyone the bird before heading out front to bitch at Sandoval.

In another world, on Teen Mom OG, Farrah is still no where to be seen and we all are so very grateful for that. Poor Catelynn who just got out of rehab has to go back because she is having troubles. Mackenzie and Ryan are pregnant but Ryan gives zero shits, is being an ass and still looks high.

On Tuesday we catch up with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who are still hanging out in Berlin. Vanderpump has to leave to get an award for her dog movie. A compassion award, HA! The girls are taking a boat ride and they are all scared looking back on the past boat rides they’ve had over the years. Erika is late getting on the boat as we find out it takes forever getting into a latex outfit. She gets out of a car an walks towards the boat nearly getting run over by a bike at which point she eyes the camera man and continues to catwalk towards the boat. Can you imagine wearing latex?! My God this woman is strong, I’ve run marathons, birthed a baby but I could NOT wear latex for even a short amount of time! That is one tough bitch and that is way she is my Real Housewives GOAT! You keep on keeping on girl! She then takes the girls on a journey down a dark, wet alley scaring the shit out of them all to take them to an invite only restaurant where they have dinner and she calls out Teddi for her pretend amensia comment! “I have one issue pretend amnesia”. Dorit can’t go on though, bitch needs to make sure the candles at the table are lit. She can’t sit, not even for a moment, and look at unlit candle! Who is Dorit? To Dorit, Hell is a place where people look at unlit candles and drink out of the wrong glasses! Whatever! Erika and Teddi finally squash their shit because again, Erika is EVERYTHING! Rinna realizes that the girls are having the time of their life and all getting along because VANDERPUMP isn’t there! I actually 100% agree with this!

On the finale of the Challenge: Vendettas you knew right away you weren’t going to know who won when you read your TV guide and it said, “Part 1”. Here we go again! We have to sit through listening to The Miz mediate a bunch of really lame conversations and arguments amongst the cast. We find out Nicole has hooked up with Gemmy, that one annoying girl from the U.K. is a huge bitch to Nelson and says he’s a stalker, Cara Maria and Kyle aren’t dating they were just having fun, I shed a little tear about that. They pulled a grenade on us and won’t tell us who won until next week. Yawn.

In Married at First Site the couples get back from their second honeymoon and are almost to decision day. Jonathan and Molly have not spoken in days. Molly finally gets caught in a lie as her therapist calls her the F out which almost sends Molly off the deep end. Jonathan video taped a rant of her calling him disgusting after she was in a bar flirting with another guy on their second honeymoon. I think I know how this relationship will end come decision day! In the meantime Jacqueline needs to get out of this marriage while she still can, Ryan sucks and has sucked the entire season.

Wacky Wednesday gets new life as The Real Housewives of New York comes on. Carole completes the NYC Marathon in 6 hours, Luann wants to be the Countess, oh no honey, last season you went against everyone’s advice and twirled and said, “The only title I’d trade Countess for is Wife”…no no no, there is no going back. The wannabe Countess continues to toot her own horn by bragging about her music saying she has 3 dance hits acting like people are jealous?! Girl the only thing people are jealous of is the balls you got on you to get up and sing being as tone def as you are!

Survivor has officially become the most boring show on television. I don’t even know why I’m talking about it. Domenick is acting like a complete dbag but no one cares, I want to barf just mentioning his name. They all decide to vote off the only hot guy left on the island, Chris, while a Childish Gambino look alike busts on him telling him to stop rapping. “Put the mic down put the pen down ur trash at rapping chris “the rapper”.”

While getting ripped on Thirsty Thursday, we all head back down south in Charleston, where the cast of Southern Charm is literally grilling up their best session yet, in Episode 2 Craig is still acting like a salty woman who’s been trapped in the kitchen all day except he clearly doesn’t know what he is doing, I could watch him attempt to cook all day. Shep calls Craig his foil but by the end they are actually getting along. In the meantime, Naomi Kathryn Danni and Chelsea make up the “Break Up Bunch” and I seriously am about to get a divorce and move to Charleston to join them #squadgoals they come into Sheps party with a bang! Thomas’ new girlfriend, Ashely, is thirsty AF and is just trying to cause problems, her and Kathryn have a very awkward conversation/introduction. Ashley is clingy AF because she sees how Thomas looks at Kathryn and is scared. Ashley makes Thomas come into the bathroom with her later in the episode, eye roll! If you are home bored go find Ashley on Instagram and notice her and Landon are besties, boring! And read people trashing her in her comments section! My god! Entertainment for days! The show comes to a close with Naomi calling out JD HARDCORE and embarrassing him infront of everyone! Let’s get the good old boys!

On the Jersey Shore Family Vacation stuff finally starts to heat up as Snooki and Vinny start to get really awkward. Basically Snooki cheated on Gianni with Vinny before they were married so Gianni probably isn’t happy that years later a better looking Snooki is going to be living with an even better looking Vinny in Miami for a while. Nicole wants Vin to stay away claiming he is trying to ruin her marriage bc he keeps messing with her. In the meantime the crew goes rock climbing and in a race between nicole and Deena to the top of a rock wall, deena destroys snooks leaving her the job of cleaning up after ronnies bathroom mishaps. I literally almost gagged just watching this!

Last night, Sunday on Real Housewives of Atlanta we are on part two of the three part reunion. Marlo wants everyone to Google her business, Simply Marlo LLC. I did and literally nothing came up! She dated a billionaire who bought her home and her mom’s home. Eva comes out and is about to give birth as she’s literally in labor and her contractions are 10 mins apart. Andy questions Kim about her big ass lips.

Finally, Khloe announces her baby’s name…. True Thompson!

Talk to you all next week!

Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 5, Episode 17 – #RHOBH

Amster-DAMN Slap

Stuff actually happened in last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and it was very entertaining. Last week the girls left their luxurious lives in Beverly Hills to travel to Amsterdam to visit Yolanda’s home country. Last night’s episode was part 2 of the girls trip. Here are the three most important things that happened last night.

The dinner boat from hell

Wow was this interesting. After a day in bed, Yolanda plans a nice dinner for the girls on a boat that rides through town. The scenery is beautiful, the girls all look stunning, but we all know with this crew that nothing goes as planned. The girls all get onto the boat and immediately there is a weird vibe. Eileen and Kyle are still confused as to why the Lisa’s went shopping earlier in the day with Brandi and Kim, the day after Kim lashed out on Lisa Rinna and Eileen. (We find out that both Lisa’s decide they are going to just act like everything is ok to get through the trip. Eileen and Kyle aren’t about that life.) Brandi is giving Kyle weird looks. Kim won’t look at Kyle at all. Poor Yolanda has just gotten out of bed and really has no clue what is going on.

With the tension at an all-time high, Kyle excuses herself from the table. Yolanda notices and follows. Lisa Vanderpump shortly after. The three talk about Brandi giving Kyle dirty looks.

Back at the table, Eileen wants to clear the air by apologizing to Kim about how she handled questioning her sobriety. In the process of apologizing Brandi confronts Eileen about calling her an alcoholic. Eileen says that she never called Brandi an alcoholic but rather said that Brandi is mean when she drinks. (TRUE!) Brandi claims that no one has ever said that of her before. (YEAH RIGHT!) She then says that she heard Eileen was talking about her. Kim backs her up, bringing up the fact that Eileen talked about Brandi when they were at lunch with Kyle. Kyle, Lisa and Yolanda come back to the table. They all wonder what they have just walked in on. Lisa Rinna sits there saying nothing. She explained to Eileen earlier that she has Eileen’s back but she will not say anything to Kim and Brandi because you can’t reason with people who are crazy. (Makes sense.) Kim and Brandi are clearly deflecting.

“You know Kim, sue me for giving a damn!” Eileen says to Kim, fed up with Kim misunderstanding her apology. (This is why I really love Eileen. She stands up for what she believes in and her beliefs are do the right thing. She cares for Kim and isn’t sitting around ignoring it. She also knows she is not wrong here. A SANE HOUSEWIFE! AHHH!!!)

Yolanda tells Kim that Eileen is coming from a genuine place. Kim and Brandi ignore that and continue to fight. Brandi starts becoming irrational saying things like, “We don’t bring up your sleeping with half of LA (points to Lisa Vanderpump), your taking too many pills (points to Kim), my drinking to much (points to herself), your being too bossy (points to Yolanda), your not eating (points to Lisa Rinna), your being a home wrecker (points to Eileen).”

The ridiculous comments stopped there as all the women came to Eileen’s defense. (Does Brandi just try to start a fight to stay relevant, to stay on the show?!? Or does she just like fighting? Does she love ruining a good time? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN?!?!)

The fight continues with Brandi, Kim and Kyle. The other four girls leave the table to go have dinner. They are done.

The girls create a positivity circle

Amidst all the negativity that has gone on while in Amsterdam, Brandi actually comes up with a good idea and tries to change the vibe of the trip. She asks that the girls go around the table and say something positive about everyone there. Lisa Rinna was instantly excited and said she was thinking the same thing. The girls start with Eileen. They go around the table each saying something nice about her.

Although Brandi came up with the idea, her positive statements on everyone there were very superficial:

  • Eileen has nice eyes.
  • Yolanda has a great waist line.
  • Lisa Vanderpump has nice boobs.
  • Kyle’s hair is beautiful.

The girls call her out on the fact that Brandi is only pointing out on the surface things.

When they finally get to Brandi, who is the last person, she gets up and leaves the table saying she doesn’t want to hear what everyone has to say about her. (Brandi they have to say something positive! They aren’t going to attack you.) Here we find a very fragile Brandi. Just as Lisa Rinna says, Brandi acts tough on the surface but underneath is a very broken person.

The girls finally get Brandi back to the table and everyone digs deep and finds something nice to say to her.

Brandi slapped Lisa Vanderpump

I know the image of Lisa Vanderpump getting smacked across the face is unbelievable but believe it people. Brandi smacked the poor woman. The two were getting off the boat and Brandi was joking around with Lisa. She was trying to kiss Lisa and Vanderpump refused. The two were laughing and joking around. Next thing you know, Brandi smacks Lisa (jokingly) across the face. Brandi thought it was funny, she was trying to be playful. An older Lisa Vanderpump was not amused by it. She was pissed!

Next week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…We see Brandi giving Lisa Vanderpump flowers in attempt to make up with her. Vanderpump seems to be done with Brandi. Lisa Rinna sits down with Kyle to let her know that Brandi is worried about Kim. Kyle asks why Brandi doesn’t tell Kim that. Kim and Kyle sit down and Kyle gets real about things that Brandi has been saying behind Kim’s back. Kim doesn’t want to believe it. Brandi is throwing a tantrum while getting some kind of facial, telling Yolanda that she is judged by the girls everytime she says anything.

This episode looks really interesting and totally drama-filled.

So until next week…


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Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 5, Episode 15 – #RHOBH

3 Things That Happened Last Night on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

1. The girls go on a scavenger hunt.

Yolanda plans a scavenger hunt for the girls around Beverly Hills. She creates t-shirts for each team that say, “Dream Team #1, Dream Team #2 and Dream Team #3.” (She still feels bad about the dinner last year where she put a heart on the name cards and told the girls that whoever had a heart on their card was part of the ‘Dream Team’ leaving several girls out of it. That was really rude and so unlike Yolanda. She realizes that and is trying to make up for it.) Yolanda picks team captains: Kyle, Eileen and herself. The guys who set up the scavenger hunt draw names from a hat to see who will be on each team. They choose a name for Kyle first.

 “Brandi,” the man says. (You have got to be kidding me. There are six names in a hat and for Kyle you just happen to pick out Brandi?! I am thinking this is a set up.)

The teams finished as:

Dream Team #1 – Kyle, Brandi, Camille. (Yes, Camille is back! But just for today. Boo! I love her and wish she was still on the show!)

Dream Team #2 – Eileen, Kim, Lynn. (Lynn is just some random lady.) “I don’t like Eileen. But I don’t dislike Eileen,” Kim confesses to us. (Eileen is great Kim. Maybe she is worried about you. She is a good friend. Grow up!)

 Dream Team #3 – Yolanda, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna. (This is my dream team. Like seriously, can I join this team?!)

The girls run around Beverly Hills doing several different tasks. Brandi and Kyle actually make it through the entire thing without fighting. Lisa Vanderpump hops on the back of a bike to hitch a ride and gets a penalty. Kim complains the entire time about her knees. Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda hop on a tour bus and catch a ride. Yolanda yells at her teammates to drink a milkshake because they wanted a chocolate one and she doesn’t like chocolate shakes. (Who doesn’t like chocolate shakes?!) Dream Team #2 wins 1st place. Dream Team #1 wins 2nd place. Dream Team #3 wins third.

While at Villa Blanca, their final destination, the girls are presented with medals, they have lunch and Yolanda reveals where they are going on vacation! (That must have been weird for Camille and Lynn who were not invited on the trip.)

2. The girls attend a David Foster Foundation Event.

The first stop on the trip is Calgary where Yolanda’s husband is holding an event for his charity, The David Foster Foundation. Yolanda, Kyle, Kim, Lisa Rinna and Brandi all board a private plane (with Babyface on it). While on the plane Kim feels it is the right time to call Lisa Rinna out on her recent concern for her sobriety. Kim yells at Lisa telling her to mind her own business. Kim says that she has been sober and taking one pain pill that didn’t sit right with her didn’t mean she fell off the wagon. Lisa Rinna was shocked. She was genuinely concerned about Kim. Her husband, Harry, watched his two brothers die because of alcohol addiction. Harry has been sober for three years because of it. Lisa was genuinely concerned about Kim. You may be asking yourself, “Where is this anger towards Lisa coming from?” You won’t be surprised: Brandi! Yep! Brandi told Kim that Lisa Rinna has been talking about her sobriety. Brandi said that she wanted to tell Kim before they went on the trip with the girls because Kim should know what the girls are saying about her. (BRANDI ARE YOU AN IDIOT?! LISA RINNA IS TRYING TO BE NICE! SHE IS TRYING TO BE A GOOD FRIEND! SHE IS GENUINELY CONCERNED ABOUT KIM! WHY ARE YOU STARTING SHIT?) Kyle was very embarrassed by all of this as there were others on the plane.

The girls finally get to the event. They are all dressed beautifully, David has many musicians performing, Kyle gets on stage and dances with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, Steven Tyler kisses Kyle on stage (nothing exciting) and David raised $8.2 million for his charity!

3. The girls go to Amsterdam.

The next day the girls head to Amsterdam for their trip! “Home Sweet Home,” Yolanda says as they arrive to the airport. Kyle leaves a bag full of jewelry behind and holds the girls up while going back to look for it. She finds it (thank God) and the girls head out of the airport. While on an escalator trying to leave Kim’s luggage gets stuck at the top and the girls all run into each other. It actually looks like it hurts. Brandi and Kim both kind of squeeze out. Some lady comes to try to help. Yolanda comes over and takes care of business. “I can’t take you guys anywhere,” she says jokingly. She is really happy to have them there.

The girls are loading their stuff into the van and someone makes a comment about the escalator. Kyle mentions something about Kim’s luggage getting stuck. Kim hears this and loses it. She yells at Kyle saying that all the girls had to wait “an hour and a half” for her. She goes on to say that Kyle always gives Kim shit when she is late but no one says anything to Kyle. Kyle has no idea what is going on. She has no idea where this is coming from. She gets on the bus and sits next to Lisa Rinna. Both girls look confused. Lisa says that if everyone keeps letting Kim act this way she will continue to act like that. “She’s mean,” Lisa Rinna says of Kim.

Next time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…(This one looks like a good one!) The girls are in Amsterdam. Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen finally make it. We see Lisa Vanderpump riding a bike.  Later Brandi says, “You guys are the biggest f&$^ing hypocrites of all-time!” (I wonder what that is about?!) Over dinner, Lisa Rinna gets into a serious, SERIOUS, fight with Kim. (This is so unlike Lisa Rinna so someone must have really stirred the pot because this woman is awesome! She is so sweet and my new fav housewife.) Lisa is standing at the dinner table screaming, “Don’t touch my husband ever!” (It looks like she is saying it to Kim.) “Never go after my husband!” She yells again, standing, looking like she is going to throw or hit something. Kyle runs out of the room. (It looks like she is running for help.) This next episode actually looks really good. I can’t wait! (Go Lisa Rinna!)

So until next time…


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Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills– Season 5, Episode 12 – #RHOBH

Drama Queens

The episode starts with Kyle in her store in Beverly Hills with some of her gay friends who she is planning a mixer with. Her party planners come to meet with her and talk about what drinks they will have, an ice breaker game they will play and etc.

In Malibu, Yolanda and one of her employees are packing for her trip to Italy for husband, David Foster’s charity event. (This segment of the show is so uneventful. I like Yolanda but she is extremely boring and I wonder how she stays on the show. Probably because her model daughter, Gigi, is blowing up.)

Over at Villa Rosa, Lisa and Ken are looking at pictures of Max as a baby. Adopted son, Max, has come to Lisa asking to find out about his heritage. In this scene we see Lisa struggling with conflicted thoughts about Max finding out about his family background. She cries in the confessional as she talks about the fear that Max will leave to be with his birth parents but also wanting to be a good adoptive parent. Wanting to allow her son to be able to know more about his background. She doesn’t want to hold him back.

Next we see Brandi and Kim on a couch talking about the fight at Poker Night. This scene flashes back to portions of a conversation that Kim was having with Kyle the day before. Kim talks to Brandi, and Kyle the day before, explaining that she coughed and something snapped. She was in so much pain that she was taken to the hospital. Turns out Kim had a hernia and a cracked and fractured rib. She says she doesn’t remember everything that happened that night because her ex-husband gave her a pain pill so that she could go to the party.

Kyle says that she is not happy that Kim ruined her three years of sobriety but was happy that Kim was at least aware and acknowledging that she made a mistake.

Brandi said she knew that Kim was not right that night. She then tells Kim that it was not a good night for Kim, for herself or for Kyle. She talked about her and Kyle both drinking too much. Brandi then told Kim she was trying to protect her from her sister. (This is where things get weird. I almost feel like Brandi is trying to take advantage of Kim here. She is removing Kim from her strong family so that she can manipulate her into doing things Brandi needs.) Brandi continues to say, “You were better off with me than her.” Kim ends this scene by telling Brandi that she should go get her gay friend, Mark and the three of them should head to Kyle’s gay mixer to break the ice. Brandi agrees to go.

The party starts and everyone is there except Kim and un-invited Brandi. Everyone is having a great time playing a game in which you have the name of a famous person on your back and everyone has to give you hints until you guess who it is. Next thing you know, Kim walks in WITH BRANDI. “This is really akward. This is really weird. Brandi is here.” Kyle says with a look of surprise on her face. She let’s others around her know that she did not invite Brandi. Kim comes over to greet Kyle. Kim tells Kyle she thought inviting Brandi would be a good way to break the ice. Kyle says she was surprised and that Kim could have given her some sort of warning, like a text. Kyle tells Kim that she needs some time to gather her thoughts.

Kyle walks over to Brandi and Kim to say hello. Kyle is really being nice. She apologizes to Brandi for pushing her hand down but explains that she shouldn’t try to get between two sisters. Brandi says Kyle should never have touched her. Kyle again explains the situation and then they get into it.

Kyle explains that Brandi doesn’t know the four decades of history that goes into her relationship with Kim. Brandi responds by saying she accepts her apology but she does know the history between the two. Kyle reminds her that they have only been friends for six months so there is no way that is true.

Brandi, like last episode, again blames Kyle for not helping when she called about Kim one night. Kyle says if Brandi was such a good friend she wouldn’t announce this to everyone all the time, she would keep it to herself to protect Kim. Kyle asks Brandi to tell her what Kyle and Kim talk about if she knows so much about their relationship. Kim then gets angry because she feels like that is private material. (I am honestly so confused on why Kim is mad here.)

Finally Kyle has had it, “Are you out of your f***ing mind? How dare you have the balls to walk in here uninvited and talk to me like that!”

“You invited me and you invited Mark,” says a completely ignorant Brandi.

“When did I invite you?” Kyle says angrily.

Brandi talks about the time about a week ago when they were downtown in Kyle’s store with Lisa Rinna and she invited her. (Brandi, since then you have tried to get between the two sisters. You have infuriated and got into a physical fight with Kyle. I would say anyone with common sense would not show up after that.)

“I am sorry. I thought you were coming to be nice and I came to apologize.” Kyle says to Brandi.

Kim lashes out and tells Kyle she came over to start something.

Brandi goes off on Kyle. Gets in her face. Tells her to back up because she is the kind of girl who would fight her.

Kyle doesn’t understand why Kim is letting this go on with Brandi and she lets her know it. Kim can’t take it and says don’t put me in the middle of it and begins to cry. She sits down at a table, yelling back at Kyle. Kyle tries to talk to her and asks Brandi to leave. Brandi refuses and said she came with Kim and she is leaving with her.

“You’re not wanted.” Kyle says looking up at Brandi.

“Excuse me, neither are you. Ask your husband.” Brandi jabs back (like the piece of trash she is).

“Why are you doing this?” Kyle asks Kim. Kyle explains to Kim that they just spoke the day before about all of this.

Kim, not all there, responds, “It was this morning.”

“NO! IT WAS YESTERDAY!” Kyle screams back at her completely worried that her sister is not even aware of what day it is.

Kyle asks Kim if she is really going to let Brandi get between them. (After Kim said that Kyle was her best friend and no one could tear them apart just one day before this.)

“Ok Kim. F*** you!” Kyle storms out.

To be continued….

Next time – We see Kyle with Lisa V, Lisa R and Eileen in the aftermath of her fight with Brandi. Yolanda gives Brandi advice. Brandi lashes back (like the abuser she is) and brings up Bella’s DUI. And Kyle and Kim sit down to talk about the fight.


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Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 5, Episode 11 – #RHOBH

Last night on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we start with the fight that ended the show last week. To remind you, Brandi is walking out with Kim, blocking Kyle from speaking to her sister. Kim has taken a pain killer that her ex-husband had given her. If you can remember from prior seasons, Kim is a recovering addict and has been sober until this point. Kyle is concerned for her sister. In an attempt to speak with her before she leaves, Kyle pushes Brandi’s arm down, the arm that was blocking her from getting to Kim. Brandi does not take that well, flinging a piece of pizza somewhere into Eileen’s house and pushing Kyle down a few stairs. Kyle follows them to the door crying. The fight continues in Eileen’s driveway as Kyle and Brandi fight over Kim, getting physical at times.

During the fight, Lisa Rinna and Eileen stand watching, in shock and unsure of what to do. Lisa explains that she never knows what to do when she sees sisters arguing. Kyle is crying, Kim is crying, Brandi is being her typical, drunk self, all three yelling at each other. The highlight of the fight and the episode, was finding Eileen’s husband, Vincent peering out the corner of the garage window. It was HILARIOUS! (See many pictures below.) There are a few scenes without him and then all of the sudden he pops up in the corner of a garage window. We find out on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that Vincent had thought everyone left so he went to the garage to grab a beer when he suddenly heard fighting outside. He looked out of the garage window to see Kim, Kyle and Brandi going at it. (If you have not seen the show or if you do not watch the show or even if you watched the show and did not notice, please, please, PLEASE go back and watch this segment. It is so funny that the memory of it makes me laugh.)

After Kyle realizes there is no reasoning with Brandi, especially a drunk Brandi, she gets into a car to head home. Lisa Rinna gets in with her. Brandi and Kim stay for a while and then head home in another car. On the way home, you see Brandi and Kim both struggling. A clueless Kim asks Brandi why her and Kyle were fighting. Brandi tells her, “It was over you.” You then see Kim on her phone, fake eyelashes falling out. Brandi pulls off one, Kim pulls off the other.

Later, we see Yolanda who is talking about how hard it was to leave Bella in New York City for school. She has been worried about Bella ever since she had gotten a DUI when Yolanda was out of town on vacation. (You know, the DUI she has been talking about for the last five episodes.) Yolanda and Bella are face-timing and Yolanda’s Jennifer Lawrence look-a-like daughter plays a trick on her. (Very boring. But doesn’t she look like JLaw!)

On a new day we see Kyle at home as Mauricio walks in the door from work. Kyle apologizes that she has to leave right when he got home but says she needs to go see Kim. Mauricio asks about Kim and Kyle responds, “Kim is in the hospital.” She says that Kim told her she was in terrible pain so her ex-husband took her to the ER. They do not know what is wrong with her but have been running tests.

Days later Lisa Rinna holds a jewelry party at her home to benefit cancer. Yolanda heads over to Kyle’s and Kyle tells her about the situation with Brandi. Eileen, at Lisa Vanderpump’s house tells the same story. All the girls show up at Lisa Rinna’s house ready to purchase jewelry for charity. Brandi shows up in a short, three quarter sleeve, demin dress and says she has parent-teacher conferences that start at seven so she needs to leave right from Lisa’s house. Lisa Rinna makes a comment about how she would get killed for wearing that outfit to her daughters schools.

While at the party Kyle and Brandi steer clear of each other, neither one of them ready to mend their relationship. Kyle expects an apology from Brandi. (Which won’t happen.) Yolanda takes some time during the party to sit down with Brandi. She tells Brandi that she heard about the fight with Kyle. Yolanda goes on to tell Brandi that she can’t be getting drunk. Brandi does not take that well and says she can do whatever she wants. In the meantime, all of the girls are asking Kyle about Kim but Kyle does not know anything.

Denise Richards shows up at the party. (I instantly felt sad when I saw her. She really does not look good. I didn’t know if it was because of a botched lip injection or if she is just depressed.) Lisa Rinna introduces her to Lisa Vanderpump because they both have a lot of dogs. (Earlier in the episode you see Lisa Vanderpump sitting outside of her house on a bench with five small dogs all lined up sitting next to her. Ken drives up with Rumpy, their golden retriever who is just getting home from weeks of obedience schooling. While in school Rumpy finds a girlfriend, Avery another golden, this one with a thyroid problem. The trainer brings her over claiming the dogs miss each other when they are not together. Lisa adopts Avery, who they are re-naming Pumpy. Yes, a golden retriever couple named Rumpy and Pumpy!) Anyways, Lisa Vanderpump says to Denise Richards, “You were married to Charlie Sheen, right?” (I don’t know if I would have led with that.) Lisa goes on to say that she and Charlie Sheen have something in common. Both of them had their cars stolen and rode off a cliff in Beverly Hills. (Great conversation starter!)

Ok, so that is really about it. Not much happens. I was underwhelmed by it all, especially after how last week ended. The previews for next week look AMAZING. Kyle holds an event and Brandi shows up unexpectedly and uninvited (I would guess). The two get into a fight, again. At one point Brandi looks at Kyle and says, “You are not wanted, ask your husband.” Which looks to be hurtful towards Kyle, especially after all the cheating rumors from last season. (I still do not believe Mauricio cheated on Kyle. I do not know who made that lie up!)


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Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 5 Episode 10 – #RHOBH

Whoa! Kids moving across country, a physical altercation, a game of poker and Giggy gets naked?! Yes, that all took place last night on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So let’s start with Yolanda Foster. We find her in New York City with her model daughters — Gigi and Bella. She is spending time with them while finishing moving Bella to the area for school. Nothing really interesting happens with Yolanda last night. She is fun to watch, especially with her daughters. Who is going to complain about watching three supermodels hanging out?

yolan(From right to left: Gigi, Yolanda, Bella. Picture from Yolanda Foster’s Instagram)

Last night they do supermodel things as they lay out a bunch of photos of Bella on the floor and ask Gigi which one she likes. Gigi then pokes fun at ‘America’s Next Top Model’ by imitating Tyra Banks and moving Bella onto the next round. (She did a really good job of being Tyra, “And the last model that will move on for a chance to become Americans Next Top model…(dramatic pause)…BELLA!) Bella and Yolanda clap, they are a cute family.

Lisa Vanderpump showed up at the beginning of the show at a spa with the girls. She wore a black dress and bright green heels. They were really, really bright. After that, she is not involved much. She goes wine tasting with the girls, which we will get to next. Then she goes on vacation to Cabo and takes Giggy along with her, because who doesn’t take their balding Pomeranian on vacation with them?! Lisa let’s Giggy get naked while on the beach and you get a glimpse of him standing in a little dog house on the beach without clothes on! (He looked so happy!)

swag(GIF from GiggyThePom.Com)

Mid-way through the episode the girls go wine tasting. Kyle Richards is mortified since she brought Kim Richards, who is a recovering alcoholic. Kyle pulls Kim aside and asks if she is alright. She tells Kim she is sorry and that she thought it was going to be more of a meal not just wine tasting. Everyone is worried but they all agree that Kim has been doing well in her sobriety and that she is very strong right now. Minutes later we find out that Kim is not as strong as she seems.

So now, to the part we have all been waiting for, the poker party! As you may or may not know, Eileen Davidson’s husband was a commentator for the World Poker Tour. Playing off that, Eileen decides it would be fun to have the girls come out to her home in Malibu and for a lesson in poker by her husband, Vincent.

In typical housewife fashion, Kyle gets into an SUV and has her driver pick up Brandi Glanville, while Lisa Rinna has her driver pick up an very suspicious Kim. Brandi comes out of the house yelling to Kyle with three bottles of wine and two wine glasses in her arms. She immediately gets into the SUV and pours Kyle and herself a glass of wine. They talk, laugh and seem to be having a good time. On the other hand, Kim and Lisa are having a very unusual interaction in another car. Kim seems off and Lisa picks up on it instantly. She asks Kim how she is feeling. A mumbling Kim replies, “Ornery. Ornery.” Kim tells Lisa that she is upset because her ex-husband who is sick and has been staying at her house, has not come home at night. You can tell she is upset and anxious about this. Lisa asks Kim if she has been drinking. Kim laughs her off and says no. Then Kim starts talking about getting an acting job and things get even more weird. The two start oddly staring at each other, maybe in an attempt to show some type of acting skills? I don’t know. I was confused by how weird things were getting. Kim then starts angrily jabbing at Lisa, swearing. At this point both Lisa Rinna and the viewers have no idea if Kim is acting or if she is serious, leaving everyone completely confused.

They finally arrive to Eileen’s and everyone sits down at a poker table. Vincent is so patient with the women while teaching them the basics of Texas Holdem. (That must have been so tough!) The girls are totally clueless and they are asking a million dumb questions that are irrelevant to what Vincent is trying to teach them. He handles all the questions with grace. Brandi, on the on the other hand, does not. She calls out Kyle and tells her she is “stupid”. Kyle responds, “I am actually very smart,” and tells Brandi she is trying to learn the game. Brandi, drunk and aggressive as always, yells out again, “No! You’re stupid!” (And they were having so much fun together on the ride in!)

poker kim(Picture from Bravo TV website)

Brandi and Kim sit next to each other and are screaming and carrying on because Kim won a hand. Brandi continues to torment the ladies as she says, “You are all actors,” expecting them to have good poker faces, I guess? No one at the table understands as she keeps loudly repeating it. They play the final hand and of course, loud-mouth Brandi wins. Vincent gives her a little trophy. She cheers, stands up and accepts her trophy and continues to make fun of the other girls. Lisa takes the criticism well and pretends to throw a chip at Brandi. I think she realized that this is just Brandi being Brandi and that she is just bluntly joking.

kyle1(Picture from Bravo TV website)

Kim then starts acting really weird too and Kyle cannot take anymore. She excuses herself from the table and quietly goes into the bathroom to get herself together. Kim goes after her and knocks on the door. “Who is it?” Kyle says. “It’s Kim.” Kyle opens the door and lets Kim in. She tells her that she is getting embarrassed. She then asks Kim is he has been drinking. Kim denies drinking. Kyle asks if she had used any drugs. Again, Kim denies use. Kim finally opens up and tells Kyle that her ex-husband gave her a pain killer before she left the house. Kyle is really disappointed and asks Kim why she would take that. They leave the bathroom and Kim is upset. She gathers her things and Brandi asks what she is doing. She tells Brandi she is leaving and Brandi helps her on her way out. Kyle, concerned for her sister, starts asking Kim questions and following her out. Brandi shields Kyle off, like she is paparazzi or something, and tells her to leave Kim alone. Kim ignores Kyle and walks out with Brandi. On the way out Kyle slightly pushes Brandi to get her out of the way so she can talk to Kim. Brandi does not take it well and turns around pushing Kyle down a stair or two. Kyle goes to the door to watch Kim leave and you can tell she is very worried for her sister.

Kyle(Picture from Bravo TV website)

Next week’s episode hopefully will shine more light on what exactly happened with Kim. There is a point in the commercial where Kyle is talking to her husband, Mauricio, and says, “Kim is in the hospital.” AH! The cliff hangers! Until next week…


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