Reality Recap – Keeping Up With The Kardashians – S11, Ep 3 – #KUWTK


Rites of Passage

Here are the three things you need to know about last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians:

1. Kim is eating like CRAZY!

As we all know — Kim is pregnant with her second child, who will be the little brother to the very famous and stylish two year old — North West. Although Kim struggled with her last pregnancy, she seems to be truly embracing this one. Mrs. West seems worry-free as she is traveling the world, pain-free as she is not in tears at the doctor’s office this go-around and lastly, she is eating like a CRAZY woman! Kim let’s us know that all she can think about is food! In this episode we se Kim eating everything, everywhere she goes. (Can you blame her? She’s pregnant people!)

Kim takes an overnight trip to New Orleans where she is seen eating at multiple different places, in one night, with her bestie, Jonathan Cheban. Kim says that he was the perfect person to go out on this binge eating adventure with since he would embrace it and is a major foodie himself.

Throughout the episode you see the Kardashian clan, worried about Kim’s pregnancy. Kourtney attends doctor’s appointments with her to make sure she is ok, saying that she had such wonderful pregnancies and she hopes for the same for Kim. Kourtney asks the doctor about Kim’s prior pregnancy and preeclampsia and asks if it could be a problem this time around. The doctor does let them know that she is at risk of having this problem again. Kris tries to get Kim to put her health first, telling Kim that she is going to wear herself out traveling all over the place. Kim tells her Kris that she has to go to Paris to get fitted for designer maternity clothing. Little does Kris know, Kim is dreaming of the churros at Ferdi.

When Kim returns home from Paris, the exhaustion hits. Kim’s hands and feet swell up and she heads back to the doctor. She finds out that she could now be carb-intolerant or have gestational diabetes. No worries guys, Kim calls the doctor later in the episode and finds out that she has passed all her tests and she is fine.

Kim confesses that the scare was a wake up call for her and that she has to start thinking of a more healthy pregnancy. She starts focusing on eating a more balanced diet.

2. Khloe may be a psychic medium!

Yep! You heard it right! Khloe may have some psychic abilities.

One night while she was sleeping, the favorite Kardashian sister, awoke to a familiar, masculine voice whispering in her ear, “Khloe! Khloe!” It was a spirit. Khloe confesses that she is a very spiritual person. She talks and prays to her father, Robert, who passed away, every day. Khloe says that she wants to know more about these feelings so her sisters push her to talk to some professionals about it.

Days later — Tyler Henry — a 19 year old psychic medium who is getting ready to star in his own reality television show called, “Hollywood Medium”, shows up at Khloe’s house. Khloe, along with her two older sisters, Kourtney and Kim, sit down with Tyler to find out more about Khloe’s psychic powers and if there are spirits hanging around her house. Tyler is so sweet, he talks to the girls and senses that Khloe and Kourtney have the biggest psychic abilities. He says Kim has less of those abilities. Khloe probes him for details about how to grow these special powers. Tyler tells the girls that fear shuts down these abilities. Tyler also lets the girls know that there is “something” in the house. He sees something and tries to describe it to the girls. He talks about ties and says that he keeps holding them up to his face and smelling them. Tyler is confused by it and doesn’t understand until Khloe intervenes and tells him that she does that with her dads old ties.

After the meeting with Tyler, Khloe decides to get an EMF detector to see if these spirits will be picked up on an electronic device. Kourtney and oldest son, Mason, are over and they decide to scan the house with the detector. Khloe takes them upstairs to the spot in which she feels the spirit. When she gets there, the EMF detector starts to go off. Kourtney tells Khloe she should get another expert in to check the place out.

Later, we see Kendall at Khloe’s. They are waiting for psychic medium, Lisa Williams to show up to check to see if Khloe’s house is haunted. Lisa comes in and immediately starts to walk around the house scanning for energies. She let’s the girls know that there is a masculine energy in the home.

“Were you close to your grandfather?” She asks Khloe.

Khloe confirms that she was.

“Tell your mom hello,” She says, a message from Khloe’s grandfather. Lisa informs Khloe that her grandfather loves that Khloe spends much time in the house playing music, dancing and singing. He wants Khloe and her family to know that he is ok.

Kendall then asks Lisa if she is able to speak with Khloe’s father. The psychic says she can and asks them if they want to know everything.

Khloe says, “Yes!”

Lisa let’s the girls know that her father comes with a great deal of energy.

“You talk to him often,” She says.

Khloe confirms.

She begins to ask about the month of July. Her father is emphasizing to Lisa that he will be celebrating in July. Khloe is unsure. Lisa tells her to ask her mom because her father says that Kris will know. She also talks about a tattoo and asks the girls who has a tattoo of her father’s handwriting, it was Khloe who had the tattoo, Robert — her father, acknowledges it and tells Khloe that he is sorry that he never got a chance to say goodbye to her. He says that he loves her with all of this heart. “To the moon and back,” he tells Lisa to pass on to Khloe. Robert tells Lisa that he is so proud of Khloe and the family. Khloe is very happy.

When Lisa leaves Khloe and Kendall head out back and call Kris. Khloe tells Kris of the experience she had. She tells Kris that both Robert and Khloe’s grandfather say, “Hello.” Kris instantly begins to cry saying she talks to the two of them all the time. Khloe asks about a July celebration.

“July 8th, it’s our anniversary,” Kris says.

3. Kris throws Kendall & Kylie a surprise graduation.

While visiting Kylie’s new crib, Kris finds out that Kylie is one week out from graduating high school. Well not really, Kylie is home schooled and only has a week of classes left, there is no home school graduation per se. Kris is surprised. She confesses that she hasn’t been herself over the last six months and that she thought Kylie had a few more months of schooling left. Kylie confirms that she only has a week left. Kris admits she has dropped the ball with her kids lately and she has to get back to them being her number one priority.

Later, at Khloe’s house, Kris tells Kourtney and Khloe that she would like to plan a surprise graduation and graduation party for Kendall and Kylie since Kendall never got a party when she graduated, and Kylie is one week from graduating. Khloe loves the idea but reminds her mom that she too, never had a graduation party.

Kris plans the event and starts to send out invitations. The girls ask if Kris invited Caitlyn. Kris admits that she did not invite her as she is not 100% comfortable with Caitlyn yet. Kris has never met Caitlyn in person! She says that she wants to get to a place where the family can be back to normal but she isn’t ready to meet her yet and admits she is a little “scared”.

The episode ends at Kris’s beautiful home. The house is filled with decorations, friends and family. It is time for Kendall and Kylie’s surprise graduation. The guests start to show up at the house and you come to realize how amazing this families inner circle is. Famous guests like Ryan Seacrest, Gigi Hadid, Alan Thicke and Pia Mia all show up to celebrate with the girls. Kris gets everyone seated in the front room. The girls have entered the gate and are walking towards the front door. They open the door and Kendall steps in with Kylie right behind her.

“SURPRISE!!!!!” The guests scream.

The girls were totally shocked!

“This is so weird!” a laughing Kylie Jenner says, “What is happening?!”

“Welcome to your graduation!”

Kylie confesses that it is “such an awesome feeling” to have everyone here to celebrate since this is not something she would have planned for herself. She thinks it is so sweet of her mom to do this for her.

Ryan Seacrest let’s the girls know that they must head upstairs to get their cap and gown and the two youngest girls in the family, run up the stairs with Kris and rush to put on their graduation gowns.

Downstairs, Ryan Seacrest is entertaining the crowd and he begins to tell a story about Khloe never getting a graduation. He then sends her upstairs to get her cap and gown as they will celebrate her graduation too!

Once the three girls are ready, Ryan Seacrest introduces them as they walk down the stairs and the graduation song plays. Kris gets up with Penelope in hand and tears up talking about her graduated girls.

Once the ceremony ends, the entire group heads out back for the graduation party. Kris has the yard filled with entertaining activies from synchronized swimmers in the pool, to a blow up slide, to a photo booth, to a sushi bar, Kris has it all. She gives each of the three girls graduation presents of Cartier jewelry (LUCKY!) and the episode ends with family and friends, happy, smiling, laughing and celebrating. Kim talks over the last few scenes talking about how lucky she is to have such a wonderful mother as a role model. She tells viewers that she is in awe of how Kris can make every child feel so special and she hopes she can do the same as a mother.

It was really one of the sweetest endings I can remember.

On the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Kim is taking over Kris’s house. Kris is complaining about her being there. Kanye loves to be at the house. Kim is inviting people in to do pregnancy work out classes. Kris also gets to meet Caitlyn for the first time and confront her about her article in Vanity Fair.


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