Bethenny talks marriage, divorce, and coming back to Housewives on Watch What Happens Live. #WWHL #RHONY

Andy Cohen sits down with Bethenny Frankel

With the start of Real Housewives of New York right around the corner, Andy Cohen had a one-on-one with returning cast member Bethenny Frankel last night on his show Watch What Happens Live. If you missed it, it was REALLY good! I am going to let you guys know what happened, what questions Andy asked and how Bethenny responded. (FOREWARNING: I did not fully transcribe the interview, I just took down the important stuff and some of the information in here will just be summarization.) Here is what went down:

Andy Cohen: Are you divorced?

Bethenny Frankel: “No.”

Andy: Do you guys live together?

Bethenny: “I don’t know where I live. I may sleep here tonight.”

Andy: What ruined the relationship?

Bethenny: “Fame, attention and money does not bring out the best in everybody. Money is root of all evil.”

Andy: What did you learn?

Bethenny: “I learned you need to go with your gut. I learn more from mistakes than successes.” Frankel says. She explains that as a woman your biological clock starts to tick and you want certain things in life but relationships are hard and don’t work like that. “I’m so precise and matters of the heart aren’t like that,” she explains. “Cracks become craters,” she says explaining that little things that come up in relationships that feel wrong eventually build up and turn into bigger things. She says as women we try to make situations look “pretty” and confessed that she was really good at that.

Andy: Would you ever get married on TV again?

Bethenny: “No.”

Andy: Do you believe in marriage?

Bethenny: “I will never get legally married to anyone ever again.”

Andy: Why did you come back?

Bethenny: “I don’t think people know me anymore,” She explains. She talks about how everyone read about her in the press and how everyone saw her on her talk show but doesn’t really know her. She forgot how “liberating” reality television is and she said that it feels “comfortable” for her. She also expresses that she really misses the connection between her and the viewers. She explains that she went through so much of her life with the viewers and she truly missed that bond.

Andy: At one point did you think you were too big for the show?

Bethenny: “At times I was embarrassed about the show,” she admits. “Now coming back I feel proud to do it.” She says that it feels like a different show now because it seems more honest and real.

Andy: Will Brynn (Bethenny’s daughter) be on the show?

Bethenny: “No! She is a little girl and I don’t want that for her. We are adults we can make those decisions.”

Andy: You and Ramona start off with a bang in the second episode. (They play a clip of Ramona fighting with Bethenny because both women planned brunches.)

Bethenny: “Oh, God! We’re still here! I’ve gone on this big journey and we are still here,” she explains of her relationship with Ramona. “It evolves,” she tells us. “It’s a season for transition.”

Andy: Let me ask you about the other housewives. Carole is new to you.

Bethenny: “We get along well.” (They show a clip of Bethenny and Carole out to dinner. They are laughing as Carole tells Bethenny of a dream she had about the two being lesbians together. It was a cute clip. I knew they would get a long!)

Andy: What about Heather? You both has strong personalities.

Bethenny: “She worked my nerves on the show.” (Cut to a clip of Heather confronting Bethenny several different times on the show.)

Andy: With the show about to premiere there are a lot of stories about you being difficulty to work with. Are these from the other housewives?

Bethenny: “Yes.”

Andy: Do you sell stories?

Bethenny: “No.”

Andy: Any contact with Alex or Jill from the previous seasons?

Bethenny: “I saw Jill at a party and said hi,” She tells us. She explains that it was just small talk between the ex-besties and that she has no ill will for Jill. (Wow, nice rhyme.) She also said she has not seen Alex who has since moved to Australia.

Andy: Asks about housewives from other series.

Bethenny:  “I like her,” Bethenny says when asked about Nene Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. “I enjoy her company. She makes me laugh. At least she is being honest, this is who she really is,” she says of the famous housewife.

Bethenny: “It’s been contentious from afar,” Bethenny says of her relationship with Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey. “She would talk about me and it became really cowardly. It was not a face-to-face battle because I don’t know her. She’s a mother and to be away from your kids, I can’t think of something worse. It always amazes me the type of person who goes on a reality television with skeletons in the closet.”

Andy: Dating anyone?

Bethenny: “I’m not dating anyone now.”

Andy: As Cher says, “Do you believe in life after love?”

Bethenny: “I do believe in life after love.”


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