Product Review – PinkBlush Maternity

Pink Blush Maternity


Price Point – A+

  • $30 – $130 for maternity dresses.
  • Get 10% off first order when you subscribe to their email list.
  • Free 2-Day Shipping for orders over $150.

Parent Rating – A

Living in LA as a woman, what you wear is important. When I got pregnant, I was worried that I would have nothing to wear. I would spend hours online searching for maternity clothes that I could wear to work and events that would look stylish. I wanted clothing that would work from the early stages of pregnancy to the late stages. I came across PinkBlush after one of my friends at work started raving about their clothing. I thought I hit the jackpot when I got on the site. The clothing is so cute and there are so many options. I was able to find maternity wear that worked for presenting to clients at work, on air hosting, red carpet reporting, weddings and just running errands.

Ease of Use – A+

What is so nice about PinkBlush clothing is that I began wearing their pieces at the beginning of my pregnancy and was able to continue use even at 40 weeks pregnant! The clothing is so well thought out and made that you can really wear them pregnant or not! I still wear PinkBlush maternity clothing even though I am no longer pregnant.

Overall Product Grade – A+

If you are pregnant, GO! Go to now and look. Get something! Anything! Try them out! You will find a piece that speaks to your own personal style. The piece will be well made. The piece will be able to be used throughout your pregnancy. You will love it! They truly make something for everyone!


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Product Review – Little Bipsy Classic Clothing

Little Bipsy Classics


Looking to purchase wardrobe staples for your current baby that could be used for your future babies? Want to get a gift that will always be of use? Little Bipsy has you covered with their Classics line of baby clothes!

whitetee(Basic Swoop Tee by Little Bipsy)

Price Point – B

  • $20-$40 for the Classics line.
  • 10% off your first purchase if you sign up to receive emails.

Kids Rating – A

My daughter loves wearing  all of her Little Bipsy clothing. The material is soft, light and comfortable.

Parent Rating – A

Living in LA it can be a struggle trying to keep up with the urban street fashion here, even for a baby. Baby stores around the city are filled with expensive designer clothes, but who has the money for that? I don’t, so I love Little Bipsy. The clothing is perfect to keep your child on trend at a reasonable price. The clothing is well made, fashionable, and versatile. Whether styling a girl or boy, whether they are in jeans or camo pants, you can pair these pieces with anything. Because of the minimalism of the line, the style will hold up for years to come. Even your next baby will be ready for the runway!

Overall Product Grade – A

I can’t say enough about this brand. The clothing is well made. The fabric is high quality and comfortable. The style is perfect, versatile and will be on trend forever. The company continues to create new pieces to stay current. They are always changing and trying to make their clothing even better. (For example, when I got my first LB Classic Romper I loved the look but it was hard to change a diaper in because of the way the piece was designed. The company either figured it out themselves or listened to the customers because soon after I received it, they began making the same piece, now with snaps at the crotch for easy accessible diaper changes! They rock!)

Shoes(Little Bipsy Sneaks)


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Product Review – Kishu Baby Bibs

Kishu Baby Bibs


Looking for a unique gift for a shower, birthday or just because? Or maybe you are looking to up your baby’s fashion game. Look no further than the cutest and most useful accessory, The Kishu Baby Bib!


Price Point – B-

  • $36 for my pack (Pom Pom Bib Gift Set | 2-pk | Baby Girl Bibs | Purple + Mustard)

Kids Rating – A

My daughter loves her Kishu bibs as the material is high quality and there are two different places to snap the bib around her neck so she can wear it loose or tight.

Parent Rating – A+

I was instantly a fan of Kishu Bibs from the moment I saw their products on Instagram. These are by far the cutest and most trendy bibs on the market today. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received on these bibs.

Ease of Use – A

These bibs have two snaps on the back that allow you to adjust for your child and they are easy to get off and on.

Overall Product Grade – A

Love these so much. They are cute and the perfect useful accessory. GO GET YOURS!


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Mommy Must-Haves: Baby Bling Bow

Baby Bling Bows – A

Baby Bows! They are one of the top baby accessories. If you follow my daughter or me on Instagram, you already know we are both obsessed with headbands and bows! I had bought many baby headbands and bows prior to the birth of my daughter but there are two bows that I constantly am grabbing from the drawer and throwing onto my daughters head to complete her look. These bows are Baby Bling Bows!

I personally love Baby Bling Bows because the bows are cute and they are also versatile. These bows are made to fit the tiniest heads and the material is able to stretch as the little one gets older and his/her head grows. My daughter has worn her Baby Bling Bows from her first day on this planet, until now, six months later!

My daughter, Layla, loves Baby Bling Bows because of the comfortability of them. The material is soft and does not pull on her hair nor does it squeeze her head tightly. She can wear these bows for hours and never attempts to pull them off.


For more information on these Mommy Must-Haves go to These are perfect for birthday and shower gifts, they are great to purchase for a special event or even for everyday use! Feel free to comment below with questions!


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Peppy in prAna

prAna Product Reviews

 Women’s Uptown Pant

  • Product Number: W4UPTP315
  • Color: Cargo Green
  • Size : Medium
  • Price : $89.001

Although in a very big transitional point in my life, I am currently seven months pregnant, I am still true to myself. What does that mean? It means I have not changed one bit, except my tummy is a little larger than normal. I haven’t not become any less curious or energetic. I am still running, hiking, climbing, doing yoga, working out, just a bit slower than usual.

So being that my weight and size is changing, I was looking for multi-use, durable, versatile and stylish piece that I could use in different areas of my wardrobe. While looking for pants, I wanted something that I could bum around the house in, something I could wear hiking and something that would be acceptable to head out in, whether to work, the grocery store or a friend’s house. I searched literally EVERYWHERE and resulted to all black yoga pants (which get boring after a while) and wearing a LOT of dresses.

I was literally in a fashion depression and then I came to prAna’s website where I searched for pants. The site had many great options but I had never purchased anything from prAna before. Would the pants fit right? Would they look okay on me? Was the material going to be sturdy? I decided to choose just a single pair of pants to test out the quality of prAna’s products. I went with the Uptown Pant in the Cargo Green color. A couple days later the pants showed up at my house. I have to say, I really did NOT think I would love a pair of pants this much. I never order pants online since they don’t ever fit right. Plus, I am more of a yoga pants and jeans kind of girl. However, the Uptown Pant from prAna soon became one of my all-time favorite pairs of pants.


They are perfect for the adventurer in us all. They are light weight, breathable, loose fitting, durable, airy, comfortable pants. Whether you are road tripping for hours or hiking the desert, you will be able to move about the car or world comfortably in this pair of pants.

They are perfect for relaxing around the house. The breath-ability and looseness of the pants makes these the perfect pair of pants to bum around home in. They are comfortable and airy and great for your normal laid back days.

They are perfect for the working girl. These pants are beautiful and stylish. I have paired these pants with black flats and a blouse and turned them from hiking pants into a business casual look at work. I have worn these out to dinners with friends, to the grocery store, any and everywhere.

8They are even perfect for the pregnant girl! Although these pants are not your typical maternity pair of pants, they have been great for me even at seven months pregnant! The elastic through back waistband makes it easy for me to get into the pants at this stage of pregnancy, and yet will still fit once I am no longer pregnant. I love that this is a piece that I can wear at all stages of life.

What I am trying to say is these pants are EVERYTHING! I am very critical of pants. I have the hardest time fitting into certain pants. Different styles that look great on certain people always look horrible on me. When not pregnant I wear a size six pant. I have wide hips and thick thighs (thanks to soccer). It is so hard to find a pair of pants that fits just right. I am five feet, four inches tall, a lot of pants are too long for me, so I constantly find myself rolling my pant legs. I have to say, even with all of these issues, I ordered a size medium and these pants were perfect!

If you too are looking for a versatile pair of pants that are light, durable and comfortable, use the promo code FAJZ15 on to get 15% off these pants and many more products from prAna. I promise you, you will not be disappointed in this pair of pants!

Women’s Sway Tank

  • Product Number: W13170213
  • Color: Black
  • Size : Medium
  • Price : $69.00


As a runner living in California, I am a tank top kind of girl when it comes to attire for my work outs. Choosing the women’s Sway Tank was an easy option for me. What I love about this product is that the tank has a built in bra that is beautiful. The website also offers a Roxanne Capri that matches the bra, which would make an awesome outfit to wear to yoga or to go grab groceries in.

In terms of functionality, this top is best suited for and also intended for yoga. Wearing this top to yoga class was great. I was able to move about the class freely in this top without pulling at it or struggling with it during different poses, positions and stretches.

I have also used this top to hike and climb in. I actually loved it to hike in, especially when I was in the desert. The material is light and keeps you cool.

Because of the lightness of the shirt, weight-wise, I tried it out on a run. For me, the bra did not offer enough support while running. This is not a problem unique to this top, I have never found a top with a built in bra that I felt offered me enough support. All other activities I wore the top for the support was great and keep in mind, this top is not intended for running.

So for all you yogis out there, this top is perfect for you!


Additional prAna Product Information

I take pride in the things that I endorse on my site. Some products are greater than others, but prAna has seriously impressed me. prAna’s motto is:

Welcome to a world where we re-write the rules, re-route the road map, and let all routines be damned.

A world for the curious. For the creative. For the spirited; where we play long, travel light, and trust our instincts.

Welcome to prAna – Design that sets you free.

When I read this I honestly thought maybe my long lost twin was out there creating a line of clothing specifically designed for me. Everything above, is me! On top of that, prAna stands by all of their products. If you do not absolutely love your prAna purchase, they will offer you a full refund or exchange. (See details at: or call 1.866.915.6457).

prAna created sustainable products as they strive to minimize their impact on the environment and what it means for future generations. They go the extra mile to design everything with the best possible materials and practices. So if you are a lover of planet earth, this company is for you!

Both products purchased meet The bluesign® criteria. This is a system for sustainable textile production. bluesign® eliminates harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. These products are created with minimum impact on people and the environment with the highest level of consumer safety. It ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide and provides confidence to the consumer to acquire a sustainable product. You can find out more about bluesign® criteria at

Added a few extra details to this piece:

  • Recycled
  • Organic
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Hemp
  • Fluorine Free
  • PFOA Free

As if I did not love these products enough, the backbone of prAna’s company makes me love their products even more.

So for all of our readers or followers who are interested in prAna products, use promotion code/coupon code FAJZ15 to get 15% off any items on prAna’s website.


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We are back with Round 2 of our 2017 NBA Playoff Fashion Report! Although we will miss Russell Westbrook in this round, we still have some guys who would give him a serious run for his money in this round. So let’s begin with our best dressed!


(Image courtesy of Cleveland CavaliersBoston Celtics, and Washington Wizards)

  • #1 — Lebron James

    Taking our number one spot on and off the court is the Cavaliers star, LeBron James. The King pulls together a complicated but fresh look for Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs. As we have seen all throughout this offseason, jackets are everything! LBJ styles his look with one of the most popular pieces in menswear this season, the camo military jacket. He pairs it with a simple white tee and painted jeans. James finished the look with matching green shoes, and complicates it with red and black striped socks that tie into and bring out the patches of his jacket. The Kings tops it all off with a neutral colored hat. Complicated in the most perfect, off the run way, way! We only wish we could pull off a look like this!
  • #2 — J.R. Smith

    Runner up for this round is Cleveland Cavaliers J.R. Smith. The Cavs guard goes trendy with this all camo in this A Bathing Ape sweatshirt and matching baseball cap with matching high top sneakers. J.R. not only kills us with his on court thoughtlessness, and trickery (tying other players shoes together while the foul line), he also kills us with this look!
  • #3 –Isaiah Thomas

    Opposite of the camo trending look, Boston Celtics, Isaiah Thomas pulls off a classic style in Round 2 of the playoffs wearing all black everything! The staple piece in the 5’9″ pointguard’s look is his black hooded letterman’s jacket. Again, menswear jackets are everything! #GetBucketsAndJackets
  • #4 — John Wall

    Finally we have a suit break the list at honorable mention. This Washington Wizards #Wallstar kills the suit game with this nicely fitted navy suit and red power tie. He polishes the look off with a pair of shades. His future was so bright, boo! We want more J.Wall!


(Image courtesy of Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards)

  • #1 — Kelly Olynyk

    This man has been haunting my dreams both in game and now out of game. This outfit looks like a middle school boy heading off to the bus stop in the 90’s.
  • #2 — John Wall

    Camo is totally in this season but camo on camo? It doesn’t even match John Wall! I love you but I just cannot!
  • #3 –Isaiah Thomas

    This look is not all that bad right?! Isaiah is always so stylish but honestly, I am so confused by the black lines on this shirt. Did someone get out black tape and just place it across IT’s chest to make this look more interesting? So confused!


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2017 NBA Playoff Fashion & Style – Round One

The time has come for the NBA Playoffs so we are back with our 2017 NBA Playoff Fashion Report! Now that round one is officially finished, we here at Athletchic put together the best and worst dressed of round one as well as popular trends around the NBA during the first round of playoffs! 

Best Dressed


Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook is not only known for his triple doubles but also for his unique fashion. This year, the point guard did not disappoint. He won Athletchic’s best dress of the NBA Playoffs – Round One with this patterned short-sleeve button up, navy bandana, sunglasses and beat up cropped jeans. Although most men could not swing this look, Russ rocks it with confidence and completely pulls it off. We love it Russ!

(Image courtesy of OKC Thunder)

Runner Up


Memphis Grizzlies, Guard, Wade Baldwin doesn’t fall far behind Russell Westbrook in the fashion department during the first round of the NBA playoffs. Pictured here, pre-game, wearing a tee by Chris Brown’s Black Pyramid Clothing, a flannel tee tied around his waist and camouflaged skinny jeans. As if his look couldn’t get any more fire, he paired the look with probably the hardest pair of shoes to get your hands on, the Yeezy Boost High-Top Glow Brown Suede Sneakers by Kanye West and Adidas. Seems like Baldwin is a fan of musicians. Either way, Athletchic is obsessed with this look!

(Image courtesy of Memphis Grizzlies)


Honorable Mention



Honorable mention in fashion for the first round of the NBA playoffs goes to Chicago Bulls, Small Forward, Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Buckets looks like he just walked off the runway in this Saint Laurent floral patch jean jacket which didn’t break this 27 year old millionaire’s bank even though it cost $3490! And he isn’t the only celeb that rocked a jean jacket this week. Kanye West, Future and Jared Leto were spotted this week wearing denim jackets too! So look out men, jean jackets may just be the new It jacket of 2017! Butler rocked the Parisian look by pairing it with light skinny jeans and a maroon tee underneath! After seeing this round one look, the women of Athletchic will be rushing to the re-create this look for themselves!

(Image courtesy of Chicago Bulls)




(Images courtesy of Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder)

NBA players aren’t just talented on the court! These guys really know how to pull off street fashion! Check out looks by LeBron James, Isaiah Thomas, James Harden and more above! All of these players pulled off fire fashion during round one of the 2017 NBA Playoffs!


1. Rajon Rondo’s Short Sleeve Suit Coat

Poor Rajon Rondo! The Chicago Bulls, Point Guard helped the eight seed pull off two stunning wins in game one and two, while on the road in Boston. Unfortunately after an injury the team went on to drop four straight, losing the series. But the Bulls aren’t the only losers in April 2017. Rajon took a second loss with this short sleeve suit jacket. I mean, I get it, “How does he fit that cast in a jacket?”  Honestly, I don’t know but cutting the sleeves off a suit was not the first idea I would have come up with! Although I loved the color scheme, I had to pause the game to rewind and re-look at Rondo’s interesting outfit. I have never seen a men’s short sleeve shirt coat. There is a first for everything I guess!

(Image courtesy of Boston Celtics)

2. Russell Westbrook’s KISS Button Up 

Now you may see this next picture and wonder how someone could be on the best and worst dressed list all within the same series. Well ladies and gentleman, leave that to your boy Russell Westbrook who wore this interesting combination of a short sleeve button up KISS shirt and tight red athletic pants. Sorry Russ, I love you, the way you play on the court, the shade you throw during interviews and I even love your fashion, but not today. This shirt is frankly scary!

(Image courtesy of Oklahoma City Thunder)

3. Jerami Grant’s Red Camo Sweater

I am still unsure of what exactly this sweatshirt Jerami Grant is wearing is. Is it Camo? Is it some weird trippy tie dye? Is it velvet? What is it? I get that he is trying to out-do Russ on the catwalk but bro, this just is not working out. You can’t beat Westbrook in the style department, even if he does end up next to you on a worst dressed list. So let’s tone it down, just a notch!

(Image courtesy of Oklahoma City Thunder)

Not Sure What to Think

(Images courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Milwaukee Bucks)

So many looks here! Good? Bad? I honestly don’t know and it is driving me crazy!

“What is Jerami Grant doing in a women’s black demin jacket? Spencer Hawe’s shirt is a joke right? Is DeAndre Jordan actually pulling off a Canadian Tuxedo? Are Dante Exum’s pants too short? Is he too tall? Are they women’s pants? Men’s capri’s? Help me understand! Is Mike Conley wearing shoulder pads? Is Zaza Pachulia wearing dad khakis and a women’s coat? What is happening?” All thoughts that ran through my head while taking one look at the collage of pictures above. These looks could be good, they could be bad, I haven’t been able to figure it out quite yet.

Round 1 Trends

All Black Everything

(Images courtesy of Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers, Utah Jazz, Memphis Grizzlies, Washington Wizards, Golden State Warriors, and Atlanta Hawks)

This round of playoffs did not shy away from classic fashion statements like all black. Here, we see players pull off the timeless look with a flair of their own individual styles.

Best in Black

  1. J.J. Redick (Top Left) – The Los Angeles Clippers, Guard kills the black-on-black-on- black game rocking a bomber jacket, tee and skinny jeans.
  2. Andre Iguodala (Top Right) – The 33 year old veteran of the Golden State Warriors totally rocks an all black look with a fitted leather jacket, a tee and skinny jeans.
  3. Kyrie Irving (Bottom Left) – The Cavs star Guard pulls off his all black everything look with a hoodie, baseball cap, tee and long black coat.

Children’s Back Packs

 (Images by Washington Wizards and Milwaukee Bucks)

Yes, this may sound odd but if there is one thing that round one of the NBA Playoffs has taught me fashion-wise it is that children’s backpacks are a fashionable accessory staple for the modern day jet setter! Check out the stars of the Milwaukee Bucks and Washington Wizards rocking their children’s backpacks!


(Images courtesy of the Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies)

Old Skool classic Vans have made a strong showing during round one of the playoffs. (From left to right) Wade Baldwin, Andrew Harrison and Jaylen Brown paired their Vans with black skinny jeans.

Red Sneakers

(Images courtesy of Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies)

Red sneakers aren’t a piece of a wardrobe, they have their own wardrobe! No one walks into a store and purchases a pair of red sneaks without thinking about it. These sneakers are unique in that, once purchased, the individual must then go out and create some type of wardrobe built around these shoes. With shoes at the center of a look, you can almost always guarantee fire and these NBA players proved that once again. (Left to Right) Jarell Martin, Chris Paul, John Wall, and James Ennis all rocked all red shows during round one.


(Images courtesy of Toronto Raptors, Portland Trailblazers, Washington Wizards, Boston Celtics, and Utah Jazz)

Last but definitely not least, suits! Although street style is everything right now, suits are never out. Check out the NBA players who rocked the classic look during round one of the 2017 NBA Playoffs.

That is all for round one NBA Playoff Fashion, check back at the end of round two for more NBA fashion finds!


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I Decided Big Sean’s Pop-Up Shop was Urban Street Fashion Gold

Friday, February 3rd Big Sean dropped his fourth album, I Decided. To amp up the release, he simultaneously unveiled I Decided pop-up shops in four cities:

New York – 127 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

Detroit – 1441 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

Toronto – 12 Ossington Ave, Toronto ON M6J 2Y7, Canada

Los Angeles – 501 N Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA 90036

The shops were open Friday and Saturday 5PM-11PM and Sunday from 12PM-6PM. Pop-up shops are the new way to stay in the “in crowd” when it comes to urban street fashion. Items at the shops are few and limited, wait times to get in are hours long, prices are well over ten times the cost to create, and when the shops close people race to produce knockoffs to sell online at a fraction of the original cost.


So are the shops worth it? YES! The products in these stores turn to instant fashion gold. Big Sean’s shop did not disappoint! The experience was like no other but not necessarily in a good way. After two hours of waiting in line on a cool Saturday night, I entered the small shop with the other ten people who were already inside. Yes, that’s right, two hours in line to shop with ten people. The bouncer at the door counts people as they enter and exit the shop allowing only 10-15, of the hundreds waiting in line, in at a time. When I entered I wondered if this is how the Kardashians feel when they go shopping, everyone leaves the store and it is you and your 12 friends. The shop held fours rolling racks with a very limited number of shirts, hoodies, sweats and bomber jackets — one in each size. Two benches of baseball caps and winter hats displayed the I Decided and No Favors headwear for purchase. A giant tree sat in the middle of the room with a white Beats Pill on the ground playing I Decided on repeat. Purple and blue low lights kept the shop dim while a strong aroma of weed filled the room as the employees smoked. When I entered the store, I felt like I was entering his album, his dreams, thoughts, the inner workings of who he is as a rapper. I dig it.


How it worked is you can go through and decide (hehe) what you want to purchase and in what size. Let one of the staff members know what you would like to order and he or she heads into a back room and comes out with everything you need. You then walk right up to the register, where the weed smoking cashier will check you out, no wait, because there are only nine other people in the store! Check out what was featured at the shop below:


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Pressed for Time? Want that perfect Khloe Hair? Perfect Job? Perfect Kids? Perfect Dinner?

Ok so my Khloe haircut didn’t turn out so good. It seems nothing does when I am trying to save time, and we women are pressed for time. We’re at the mercy of advertisers. Ever try that Tasty Facebook recipe where basic food materializes into a gourmet meal right before your eyes? I especially hate those Fammercials.

2016 could easily be labelled the year of the shortcuts (in more ways than one). We women want it all—perfect hair, perfect job, perfect kids, perfect dinner. So we jump at any product or idea that promises to save time in order for us to spend more time perfecting our imperfect little world.

My friend, Marie, and I just bought three Dump crockpot recipe books promising to lighten our daily meal-making drudgery. This after I’ve attempted four times to assimilate those quick, little Tasty Facebook cooking videos in my kitchen—to no avail—and cut my hair in the darling Khloe-Kardashian style that was going to be as simple as  wash, spray and air dry—not.

It seems I haven’t learned my lesson.

I’m still clinging to the belief that some mad invention is going to swoop down and slow time for me like cryonics did for Ted Williams. Ok, bad example. (And jocks think Reality TV buffs are odd?) The fact of the matter is, there are not enough hours in the day for us to have it all and perfection is an abstract term.

Here’s the truth:

The Perfect Hair…

only exists on a single, enhanced camera frame. Before that embellished frame reaches our eyes, every hair has been brightened, vignetted, superpunched, framed and cropped into exquisiteness. Show more than one frame, and its glamor is lost because the only way to create the illusion of perfect hair, is to immobilize it. Show me a talk show host whose hair tumbles freely, and I’ll show you a network cancelling her show.  TV women have to hold every blade in place by stiffening it with a placard hairspray so strong that, if ignited, its blaze could warm Alaska.

I love Khloe Kardashian’s new haircut. But trust me, its deceiving. Those Kocktails-with-Khloe waves are bleached and plastered on, giving women the impression that you have to have the perfect hair to secure:

The Perfect Job…

does not, has not and never will exist. I will convince you of this with two words: Boss. Coworkers.

And want your blood to curl even more? Your boss and coworkers have:

The Perfect Kids…

are on Christmas cards and in picture frames and can’t talk. Once they can, its over; the truth revealed. Behind Johnny’s little smile is a small-town thief thrown in the slammer on spring break for lifting sunglasses from Walmart. Sissy’s secretly dating a man old enough to be her father, and the four-year old still isn’t potty trained.

Think your coworker’s and neighbor’s kids are perfect? Guess again. They’re human. And no human, in over 2,016 years, has been perfect. Which leads me to what I really wanted to talk about:

The Perfect Dinner…

and those damn Fammercials are making me crazy. They’re enticing. They draw you in: make perfect potatoes in five minutes, mickey-mouse pancakes in ten, a fully-cooked Thanksgiving dinner in an hour.

Stop! Please, Mr. Zuckerberg, I beg you. I’m not strong enough to resist those little videos that tantalize our taste buds and then eradicate our egos. I’m impossibly hooked on their time-saving promise yet time-wasting reality.

Countless fammercial meals tossed in the garbage, three books and thirty dollars later, I’m still holding out hope that my Dump and run cook books will help me make the perfect dinner quickly, allowing  me to linger longer at my perfect job, while dinner cooks for my perfect kids, and I sit beautifully underneath my perfect hair.

Nope, never going to learn.


Cyndie Zahner is a freelance writer. Follower her on Instagram @athletchicz or Twitter @Tweetyz.

Monday is Throw-away-ugly-shoes Day!

The third Monday of every November is Throw-away-ugly-shoes Day. It’s the day we toss all of the ugly shoes we’ve accumulated in the back of our closets.

Don’t lie. You have them. Shoes that you bought for a wedding, work, or to go out on the town in. They may have been cheap or, worse yet, on sale. And now, even though you know you don’t need them, you are having a hard time making the big break with them.

But let’s be honest, you don’t like them.

Women sometimes have unhealthy attachments.

Attachments can be an issue for women. We get used to having shoes at the back of our closet. Even if they are useless, we keep them. Our boyfriend may have picked them out, a friend might have said we looked good in them, or they may have been the perfect color for a work outfit.IMG_5009

Now they sit there filling that void in the corner, and we conjure up reason after reason why we shouldn’t get rid of them.

But no more. This Monday we are going to do a little sole searching. Ask yourself  a few simple questions:

What drew you to those shoes?

Take a long look at the reason you chose those shoes in the first place.

You may have been shopping—alone. They weren’t exactly what you were looking for, but you had a wedding to go to and didn’t have any to wear. They were low healed. Sturdy. You thought you’d look good on the dance floor with them.

Or maybe your friend had a similar pair. She wore them out every weekend. To the bars. Shopping. Scrap booking. So you bought that brand of shoe, too—they seemed to fit.

Or finally, maybe you needed cushy, sensible shoes to wear on the job. You saw a newspaper ad. It was enticing. Now work shoes fill that empty space in the back of the closet.

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?

Regardless of whether it was your boyfriend, friends or work that inspired you, it’s time to ask the hard question:

Why can’t you get rid of them?

Think hard. They’re sitting idly in the corner. You don’t love them. You may never have loved them. So is it the shoe you are hanging on to? Or merely the idea of the shoe filling that space?

For we women, it’s about the void—not the shoe. We were raised to believe that every successful woman has a closet full of shoes. So now we struggle with every inch of emptiness. is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. A little open space in your closet is a good thing. You get a better view. You can clearly see which are your most valuable shoes. And you’ll have room to store some other items that will make you  forget those shoes.

Like skis, roller blades, a bottle of wine or a box of expensive candy. Put an early Christmas present for yourself there. Stack vacation books for the next time you’re off work. Buy a fireproof file and fill it with irreplaceable items such as—pictures of childhood IMG_5035friends, letters from your family, or your grandmother’s locket. Make sure it can withstand the heat.

Once you’ve organized your closet, removed the useless shoes, and stored a few important items, you’ll have the space and wherewithal to:

 Go out and buy the right pair of shoes.

Get dressed. Look in the mirror. You are strong. Beautiful. Too good to fill your closet with any more shoes you don’t like. Then go out and look for a new pair. There are hundreds—thousands—out in the big world waiting for you.

And if it takes a while to find them—who cares?

Don’t force it. You’ll find shoes eventually. And they’ll be perfect.  You’ll be wearing them when they’re old and tattered.

The secret is, if you can’t find the right ones on your first venture: go home, snuggle up in front of the fire in your bare feet, and read a good book or watch a great movie.

Because relaxing in your bare feet is comfortable.

There is beauty in the realization that you are comfortable in your own skin, and you don’t need a new pair of shoes.IMG_5041

So this Monday, instead of wallowing in shoe-tossing dread, take a deep breath and toss.

We promise it will feel good.

Happy Throw-away Day!

________________________________________________________________                           Cyndie Zahner is a freelance writer/editor. She’ll be tossing lots of shoes on Monday.  Follow her at @ahtletchicz on Instagram or Tweetyz on Twitter.