Reality Recap – The Bachelorette – Season 11 – Episode 3 – #TheBachelorette

This week we were bound for a bore after hype was dropped about Kaitlyn sleeping with someone in last week’s previews. So if you were out partying on Memorial Day and missed this episode, mmmmmmaybe you just want to read about it and wait for next week.

Here’s what happened:

The Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em First Group Date

Daniel, Justin, Voted-for-Britt-but-not-ready-to-leave Jared, Corey, Kleenex-gifter Tanner, Kupah, Ben H and Ben Z are drawn for the  first group date.

The boys take boxing lessons from the tough yet lovely Laila Ali and, briefly, Ben Z beats the crap out of everyone.

It goes like this: Guys chase each other around the ring. Kaitlyn covers her eyes. The crowd moans. The bachelors land some punches. And Ben Z sends Jared to the hospital in the championship round.

Later at the evening date, the Bachelors flaunt their bluish-black eyes. An unscathed Ben Z leads off the alone time with Kaitlyn and captivates her with the story of his mother’s death when he was 14. Justin has a good interview talking about his son. The Rose-welder (He’d play Almonzo on a Little House on the Prairie remake.) does ok and Kaitlyn spends alone time with others but not Kupah. (Earlier she hinted that he couldn’t tear himself away from Ali.)

Jared interrupts the evening by showing up outside to sneak a walk and kiss with Kaitlyn but has to leave by doctor’s orders. Kaitlyn goes back to the  date and gives the rose to Big Ben Z and the other five bachelors’ float-like-a-butterfly egos deflate.

The Pool Photo-shoot One-on-one Date

Clint gets the alone date and clearly this guy has slipped under the radar. Athletchic has underrated him. (He went from don’t-know-who-he-is status to top contender.) The couple partakes in the new underwater photo-shoot fad, and Clint’s underwater pictures are hot. ( Who knew?)

He easily wins a rose from her at the evening dinner date when she says the underwater shoot was fun, they clang glasses for a toast, and he utters she took his breath away today. Kaitlyn is smitten’. She says he is a hunk of a man, and it may have been her best first date ever.

Comedy Club Group Date Number Two

Back at the ranch, Guru Tony talks love and flipping switches (Britt to Kaitlyn). JJ routes for other bachelors to do something stupid. The other bachelors laugh at Guru and loath JJ. The date card arrives. Seven guys are selected for group date two. And Guru awaits a sign from the universe that says Kate is for him.

The selected bachelors work with comedian Amy Schumer to prepare Improv speeches. Guru says he has been training for this his whole life. Chris says he is going to suck. And JJ wallows in self -confidence embellished by his Joker laugh.

This is how their comedy club performances go: Ian is nervous but survives (B+), Joshua is funny but gets dirty (B), Jonathon survives (too short to grade–the clip not the guy), Joe’s Tennessee twang saves him (B), JJ stinks (B-), Chris kills it (A) and Tony turns his comedy caper into a new age appreciation rant in which the audience turns on him (D+ for effort).

Then, don’t ask how, JJ gets the rose in the evening and his ego gets even uglier.

The Rose Ceremony

And uglier (JJ). He laughs at the Bachelors to their faces and taunts Tony relentlessly.

Before Kaitlyn arrives, the guys agree to allow those bachelors that didn’t get a date first divs on sitting with her. She arrives, talks, raises her glass, but before she can make a toast, JJ steals her away for a chat.

He says he’s there for her–not to make friends. He’s a fighter and a husband would fight for her. Then fortunately, Kaitlyn gives him the dodge when he attempts to kiss her. (Rerun it. She turns a cheek.)

He returns proud as a peacock, smug, cocky and accuses the others of mad jealousy.

Kupah and the Drama

Kupah blows his interview with Kaitlyn by inferring he’s not sure there is a connection. He says he doesn’t want to be there as a minority token, and then confuses everyone by saying he’d like to stay and get to know her.

Kaitlyn calls him out  for not trying to talk to her during the group date and said she originally thought they had a connection through music; that’s why she chose him. Kupah tries to backpeddle, but just gets in deeper. They argue. He says he feels like they are having a connection now and doesn’t want to leave. Kaitlyn is confused and needs time to think.

She goes off to sit alone, but  she can hear Kupah talking to the guys in the other room. She gets mad. Calls him out again and walks him to  the front door. He doesn’t want to leave, keeps drinking, but Kaitlyn sends him packing.

During the final interview before she hands out roses, Kaitlyn becomes distracted by a commotion outside. It is Kupah raking havoc with the producers during his final interview. He’s yelling into the camera. Kaitlyn gets up, heads for the door  and TO BE CONTINUED flashes across the screen……

Britt and Brady Sidebar

The Britt and Brady spinoff lingered on. The two loved it up all over town–and Brady asks the big question. Will she be his girlfriend? She accepts. “He’s my boyfriend,” Britt giggles. (Who does that?)

Athletchic was glad to see Brady was not wearing soccer shorts and tights but had a jacket tied around his waste. (Still sure Urbanati and Yang were cringing.) We’re wondering how long these little clips will be included. A few episodes? The entire season? (Until TV land can’t stand them any more?) Only time will tell, but for the moment, Cry-cry-cry Britt desperately hangs from the rafters while we all wonder if she really likes Brady or is just saving face.

We’re all about next week!

_________________________________________________________________________ Cyndie Zahner is a free lance writer. Follow her on Twitter at @tweetyz or on Instagram as athletchicz.

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