Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair Cover Revealed


Call her Caitlyn! Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) graces the July 2015 cover of Vanity Fair. Wearing white lingerie with long beautiful curled locks of hair, Caitlyn is gorgeous. She is beautiful, graceful and absolutely stunning. Vanity Fair will introduce us to Caitlyn Jenner in this issue which will hit newsstands June 9th.

ESPN announced today that Caitlyn Jenner will make her first major public appearance at the 2015 ESPYS as she will receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award on July 15, 2015.

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**Photo from Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram page.


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Reality Recap – Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Season 10, Episode 1 – #KUWTK

The New Normal

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 10 premiered last night on E! and the show started out with a bang. We see Kim, in a white robe, lying in bed at Kris’s house with sisters Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall in the room. “Why are you laying in bed?” Kendall asks Kim. “I’m curious.” Kim explains that she and Kanye just had sex and that her doctor said that it takes 10 minutes for a sperm to “swim up” to her egg. Kendall and Khloe are disgusted by this. “Can we just wait another five minutes for this to marinate?” Kim asks the sisters. The ever-so blunt Kourtney, not fazed by the ridiculous over sharer that is Kim Kardashian, tells her sister that she should put her legs up in the air. Of course Kim does, jokingly.

I must say, I really loved the start of this season. It felt like the old seasons of the Kardashians as it was less Brandon and Brody Jenner focused (boring) and more about the three Kardashian sisters. Kylie did not appear on the episode much. Rob was missing completely. In this episode we find out that Kim is trying really hard to get pregnant. She wants North to have a sibling because she remembers having such a happy childhood, growing up with her sisters. She wants the same for her child. We see Kim at the fertility doctor, she is telling us about how often she is having sex and she and Kanye even have sex in the bathroom at one of her photo-shoots since she was ovulating. (Why do we know when Kim K ovulates?)

We also see Bruce living alone in his Malibu home. We find out that Bruce and Kris are finally separated. (Which we all already knew.) The two haven’t spoke in sometime. Bruce likes the quietness of his Malibu home and he likes that he can make his own decisions without Kris telling him what to do. He does tell Kourtney that he misses some of the drama that the family brings out. Bruce and Kris were married for 24 years! He says he feels “separated” from everyone. Bruce mentions that he has “the Kardashians over here” and “the Jenners over here” and he is left alone in the middle.

While sitting down at his place with Kourtney, Bruce gets a phone call and Kourtney can see who is calling. It’s one of Kris’s best friends. Kourtney is very suspicious about the phone call and goes home and shares the information with her sisters. Kim and Khloe are equally concerned about how their mother will take the news. Later, Khloe is at home with Kim and Malika and she reads online that Bruce had attended a concert with Kris’s friend. The entire episode they bleep the name of the woman but if you Google it you find out that they are most likely speaking of Ronda Kamihira. When Kris finds out she is very upset and while out to lunch with Bruce, Kim divulges that her mother actually cries about it. Towards the end of the episode Bruce stops by the house he used to share with Kris and apologizes for the “date”. He says that he never meant to hurt her.

With all of the Bruce and Kris drama going on, Brody and Brandon Jenner decide they are going to throw Bruce a “Bruce on the Loose” party to celebrate his single status. Bruce is disappointed when only Kendall is the only child, other than Brandon and Brody, to show up to the party.

When the girls hear about Bruce’s party, they decide Kris needs one too. “KJ needs a lei” is created and the girls in the family have a get together at Kris’s house with some hula dancers. Kris thinks it is so sweet for her daughters to do this but looks around and says she misses the guys in the family being there.

The last important piece of information we find out is that Khloe has just kicked French out of her house. They had gotten back together and he was somewhat living with Khloe. At Kris’s she lets her sisters know that she has kicked him out and taken all of his stuff back to his place. They are officially on a break.

Other than that the episode is filled with disgusting humor. Kim questions long nails saying it is hard for her to get by in real life with them. Kim asks how you wipe, change diapers, type and pop zits with long nails. The three sisters talk about vagina steams. (What the?) Kim does a naked photo-shoot. Kim also let’s us know that she is exhausted because she has been “having sex 500 times a day”. Kris gets a published copy of her cookbook. Kim and Khloe run around Khloe’s and fight about her closet. It is a lot of the three sisters and it was so fun to watch, even with all of Kim’s female stuff going on. (TMI!)

Previews for the upcoming episodes show more of Kim trying to get pregnant, Kourtney’s baby shower, the girls on a DASH retreat, Kris’s new dating life, Kim’s million dollar video game – smart phone app creation, a cease and desist letter from Kourtney to Kris and the entire family worrying about Rob.

I cannot wait to see what this season brings so as always, until next week…


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