Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 10, Episode 2 – #RHOC

Take A Swing

I know we are just two episodes into the season but can I say that I absolutely LOVE the OC. They bring it, every – single – year! I hope I am not jinxing them because right now, after only the first two episodes, this has already been a drama-filled season. Here are three things that happened in episode 2:

David reads Shannon’s Eulogy

Don’t worry guys, Shannon didn’t really die. The couple is still at their couples retreat and it is their last day. The therapist has each person write their own eulogy. The written eulogy is the one that they would want their spouse to write and read at their funeral. Although the couple is seeking professional help here, there is no lapse in drama. The therapist then has them hand the eulogy to the spouse to read at their fake funeral. This therapist actually has a tombstone set up and asks that each person lay down in a black blanket in front of the tombstone like they are dead. Their spouse then reads the eulogy they wrote. Seriously! You cannot write this stuff!

David Apologizes to His Daughters

As you can see, this episode was a lot about the relationship between Shannon and David. Last episode we found them at a couples retreat where Shannon let everyone know about David’s infidelities. They are trying to work on their relationship. The couple has three beautiful daughters together. At the retreat, the therapist tells the couple that David needs to go home and apologize to his daughters. The reason this is so important is because the girls know of the cheating. The oldest daughter actually read the texts that David and his mistress had been sending each other.

When the couple gets home, they call the kids downstairs and into the living room. David and Shannon talk to them a little bit. David then stands up with each daughter one at a time and apologizes to them. The two younger ones agree to forgive him. The oldest said that she will never forget but that she can forgive him. Poor girl.

The rest of the episode you see the couple together and I can’t help but feel really weird about this relationship. First, I have to say that I feel really bad for Shannon. Last season she looked absolutely crazy but I think she is just a very depressed woman. Between the depression, the drama of hanging out with this group and then the cheating scandal with her husband, I feel really bad for her. Second, they couple seems totally fake together. They talk in these high pitched, fake voices to each other and you see that throughout this episode. They both look absolutely miserable and it is really sad.

Vicki has a Party

While in Mexico with Brooks, Vicki realizes that she misses Tamra. Vicki calls Tamra, drunk, and tells her that Mexico reminds her of Tamra and the fun times they had together there. She plans a party for her return.

Once home, Vicki invites all the girls over. At the party, we see Lizzie from last season. Her and Tamra had a falling out last year and haven’t seen each other since. She says that she is just going to smile and nod when she sees Tamra. Tamra is on edge about the party as she has some issues with Brooks and Lizzie, we see her show up with Eddie. Heather comes in a party bus with Terry, new housewife and friend, Meghan King Edmonds and her husband Jim, and her soon to be neighbor Katie, who is the wife (and now soon to be ex-wife) of Anaheim Angels baseball player, Josh Hamilton. Shannon comes with David.

Not too much goes on at the party surprisingly. Meghan tries to make nice with Shannon. Meghan fills us in about her first interaction with Shannon. It was last year at Heather’s ground breaking party. She was at the bar and David and Vicki came up to get a shot. She heard they were taking one so asked if she could join. Shannon came over to see what David was doing and she sees him asking Meghan if she wants a shot. David did not introduce Meghan to Shannon so Meghan thinks that Shannon thought that she was flirting with David. (Wow, that was hard to explain.) Shannon is completely awkward during their interaction.

On the other side of the party, Brooks and Tamra fake conversations with each other, both just trying to tolerate one another. Same with Lizzie and Tamra. Heather is laying low, drama-wise, it seems.

The entire time she is there, Shannon is clearly depressed, anxious and uncomfortable. She will not speak to Tamra, she seems jealous about Tamra and Vicki trying to mend their relationship. She is seen whispering to Lizzie about the two holding hands. She is also seen at the table talking to David about conversations around her.

At the end of the party, the girls Take A Swing at a piñata that Vicki has put up. Guess who breaks it open? MEGHAN! Duh! Of course the wife of a baseball player nails the thing!

Next time on Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather takes the girls to Napa for the launch on her new wine, Collette. This should be interesting!

Until next time…


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