Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 10, Episode 5 – #RHOC

Game Changer

Monday nights episode of Real Housewives was dramatic but also heartbreaking. Here are the three most important parts of last night’s episode:

1. Shannon tries to be the bigger person.

After being left off the guest list of Meghan’s charity party, Shannon calls Meghan to invite her over for bunco. Shannon is trying to make amends but the initial call does not go so well. Shannon tells Meghan she is a woman of her word and Meghan says she looks forward to watching Shannon prove that. Shannon does not take that well and when she gets off the phone she perseverates over it the rest of the day. “I don’t have to prove myself to a thirty year old!” Shannon says. In the end, the relationship between the two ends up going very well. Meghan brings Shannon a card and Shannon reads it in front of her. She thanks Meghan and hugs her, it all seemed genuine. I guess we will have to wait and see if it was real!

2. Heather has to make a television appearance in order to see her husband.

Sad isn’t it. That is the life of a wife of a plastic surgeon living in Orange County. Poor Heather has been working tirelessly on the building and completion of the families new home, while also caring for four young children. Heather explains that Terry has been working more now than he has in his entire life. She is shown at a hair salon with her kids who are all asking about him. Heather informs us that with the success of his television show, Botched, Terry has not just been working his normal hours but now is also filming his show for seven months on top of that. Heather literally has to make an appearance on his television show to have a growth removed off of her hand in order to spend some time with Terry!

3. Vicki gets horrible news.

While at Shannon’s, Vicki takes a phone call in the other room. Unfortunately she finds out that her mother has passed away. This is probably the most heartbreaking point I have seen on any reality television show ever. The raw footage shows Vicki completely breaking down and falling to the ground. She is crying, yelling, a mess. Do you blame her? I would be the same way. Her mother was her best friend. On the Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen let’s viewers know that the producers asked Vicki if she wanted them to remove the footage of that incident and not air it on the show. Vicki said, “No.” She told Andy that when she signed up for the show nine years ago, she agreed to let the cameras capture the good and the bad. On prior episodes of Watch What Happens Live, Vicki informs us that her mother never approved of the show. Her mother thought that Vicki should have her own show. Vicki’s mom was her strength and her best friend. She completely broke down and the other girls are her felt the pain as well. You see Heather calling Brooks to tell him to get over to Shannon’s. Shortly after she calls Terry and begins to cry. Meghan talks about how fate does not care and one minute you are playing games and having fun and the next minute something catastrophic like this happens. Vicki calls her brother, sobbing heavily, “Where’s mom?” She asks him. “I don’t know,” he responds.  He pauses, “She’s gone.” This was absolutely heartbreaking to watch and hear. Vicki’s mom was fine. Sharp, seemingly healthy, with it. My heart really goes out to Vicki during this extremely difficult time.

Until next week…


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