Reality Recap – Dancing With The Stars – Season 20, Episode 2 – #DWTS


Is anyone struggling with these names? Chigvintsev, Chmerkovsky, Herjavec, Motseps, Murgatroyd? I’m so tongue-tied in DTWS conversation that you’d think I’d been drinking. (No comments please.) Doesn’t anyone change their name anymore?

To answer my own question, no, actors, actresses and dancers don’t change their names anymore. And that’s a good thing. No that’s a great thing!

While the DTWS’ names are killing Athletchic (thank heaven we don’t commentate), this week we are commending America’s ethnic diversity. Think about it. Fifty years ago the ethnic slurs would have whirled, and the votes for someone named Nastia Liukin would have been nil to none. (We know. Our grandmother’s name was Spazamini Figliuzzi. Say that five times in a row.)

But now–woohoo–we don’t even notice! So on we go with this week’s dancing. (However–here comes our disclaimer– we reserve the right to misspell any name without further consequence.)

Tonight contestants were able to dance to their favorite songs because it was My Jam Monday. Here’s Athletchic’s grade and the judges score:

I’m-from-nowhere-kissin’ Chris (Chris Soules and Whitney Carson) B-

This week Is-your-mommy-home Whitney meets Dancing Whitney while Dancing Whitney is in her underwear. (Yikes!) And here’s a disadvantage of the web. I heard a rumor that Girlfriend  Whitney is jealous of Dancing Whitney, so I was concentrating more on the audience than the dancers. According to the judges,  Kissin’ Chris doesn’t do so good. (Although he didn’t look bad to me.) Last  week their score was 26 but this week: SCORE 21

Come-and-knock-on-my-door Suzy (Suzanne Somers and Tony Dovolani) B

Tony is a gift to this star. He formulates dance routines to fit Suzy’s age. She’s good, just a little slow footed. Still, because of her senior citizen status (68–not too shabby) we’ll be nice. She did fine (for her age). The judges said she had sass. Last week their score was 25 but this week:  SCORE 28 (Really? Seven points higher than Nowhere Chris?)

Mac-the-knife-rockin’ Robbie (Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson) B+

Are they or aren’t they having an affair? They try to squelch the rumors with a few words before the dance. But I barely watch their routine because I was searching for I’m-hot-for-you stares. (I thought I saw a few.)  Mac smiles a lot and does ok (to a corny song). Kym does great. Last week their score was 28 and this week: SCORE 28

Boob-it-up Char (Charlotte McKinney and Keo Motsepe) B-

Ok this isn’t a great name, but all her talk about boobs and mellons last week wasn’t flattering (social media agreed).  So she’s stuck with it. She comes out and says she was bullied. She cries. She says it’s her looks. (It’s not. It’s last week’s mellon escapade.) Her dancing is a little better this week. But hey there, this Keo is adding points to her weekly totals. (How cute is he?) Last week their score was 25 but this week: SCORE 26 (pity vote)

Football Mike (Michael Sam and Peta Murgatroyd) C+

Athletchic felt he was railroaded last week and was looking forward to this week’s scores. This week Peta says she’s concerned how dead-legged he is from training. But dead legs wasn’t his problem. He was stiff and concentrated. Football Mike gets good feedback from the judges though. (Really?) Last week I thought he did better, but the judges say this week he is in the game. (Are they being nice because he is going home?) Last week their score was 25 but this week: SCORE 28

I’m-older-than-my-parents’-dates Rumer (Rumer Willis and Valentin Chmerkovsky) A+

Not much to say here. Rumer gives another fabulous performance. You can hardly tell she’s a contestant. Coupled with Val, this duo is going to be hard to beat. Last week their score was 32 and this week:  SCORE 32

Bring-it-on-RED-who? FOO (Redfoo and Emma Slatz) C-

Maybe I’m showing my age, but I had to google this guy. (Who is he? I’m still not sure.) Red-who Foo performed another mediocre dance (it looked a little like an impression of Will Ferrell). But again the judges said he did good. So Athletchic is wondering if it’s Footall Mike or Red who Foo going home. Regardless, longevity isn’t looking good for Red who Foo. (Something tells us his fans aren’t the DWTS type.) Last week their score was 22 but this week:  SCORE 31 (Oh c’mon.)

Wee-little Willow (Willow Sheilds and Mark Ballas) A

This week Willow and Mark have a paint fight at practice. They throw paint at each other’s costume. In the opening of the dance, they fade perfectly into a pop-art painted picture. It was possibly one of the most clever beginnings ever. The judges loved it, and they loved her. Athletchic’s favorite pulls off another great routine. Remember, last week we felt she had the first couple disadvantage of low scores. Last week their score was 25 but this week:  SCORE 32

Sergeant Galloway (Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess) A-

This week we see Noah face timing his girlfriend, Jamie, who is away at basic training. She wishes she could be there. (Bring that girl home, we yell at the tv!) And again, Noah baffles us with his dancing abilities. We are starting to believe there is nothing this man can’t do. He is awesome–not to mention hot! Last week their score was 26 but this week: SCORE 27

THEN SOMETHING AWESOME–you see Galloway’s girlfriend, Jamie, sneaking up behind him. She jumps at him. They hug. They kiss. They get a standing ovation, and there isn’t a dry eye in the place. (Best show ever!!!)

Goldy-locks Liukin (Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough) A+

Move over Rumer, you have some serious competition. Dressed in white, Liukin and Hough blended into each other’s arms as if they’d always been dancing together. The judges loved them. Last week their score was 30 but this week: SCORE 34 (totally deserved)

Not-sure-how-but-I’m-related-to-the-judge Ricky (Riker Lynch and Allison Holker) B

Glee guy dances another good gig (being matched with Allison doesn’t hurt). The judges are a little wishy-washy about the performance, but then, wow, they give him good numbers (nepotism). Last week their score was 31 but this week: SCORE 32

Ms. Libel (Patti Libel and Artim Chigvintsev) B+

Clad in a knee brace, Patti gives it her all, and we love her. Not much more to say. She moved past the pain to give a good performance (relative). The judges give her kudos, and so does Athletchic. She’s gutsy. Last week their score was 25 but this week: SCORE 28

And the Adios-Davidenja-Poka-Aurevoir-Chao, See-Ya-Wouldn’t-Want-To-Be-Ya Good-bye goes to:

Bring-it-on Red-who-Foo.

Sad (I’m going to miss the name.) He was gracious.

And show number two ends with Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough in first place, Chris Soules and Whitney Carson in last place, and Red who Foo going home. What a night.


Cyndie Zahner is a free lance writer. Follow her on Twitter at @tweetyz or on Instagram as athletchicz.

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