He may be the most boring Bachelor ever but is lovin’ Ben Higgins!

Last night The Bachelor tweets beat out Vanderpump Rules tweets, stinging the big anticipated Katie-and-Tom engagement episode. That’s how BIG Ben Higgins is. (Not to be confused with last year’s Big Ben.)  And yep, Athletchicz  taped Katie’s big night to glimpse Benny in is fine taylored suit.

It’s going to be a long season for Athletchic (#1VanderPumpRulesfan) and Athletchicz (#1TheBachelorfan).

The show  went like this:

Meet the Parents in Indiana

Ben comes from money. (No surprise.) His Mom captures viewer’s hearts when she actually cries Ben close up in carreminiscing the Season 19 Episode when Ben said he may be unlovable. We already love her. And we love her son. He comes across as a small-town 26-year-old with a big heart.

Then we move back to LA to:

Get Advise from Other Bachelors

This was the really confusing part. Why were Chris Soules and Jason Mesnick giving advice?

Sean Lowe, we love. But Jason? Really? He picked the wrong Bachelorette and then traded her in at the Aftershow. And Chris Soules was barely better. Although we adored his choice, Whitney, Athletchic knew he wouldn’t be able to live out his days on the farm with that voice. They split.


Let’s move on to the girls:

The Bachelorettes 

As usual, there are a few favorites and a few psychos.

Athletchic favorites are Laurin, the flight attendant (darling); Jubilee, the kick-ass war veteran; Caila (ok we weren’t lovin’ the jump-into-Ben’s-arms opening but she reprieved herself later); and Olivia, the newscaster.

First on the psycho list is the Dentist, Mache Mandi, who came in with a seven foot paper mache rose on her head; the twins (that’s just plain weird);  and Jojo horse head (yep, you got it, she came in with a horse head on); but even Jojo couldn’t beat out Meagan for the craziest entrance because Meagan came in with a horse. (At least I think it was a horse. If you didn’t see it, don’t ask.)

Oh and two other Bachelorettes deserve a mention. Trust me. There is no category for these. First, Tiara gets a mention for her occupation. What the heck is a Chicken Enthusiast? (Actually we don’t want to know.) And Shashana get’s a mention because, well, she’s Russian and we can’t understand a word she’s saying. (Seriously? How desperate were they?)

On with the show:

The Surprise that Rocked Athletchicz’s World 

Ok, my life is boring but, drum role, BECCA IS BACK!!!!! If you’ve read past blogs you know we love Becca. She was our all-time favorite, and we are swimming in hope that she’s the one for Ben.

Another past Bachelorette, Amber, came along with Becca. But honestly, we don’t think she’ll be flaunting that old saying–the third time’s the charm.

On to the Party and Rose Ceremony 

No big drunken stupor like last year’s opening, but Lace had a little too much and talked trash; Meagan sealed her ‘going home’ status by combining a Texan accent with sailor trash talk; and the Newsy, Olivia, got the first impression rose and was quite nice about it.

Here’s who Benny picked and in this order:

Lauren B (yippee); Kayla somebody; Amber (third-timer); Jami (the bartender); Forgot-to-say-her-name Jennifer (she didn’t introduce herself when she got out of the limo); Jubilee (yeah!); Amanda (mother of two adorable little girls); JoJo horse head;  Hiked-a-football-through-her-legs-to-Ben  Leah (awkward); Can’t-remember-anything-about-her Rachel; I-passed-the-bar-exam Sam; Jackie; twinnies Em and Hay (geesh); Shashana (not feelin’ it); Lauren H; BECCA (HALLELUJAH); Mad as a hatter Mandi; and Lunatic Lace.

The others go home and Lunatic Lace pulls Ben away from the celebratory toast to begin the games. She tells him he picked her last (no kidding) and didn’t once look into her lunatic eyes, and we all come away thinking this chick thinks she’s his girlfriend already and this may be the best Bachelor season ever!!!!!

Woohoo! Who knew the Bachelor could cure the winter blues? Can’t wait for next week!


Cyndie Zahner is a freelance writer and The Bachelor addict. Follower her on Twitter at @Tweetyz and Instagram @athletchicz.




    • Cyndie Zahner says:

      Thanks Pedro! We love to hear which shows and which cast members other viewers like so send your thoughts any time!

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