I’m-not-crazy Lace elects to leave the show and Ugly-toes-and-cankles Olivia quickly takes her place as drama queen. But she has some competition from Amber and GI Jubilee.

If you missed episode 3, here’s what happened:

One-on-one Date

One of Athletchic’s favorites, Lauren B, gets this Sky’s-the-Limit date and takes off into the air with Ben in a single-engine plane that might scare some women. But she’s a flight attendant. She’s fine. They fly over the Bachelor Mansion and end up in an LA barren valley where a hot tub magically appears. They change behind one, lone tree. Sip champagne. Kiss. Ben passes gas. (Yep. Watch the credits.) And we are on to the evening date.

Pretty little Lauren tells Ben she is from a strong-knit family and likes the simple things in life. She says she wants to marry someone like her dad who was a great father, and Ben talks about his father’s recent by-pass surgery. He kisses her (all in) and gives her the rose. Then he walks her to a barn where, once inside, they dance sweetly in each other’s arms serenaded by Lucy Angel.

Back at the mansion the girls get teary eyed because, well, they know there’s no chance Pretty-little Lauren is going home. She’s just too nice. And it was hard watching Ben fly away with her.

The date card comes and we are off to the group date.

The Love-is-the-goal Group Date  

The twins, Amanda, Lauren H, Jennifer, Shashana, Leah, Amber, Olivia, Jami, Rachel, and Lace find themselves at Exposition Park’s Memorial Coliseum playing soccer with World-Cup players Alex Morgan and Kelley O’Hara. They break into teams but the excitement doesn’t last long because they find the losers are going home.

Lace’s team goes home and Olivia’s team stays.

At the evening date, Olivia takes Ben aside right away, goes to a balcony above the other girls, and hollers down to them, flaunting her alone time with Ben. She doesn’t get the rose. Amber does. But she says she knows Ben can’t always give her the rose but he gives her little physical signs like putting his hand on her leg before he leaves that mean he is really  hers. (Huh?)

Back at the mansion, Jubilee jumps for joy when they read her name and she realizes she is getting the second one-on-one date. She apologizes. But it is too late. The girls are already not liking her.

GI Jubilee’s One-on-one Date

Here’s the thing. When the helicopter touches down at Bachelor Mansion for the date, helicopter-shy, GI Jubilee nervously makes the mistake of saying “Does anyone want to go on my date for me?” The girls take it as a flaunt, and she’s done. Period. The girls chew her name up and spit her out while she is gone.

But the date goes well. They fly over LA, spend time at the elegant Cal-a-vie Health Spa, and then talk seriously at dinner, where GI Ju says she is shy, lacks confidence and has a lot of layers. Ben says that’s what he likes about her. He gives her the rose. She is so happy and surprised that she ends up teary-eyed in his arms. It’s a sweet moment, and we come away feeling like she might be an ok choice for him, except then we get terribly confused about her at the:

Rose Ceremony

Ben comes in and sadly announces two family friends were killed in an airplane crash, and Olivia asks if she can steel him away. We think she is going to console him, but nope, she’s talking toes, ankles and cankles. In fact, she cries about it. Says she’s been teased in the past about her toes, putting her in the running for the most-selfish alone time in the history of The Bachelor. (Is this chic really that self-centered?) Even Ben isn’t nice enough to act all mushy about her cankles.

The next thing we know, Jubilee has whisked Ben away and she’s giving him a massage, steeling precious alone time that girls who do not have a rose want (will the rose-holders never learn?). The no-rose girls become so angry they can’t contain themselves. Someone else steps in for time with Ben, and a fight breaks out between Amber and Jubilee. Jubilee tries not to get involved but Amber won’t let it alone. Jubilee sobs. Ben comes. Amber doesn’t let up, and the next thing we know I’m-not-crazy Lace is tugging Ben away for a chat.

She takes him out front. Apologizes. Cries. And tries to save face by saying she doesn’t like how she’s been acting, can’t take it and is going home. (See ya wouldn’t want to be ya.)

And the roses go to: Lauren H (Kindergarten teacher); Amanda (mommy); BECCA (woohoo Athletchic’s favorite!); The twins; Still-don’t-know-who-she-is Rachel; Caila; Jojo (horse head); Jennifer; Leah; and last but not least Olivia, who reminds us that even though she is last, Ben is communicating with her by little physical signs. (What is in the water at that mansion?)

I’m a huge Bachlor fan, but this was one, down-right boring episode and next week’s not looking much better. (Sigh.)


Cyndie Zahner is a freelance writer and avid Bachelor fan. Follow her on Twitter @Tweetyz or Instagram @athletchicz.







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