Jessie Zahner, GM

Hey! My name is Jessie and I am the owner and editor at Click around my site to find out more information about me. For questions, please contact me by e-mail at


Reality TV expert and sports & entertainment specialist, Jessie Zahner will take you on a journey through your favorite television shows and catch you up on this week in entertainment news. Check out her videos here!


Articles from the site written by Jessie Zahner. Articles featured on websites such as Baltimore Marathon Home Page, WLRadiofm, Yardbarker. To book for assignment, contact Jessie directly at Baltimore Marathon Review K.Michelle Concert Review      


All photo’s were taken by and belong to Jessie Zahner. photos featured on, USA Today, Fox News, ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News & Rush Hour Daily. To book for an event, contact Jessie directly at


Jessie Zahner, General Manager #9 Height: 5’5 Bats: Righty Walk-up song: Power (1st verse) by Kanye West From: Erie, PA Lives in: Los Angeles, CA Job: Real Housewives of Los Angeles Hobbies: Soccer, Hiking, Climbing, Running, Reality TV, Outdoors Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite Team: Philadelphia Eagles Favorite Athlete: Lebron James Favorite Sports Moment: Eagles winning the … Continue reading Bio

16 thoughts on “Jessie Zahner, GM

  1. Amanda Aurand says:

    Hi, I’m now adding another shrine to you because you have a blog that u just saw… you’re the coolest… shrine on the 2747058 floor of the mall

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