Reality Recap – Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Season 10, Episode 2 – #KUWTK

Somewhere Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

So again this week the Kardashians was AWESOME! Lot’s on drama! E! again focused mainly on the three Kardashian sisters. Which I LOVE! Here is what went down:

Kris is dating a 33 year old!

I know most of you Kardashian fanatics already know this because it was so heavily covered by the press at the actual time of occurrence but in this episode we find out Kris Jenner is dating 33 year old, Corey Gamble.  33 years old?! That is a 26 year age difference! He is actually younger than Kim! The episode starts with Kylie and Scott goofing off in the kitchen talking about who they could hook Kris up with. Shortly after this scene we see Kendall, Kylie and Scott hanging out talking about Kris’s texting habits. He is wondering if Kris is sexting someone. The Lord decides he is going to steal Kris’s phone. She is in another room getting her hair and makeup done. Scott walks in and tells Kris he needs to use her phone to text Kourtney because his phone is dead. Kris is so nice and gives Scott her phone. He takes the phone back to Kendall and Kylie and they all look through the texts she has sent to a guy named Corey.

“I don’t know if Kris Googled how to be sexy on her texts but she’s doing it!” Scott says in reaction to the texts he read.

Kris catches Scott and is laughing and smiling when Scott asks, “Who’s Corey?”

Days later Kim walks into Kris’s kitchen wearing the MOST RIDICULOUS pink Chanel holey sweatshirt, Khloe and Scott are there hanging out. Scott informs the girls about the texts with a guy named Corey. Khloe decides to confront Kris about the texts. Kris smiled during the confrontation stating that she is not dating anyone. This comes back to haunt the family as Khloe is interviewed by Ken Baker of E! who asks her a question about Kris and Corey. This is a point in which we see how twisted the media can be. Ken claims he has confirmation that they are together yet afterwards when Khloe calls Kris about it, Kris says she never confirmed with anyone that the two were together.

Later we see Kris out with Corey and the two look really happy. The girls who were at first very judgmental of the situation, end up letting us know they are really happy for Kris.

Kim admits she is the reason for Kourtney’s fame.

Wow Kim! Why don’t you tell us what you really think?! In this episode Kim is building her overly popular videogame app. Kim asks her sisters to sign a contract so that they can put characters of each of them in the game. Kris, Kendal and Kylie have all agreed to do it. We see Khloe at Kourtney’s house asking about the contract. Kourtney, difficult as always, says she is not going to sign it. She asks if Khloe will and of course she has agreed to do so.

Kim shows up at Kourt’s house to again ask about the video game. Kim is angry and doesn’t understand why Kourtney won’t agree to be in the game. Kim starts talking about a conversation she had with Scott about Kourtney signing the contract.

“Scott tells me to buy you a pair of shoes,” Kim says.

“I’m not buying her a pair of shoes I bought her a f*&^ing career!” Kim bluntly says to Kourtney. (WOW! HOW FULL OF YOURSELF DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO SAY THIS?!)

Kim explains that she bends over backwards to include her sisters in all of her deals and now Kourtney won’t get on board with this.

Kourtney, now pissed off, sends Kim a cease and desist. This is to keep Kim from bothering Kourtney about the app. Kim thinks this is ridiculous but eventually realizes she took the wrong approach with Kourtney. She decided to approach her again but this time from a different angle. She heads to Kourtney’s and confronts her again about the videogame. This time she asks Kourtney to do this as a favor for her and Kourtney agrees.

Khloe is attacked in Ottawa

Khloe and Scott head to Ottawa, Canada for a Halloween appearance they are doing together. Khloe dresses up like a cat, she looks SO beautiful. Scott dresses up like a “Saudi Prince,” he says. Brody is actually the DJ for the appearance and is dressed as Elvis. On the way to the appearance Khloe posts a picture of her and Scott on her Instagram with a culturally insensitive caption. Her followers BLOW UP on her! They all negatively comment on the picture. Khloe felt so bad about it and apologizes on the show for anyone she offended. This poor girl, she really did not mean to offend anyone.

The two finally get to their appearance and it begins with a meet and greet. I LOVED this part of the show. E! shows Khloe and Scott meeting with their fans and it was such a special moment. These two are SUPER nice to everyone and we find out how people’s lives are really effected by these two. It was a really cute moment.

After the meet and greet, Khloe and Scott get on stage and pump the crowd up. While walking around high fiving the fans below them, a man comes up from behind the two and tries to tackle Khloe. Security gets on him quickly and they carry him out while he screams, “I love you Khloe!” Scott and Khloe were both really rattled by the entire thing. They finish the night out and head home without any other issues.

Next time on Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Kris uses a tea pot to clear up a sinus infection, Bruce is offended that Kris has changed the will and put Kourtney in charge of all of her things and something SERIOUS is going on with Scott and his cars that make the sisters and Kris question Kourtney.

Until next week!


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