Shame on you Ben! I’m-a-mommy Amanda should have gone home last week!

It was hometown Monday and Ben travelled to meet the families of I’m-a-Mommy Amanda, Don’t-know-if-I-love-him Caila, Nojo and LB. Here’s what happened:

The Laguna Beach I’m-a-Mommy Home-Town Date                                                             

Everyone gets a little teary-eyed when I’m-a-mommy Amanda runs to meet her two precious little girls—Kinsley and Charlie. This is the longest she’s been away from them. They have a great day at the beach—picnic, dig in the sand, play tag, and Ben says it feels natural. All goes well until the ride home and bedtime when cute little Charlie cries, and I’m-a-mommy has to tuck her in bed screaming.

At the meeting with the family, Ben admits it’s been a long day but says this relationship is real (one). He looks exhausted and the family wonders if he is ready for kids. Dad says Ben looks like a deer in the headlights.

I’m-a-mommy admits to her mom that she hasn’t been able to date anyone seriously because her girls come first. She was embarrassed over her divorce. But she is falling in love with Ben. She cries and Bachelor Nation realizes this is one great mom, a sweet girl, and we don’t want to see her get hurt.

Amanda says Ben was wonderful. They kiss good bye and we are on to:

LB and the Portland, Oregon Home Town

LB admits she’s in love with Ben. She shows him around Portland, takes him to the whiskey library (cool), and Ben admits he was afraid she was going to elect to go home on her own, but he’s so glad she didn’t.

He meets the family and LB’s sister asks tough questions, says LB gets quickly invested, and she is worried she will get hurt. Ben wins her over with tears (cry card), and LB’s sister surmises he really cares. He talks with Dad. Dad says they are a close family, and this is the longest they’ve been away from LB. Ben says his world stopped when he first met Lauren (pretty sure you gave Cankles that first rose) and that this is real (Déjà vu two).

They kiss and we are off to:

The Quaint-little-Hudson-Ohio Hometown with Caila

I-don’t-know-if-I-love-him Caila takes Ben for a stroll through a park, tells him she envisioned herself sitting on a park bench there with the man she loved, calls him bench-worthy, and they sit, talk and move on to Caila’s daddy’s toy factory. He’s the CEO.

Ben loves the toy factory. He and Caila design a play house and help with its construction. Ben sees Caila with a power tool and in a hard hat and says he never knew a toy factory could be so sexy. He kisses her (all in) and then RUINS Athletchicz’s favorite movie ending (Officer and a Gentleman) by carrying Don’t-know out of the toy factor in her hard hat (instead of a Navy flight cap) while everyone applauds (corny).

We move on to meet Willy Wonka and the fam.

Willy tells Ben he loves his wife’s Puerto Rican heritage, says Ben will too if he ends up with Caila, and  makes an odd remark that The Bachelor has a a microwave frame (Wonka weird). He says meeting four sets of parents must be tough for Ben. Ben agrees. Dad says marriage is a commitment, but if you find the right person, you never regret it.

Mom makes a Puerto Rican meal to die for, then takes Caila asides to chat. Mom is sweet, supportive, tells Caila she likes Ben, and that if Caila loves Ben, she should go downstairs, jump in his arms, and tell him.

When Mom is alone with Ben she tells him that Caila has very high standards. Ben says Caila admitted she wasn’t sure she could fall in love. He’s worried.So we all sit on the edge of our seat when they kiss good bye, hoping Caila tells Ben she loves him. She doesn’t. She can’t, and we come away as we always do—feeling Ben loves her, but she can’t decide if she loves him.

Then we are on to:

The Don’t-Let-Your-Brothers-Kick-My-Ass NoJo Dallas Hometown Date

Producers make us think Ben has sent Nojo flowers which makes us wonder if he likes her more than the other girls. BUT the flowers are from an ex-boyfriend (wonder how much producers paid for that perfectly-timed bouquet). Nojo calls her ex on her cell. A teary-eyed exchange ensues. And when Ben arrives he knows something is going on. She talks to him. He says he is confused, but Nojo reassures him her past relationship is over. She’s falling in love with Ben.

Then all hell breaks loose in Texas when Ben meets the fam.

Nojo’s two older brothers look like they want to beat the crap out of Ben. They are so protective of her that they make the entire evening uncomfortable. They take Ben aside and put him on the spot by asking if their sister is going to get hurt. They are skeptical. Say she deserves better. Ben has three other girls. They accuse him of being coached, but Ben insists it is real (three) (coached).

Nojo talks to mom. Says she is falling in love, and she doesn’t want to get hurt. She’s scared. Mom says fight for Ben.

Dad talks to Ben. Ben does a song and dance and dad ends up saying he trusts Ben.

Big brothers grill Nojo. She makes the mistake of telling them she has only been on two alone dates with Ben, and the brothers go berserk. They ask how she can be in love already. Say she deserves better. phonto (11)She is more invested in Ben than he is in her, and they lecture her, at length, not to sell herself short. (Go brothers!) They tell her she always thinks less of herself, but that she is actually better than Ben.

Everyone congregates back in the kitchen and the entire scene turns ugly. Ben can’t win over the brothers. They say he is manipulating. Nojo is going to get hurt. She’s way more invested than he is, and it becomes so uncomfortable that Mom picks up the Champaign and begins chugging it right from the bottle.

Ben asks the camera:  Am I that evil? Producers switch to the kiss goodbye and we move on to:

The I’m-in-Big-Trouble Rose Ceremony

We can see it as soon as Ben enters to pass out roses. He’s terrified. He loves two girls: LB and Don’t-know-if-I-love-him Caila. Now he has to send either Amanda or Nojo home.

If he sends Amanda home, he’s a jerk. If he sends Nojo home, he gets his ass kicked.

And the roses go to: LB (of course), I-love-her-but-I-don’t-know-if-she-loves-me Caila, and then (wet his pants), he has to give the rose to Nojo so he doesn’t find himself wrapped in a knap sack and being stuffed in the trunk of a car in some back alley.


Athletchic was RIGHT. Ben wasn’t one hundred percent sure he was going to end up with Amanda last week and he should have done the kind thing and sent her home before he met her girls. Yes, Ben, you are turning out to be a jerk. You were selfish. Now, not only does Amanda feel rejected—even worse—she feels you rejected her two beautiful girls.


Here’s what Athletchic thinks will happen:

Ben is going to hire body guards and send Nojo home next week. At the final rose ceremony, he is going to send Caila home and then before he asks LB to marry him, he is going to cry and say he really loves Caila. After that, we don’t know. We just know Ben should have kept Becca last week and sent I’m –a-mommy home.  (Karma.)

What do you guys think?


Cyndie Zahner is a freelance writer and trying to remain a The Bachelor fan. Follow her on Twitter @Tweetyz and Insagram @athletchicz.

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