March 2015


What is an Athletchic ?

Jeff and look alike statue

From a male’s point of view:

To me, an Athletchic is a female athlete who is CRAZY about life.

An Athletchic is a doer, not a talker. She puts the cheesecake in the trash, lays down the fork, gets her butt off the couch and goes out and does it! (Like Nike says “just do it”!) And I don’t mean going to the mall to run up your credit card (although an Athletchic might do that  AFTER a workout) or going to the all-you-can-eat buffet.

An Athletchic doesn’t make excuses:  this hurts, that hurts, I’m too old, I don’t have time, I’ll do it tomorrow. NO or CAN’T are not in her vocabulary. An Athletchic is out in ten degree, icy, snowy weather running 13 miles, driving to the gym to bike another 16 miles, hopping off the bike to lift and get in an ab workout! Then it’s reward time–a bar of Stefanelli’s chocolate with coffee and a trip to “The Limited”.

And all that is just on a Saturday!

Sunday she’ll bike 16, lift and do some ab work.

Monday it’s run five or six miles, lift, abs.

Tuesday is swim one mile in the morning, run five or six after work.

Wednesday is run five or six miles through the woods and up the hills with some other CRAZY ATHLETCHICS, lift and abs.

Thursday is easy, run six.

Friday is an off day (maybe).

And this is done while working a fulltime job all week, making dinners, cleaning house, etc. NO EXCUSES!! No: “I don’t have time”, “I worked all week”, “I’m tired”!!! ABSOLUTELY NO WIMPS, NO BULL…..NO EXCUSES!!!!!

This Athletchic is my wife. She is tough to keep up with. She runs hurt–no excuses. She’s tougher than any women I know and most men! These workouts are when she is NOT training for a half or full marathon, or a triathlon! Just her ho-hum, everyday workouts. And this is why she looks as beautiful as the day I met her 36 years ago! She can still fit into her wedding dress. And you know whats scary?….

We hatched an Athletchic!!!! And now we are writing articles for her “Athletchic Blog”;)

P.S.-Did I mention she is also a connoisseur of fine wines and loves The Bachelor?   

Jeff Zahner is a Commercial Tester at General Electric and occasionally writes for his daughter ‘s website. He runs, cycles and loves hiking. He’s completed six marathons. His favorite is Boston. Jeff is a die-hard Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Eagles fan.



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