Baby Product Review: Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier – A

The Moby Wrap Baby Carrier is a must have for busy moms. I love to multitask. I am an expert in getting a lot done in a short amount of time. All of that became much more difficult once I had my daughter. Being a first time mom, I did not realize the time investment a newborn was.

My first week home alone with my baby I worked my ass off! I cleaned and organized everything, fed the baby a million times a day, changed her, bathed her, held her, put her to sleep and stayed up all night with her. I was worn out. As the weeks went on my baby became more attached to me. She would cry anytime I put her down! I wondered how I was going to be able to get anything done. I started to ask other moms how they dealt with their needy newborns. I kept getting the same answer, “Wear your baby!”

I researched wraps and holders and I came across the Moby Wrap. This wrap SAVED me during my babies first months of life. My Moby allowed me to wear my baby comfortably. She was able to sleep on me and I had my hands free to accomplish everyday tasks. I bring this wrap EVERYWHERE I go. I wear her at the grocery store, mall, airport and anywhere else I go to.


Moby wraps are wonderful because they come in many colors and patterns so you can choose the perfect one for you. They allow you to wear your baby in different ways. These wraps are awesome to travel with as they are light, they do not take up much space and you can use them in more ways than just a wrap. I have used mine as a cover while breastfeeding on a plane. Also while traveling I have used mine as a scarf and a shawl.


Below is our ratings for the Moby Wrap:

  • Price Point – A 

    • $45-$80
    • As compared to some other wraps/carriers out there, this is very inexpensive!
  • Kids Rating – A+

    • My daughter loved being carried in the Moby Wrap. She was comfortable and slept in the wrap a lot.
  • Parents Rating – A

    • I too loved this wrap. It was comfortable for me to wear. It was not heavy or bulky like other carriers.
  • Ease of Use – B

    • There is a learning curve at first. Moby provides a guide to how to wrap the baby which is very helpful. There are also many YouTube videos you can watch to help you learn to wrap the baby in different ways. It is very easy to learn.
  • Overall Product Grade – A

    • I would highly recommend this product as it is inexpensive compared to other wraps/carriers, travels well, can be used in many ways and is light and easy to wear.

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Soon to Come: Mommy Must Have’s of 2018

At the end 2017 I was lucky enough to give birth to the sweetest baby girl in the world, Layla Grace.

For all those who know me, I am not the ‘mom’ type. I never had intentions of becoming a mother. Before I became a mom, ambivalent would be the best word to describe how I felt about motherhood. It wasn’t something that was in my future. I hate commitments and finalities. I like the unknown, it keeps me curious and although stressful, it is also exciting. With all of that said, here I am at 6:21AM on a Friday morning laying in bed typing away, two months into the finality that is motherhood, as the littlest baby lies in a bassinet next to me asleep. (What am I doing?!) 

Although I am still just Jessie, I am also now a mother. (Weird!) In the making of this mother, I wanted nothing more than to continue to live my normal life. I wanted to be able to do all of the same things and not clutter my home with a bunch of baby items. I have been fairly successful in all of this, aside from being unable to ride certain rides at Disneyland while pregnant. (Major bummer!) And believe it or not I actually do have some baby items in my home!

Even though I have been flexible with this little one and allowed her baby items to invade my home, we have managed to limit the amount of clutter we own. So to help other hesitant parents who will need to slowly incorporate baby products into their lives, I am going to begin to post Mommy Must Have’s throughout the year. These will be products that I have tried, used and begun to rely on. I welcome questions, so please ask, as I will try to be as helpful to others as I possibly can. Becoming a parent can be overwhelming but as one very wise male friend told me, “It is the hardest job you will love”. I have never heard a more true statement.

Keep look out for what is to come. I am hoping to be able to help as many others as I can!


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