Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 10, Episode 4 – #RHOC

Charity Case

Last night we pick right back up at the end of Heather’s party. Here are the three most important things you missed:

1. Shannon and Meghan continue their fight.

If you can remember, last episode ended with Shannon storming off after Meghan confronted her about not helping her with a charity she was working with. Basically what happened is Meghan called Shannon for help with a charity and Shannon was rude and refused to help her. Shannon is upstairs crying and Heather goes up to check on her. Shannon comes back down and the girls are all sitting together. Meghan comes up to apologize. She tells Shannon that she did not want things to go like that. She explains to us that she just wanted to have a conversation about it but it was embarrassing the way Shannon stormed off. Shannon explains to her that Meghan had called her private cell phone number and so she was aggravated by that. Private cell phone number? Really Shannon?! Meghan calls her out on her need for a private cell phone and tells her she isn’t that important. True! The two finally hash things out and Shannon apologizes to Meghan. The problem is that it was a fake apology. Meghan saw right through it and tells us in her confessional that she isn’t accepting.

2. Meghan doesn’t invite Shannon to her charity event.

With everything that happened at the last party, Meghan decides it would be better to leave Shannon out of her party. Meghan loves to plan events and parties and she is throwing her first one in the OC for charity. She wants to make sure nothing goes wrong. We see her on the phone with Tamra and she lets the girls know that she is not inviting Shannon. The girls are concerned and Heather decides to head over to Meghan’s place to talk about it. Heather approaches the subject very nicely. She explains that it sucks to be left out and asks her if she could find any room to add her into the party. Meghan says that she has thought about everything and she is not going to invite her. Heather reminds her, “This may turn things into DEFCON 4.” Meghan is not worried and will accept the consequences.

3. The girls ditch Meghan’s party to hang with Shannon.

After basically crying and complaining to Vicki and Tamra that she already has purchased a dress and booked a hair dresser for Meghan’s party, because she assumed she would be invited, Vicki feels bad and says she won’t go to the party either. She calls Meghan and explains the situation saying that she doesn’t want to be put in the middle of it but she feels bad leaving Shannon out especially after she purchased a dress for the event. She tells Meghan that she is not going to attend and will instead take Shannon out to dinner. Meghan is fine with that and there is no drama or problem started between Vicki and Meghan.

Later, while at the party, Lizzie calls Shannon to see how she is doing and hears her and Vicki partying and taking shots. They tell her to come to the bar, she tells them she will come by and hangs up. She tells the other girls that Shannon is doing fine and that she is going to meet her and Vicki at the bar. The other girls talk about it and decide they will too. They sit Meghan down and explain that they are going to leave the party so that they can go to the bar with Shannon and Vicki. Any normal housewife would have a conniption fit over this but Meghan takes it in stride.

Next time of Real Housewives of Orange County, we see Vicki on a very serious phone call. She is in shock, it is not good news, she falls to the floor sobbing. It does not look good at all.

Until next time…


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