Reality Recap – #RichKids of Beverly Hills – Season 3, Episode 2 Recap – #RKOBH


Last night on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills the crew heads out to The Bahamas for EJ’s business trip. Here are the three most interesting things that happened in last nights episode:

1. Brendan Reveals Morgan’s Middle Name

Yes, I know you must be thinking, “Who cares?” or “Why is she reporting something this stupid?” But really guys?! This IS Rich Kids of Beverly Hills here. We aren’t solving any ancient mysteries or really digging into the lives of some really intelligent person. This show is pure drama and hilarity! Last night while in a confessional, Brendan reveals that Morgan’s middle name is Rangley. It was HILARIOUS. Morgan is so angry, she clearly hates that middle name. I got a kick out of this.

2. Then Brendan Keeps a Secret!

By now I hope that all of you #RichKids viewers absolutely LOVE the relationship between Brendan and Morgan. I know I do. Morgan is probably my favorite person on the show and in real life we could honestly be besties. As a girlfriend, she must be SO difficult to deal with. She is demanding, she is a diva, and she is high maintenance! (Wait, now I am describing myself. Ugh!) Although she is all of these, and many other things, Brendan loves this girl so much. (#RelationshipGoals) Throughout this episode Brendan explains to us how in love with Morgan he is. He talks about the things they have been through, their travels and how excited he is for their future. During another scene in this episode, Morgan is talking about babies and baby names. We see Brendan soon after, in the confessional, explaining that babies may not be too far away, but Morgan doesn’t know that yet! He explains that he is having a great time in the Bahamas but can’t wait to get back to LA so that he can ask her to marry him. All the while, Morgan has absolutely no idea.

3. Dance Floor Make Out

Later in the episode we see the crew all hanging out at a club in the Bahamas. They have been having a great time and the trip is coming to an end. Taylor-Ann explains to us that her and Bobby have connected because as they are both new to the group. Brendan has been trying to get the two together but earlier in the episode, Bobby revealed that it would not happen here, in the Bahamas, as he was trying to still get over this ex. After a few drinks and dances we see Taylor-Ann and Bobby kiss on the dance floor! Ah!



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