Fuller House: Can the Tanners Compete with the Dunphys?

Can the wholesome Tanner family coexist in comedy land with the edgy Dunphys?

Nearly everyone has seen it—Full House. Whether TV-buffs are fourteen or forty, they’ve spent some time in the kitchen with the Tanners. Syndication has magically kneaded tweens and forty-somethings into the same TV-viewing dough. And it’s rising.

Pink ladiesNetflix’ return of Full House to the screen as Fuller House in 2016 has everyone wondering what type of mom DJ Tanner will be. She wasn’t raised in the nuclear family of the 90’s—mom, dad and me. She learned life’s lessons in a single-parent upbringing where a widowed dad commandeered a little help from his friends. At the time, it was a new mold.

Now that cookie-cut script has been turned from dad, two guys and three daughters to mom, two girls and three sons. We think. Word is still out on the numbers. Initial hype had DJ pregnant with her third son when her husband dies, but recent talk has suspended the pregnancy. Regardless, except for the addition of one thirteen-year-old girlfriend’s daughter, the family dynamic is nearly a perfect switch.

Netflix promises thirteen episodes will inspire a Fuller future. But TV-land is asking if a single-parenting show can corner a market in a Modern-Family comedy world that taunts continual two-dad-inspired Emmys? Modern Family has cleaned house at award galas against two-parenting, gay-less family sitcoms like The Middle, as if Frankie Heck has some mundane June-Cleaver qualities. (Will Brad Bottig never come out of the closet to challenge Modern Family? Oh wait. Did he? In the car with Sue? We can’t tell.)

And step back—there’s more. The Olsen twins won’t be on the scene–not once. They cut the cord. The beloved DJ Tanner and the entire Tanner family weren’t even invited to Mary-Kate’s wedding.

But, no matter, Bure barely cared. She was busy racking up mileage traveling from LA to NYC and back. She’ll do it again during 2016. It seems her 2014 third-place finish on DWTS nudged her back toward the water, and her controversial appearance on The View dumped her back into the fish bowl. She’s landed spots on both ABC’s The View in the Big Apple and on Netflix’s Fuller House in LA. Will her stardom continue or could it be short lived?

Now, gay activists who grew up watching the Tanners picnic in San Francisco’s Almo Square Park are skirting the Painted Ladies on Steiner Street. Bure, a proclaimed Christian, continues to alienate past fans by defending her anti-gay statements. In 2012 she tweeted a picture of herself tipping a Chic-fil-A drink alongside her son flaunting Chic fries in support of COO Dan Cathy’s opposition to same-sex marriages. Then her July 2015 run-in with Raven-Symone on The View over the Oregon Bakery who refused to serve a gay wedding lowered the bar a notch more.

Fuller house house

Tanner Home at 1709 Broderick Street

A cringing blush descends upon San Francisco, known for its open-armed hospitality, as the star of Fuller House continues to debate bible passages. (Clearly she’s missed the let-the-man-without-sin-cast-the-first-stone lesson.)

The Fuller House bread that’s baking at 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco is rising, true, but the question still remains: if they only serve heterosexuals—will it flop?


Cyndie Zahner is a freelance writer. Follow her on Instagram at @athletchicz and Twitter at @Tweetyz.

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