Reality Recap – #RichKids of Beverly Hills – Season 3, Episode 1 Recap – #RKOBH

Ok guys! So the #RichKids of Beverly Hills are back and I am so excited for this season! Here are the three things that happened in the first episode of season 3 this week:

1. Morgan Models.

Yes, that is right. Morgan gets a call saying that Untitled Magazine, which is available online and in print, wants her to work for them during NYC Fashion Week. Morgan is going to be vlogging about her experience modelling in fashion week. Morgan is super excited but boyfriend, Brendan doesn’t seem to care. (We find out that he has a lot on his mind and he takes time to look for Morgan’s engagement ring while she is away.) Anyways, Morgan ends up doing a great job at Fashion Week and Brendan apologizes for being unenthusiastic about it.

2. EJ can finally wear Chanel! – Oh, and he is headed to the Bahamas.

So EJ underwent some weight loss surgery and he has dropped a ton of weight. He looks amazing! In this episode we find out that EJ is heading to the Bahamas on business and wants to invite the crew with him. He talks to Roxy, Morgan and Dorothy about who to invite saying that he may leave Jonny out because of his outbursts. Dorothy agrees with EJ and then decides to text Jonny to let him know that everyone is talking behind his back. (Girl, that was you!) An upset Jonny confronts Roxy about the conversation and she lets him know what happened and that Dorothy was talking behind his back! (Can’t trust anyone around here!)

3. We meet David Hasselhoff’s daughter, Taylor-Ann.

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff is a new member of the Rich Kids crew and seems to already fit right in as her and EJ both understand what it is like to grow up with famous parents. In this episode we find out that she has a SERIOUS feud with Roxy used to bully her in high school.

As usual with this group, so much more drama is to be had.

So until next week…


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