Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 5, Episode 17 – #RHOBH

Amster-DAMN Slap

Stuff actually happened in last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and it was very entertaining. Last week the girls left their luxurious lives in Beverly Hills to travel to Amsterdam to visit Yolanda’s home country. Last night’s episode was part 2 of the girls trip. Here are the three most important things that happened last night.

The dinner boat from hell

Wow was this interesting. After a day in bed, Yolanda plans a nice dinner for the girls on a boat that rides through town. The scenery is beautiful, the girls all look stunning, but we all know with this crew that nothing goes as planned. The girls all get onto the boat and immediately there is a weird vibe. Eileen and Kyle are still confused as to why the Lisa’s went shopping earlier in the day with Brandi and Kim, the day after Kim lashed out on Lisa Rinna and Eileen. (We find out that both Lisa’s decide they are going to just act like everything is ok to get through the trip. Eileen and Kyle aren’t about that life.) Brandi is giving Kyle weird looks. Kim won’t look at Kyle at all. Poor Yolanda has just gotten out of bed and really has no clue what is going on.

With the tension at an all-time high, Kyle excuses herself from the table. Yolanda notices and follows. Lisa Vanderpump shortly after. The three talk about Brandi giving Kyle dirty looks.

Back at the table, Eileen wants to clear the air by apologizing to Kim about how she handled questioning her sobriety. In the process of apologizing Brandi confronts Eileen about calling her an alcoholic. Eileen says that she never called Brandi an alcoholic but rather said that Brandi is mean when she drinks. (TRUE!) Brandi claims that no one has ever said that of her before. (YEAH RIGHT!) She then says that she heard Eileen was talking about her. Kim backs her up, bringing up the fact that Eileen talked about Brandi when they were at lunch with Kyle. Kyle, Lisa and Yolanda come back to the table. They all wonder what they have just walked in on. Lisa Rinna sits there saying nothing. She explained to Eileen earlier that she has Eileen’s back but she will not say anything to Kim and Brandi because you can’t reason with people who are crazy. (Makes sense.) Kim and Brandi are clearly deflecting.

“You know Kim, sue me for giving a damn!” Eileen says to Kim, fed up with Kim misunderstanding her apology. (This is why I really love Eileen. She stands up for what she believes in and her beliefs are do the right thing. She cares for Kim and isn’t sitting around ignoring it. She also knows she is not wrong here. A SANE HOUSEWIFE! AHHH!!!)

Yolanda tells Kim that Eileen is coming from a genuine place. Kim and Brandi ignore that and continue to fight. Brandi starts becoming irrational saying things like, “We don’t bring up your sleeping with half of LA (points to Lisa Vanderpump), your taking too many pills (points to Kim), my drinking to much (points to herself), your being too bossy (points to Yolanda), your not eating (points to Lisa Rinna), your being a home wrecker (points to Eileen).”

The ridiculous comments stopped there as all the women came to Eileen’s defense. (Does Brandi just try to start a fight to stay relevant, to stay on the show?!? Or does she just like fighting? Does she love ruining a good time? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN?!?!)

The fight continues with Brandi, Kim and Kyle. The other four girls leave the table to go have dinner. They are done.

The girls create a positivity circle

Amidst all the negativity that has gone on while in Amsterdam, Brandi actually comes up with a good idea and tries to change the vibe of the trip. She asks that the girls go around the table and say something positive about everyone there. Lisa Rinna was instantly excited and said she was thinking the same thing. The girls start with Eileen. They go around the table each saying something nice about her.

Although Brandi came up with the idea, her positive statements on everyone there were very superficial:

  • Eileen has nice eyes.
  • Yolanda has a great waist line.
  • Lisa Vanderpump has nice boobs.
  • Kyle’s hair is beautiful.

The girls call her out on the fact that Brandi is only pointing out on the surface things.

When they finally get to Brandi, who is the last person, she gets up and leaves the table saying she doesn’t want to hear what everyone has to say about her. (Brandi they have to say something positive! They aren’t going to attack you.) Here we find a very fragile Brandi. Just as Lisa Rinna says, Brandi acts tough on the surface but underneath is a very broken person.

The girls finally get Brandi back to the table and everyone digs deep and finds something nice to say to her.

Brandi slapped Lisa Vanderpump

I know the image of Lisa Vanderpump getting smacked across the face is unbelievable but believe it people. Brandi smacked the poor woman. The two were getting off the boat and Brandi was joking around with Lisa. She was trying to kiss Lisa and Vanderpump refused. The two were laughing and joking around. Next thing you know, Brandi smacks Lisa (jokingly) across the face. Brandi thought it was funny, she was trying to be playful. An older Lisa Vanderpump was not amused by it. She was pissed!

Next week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…We see Brandi giving Lisa Vanderpump flowers in attempt to make up with her. Vanderpump seems to be done with Brandi. Lisa Rinna sits down with Kyle to let her know that Brandi is worried about Kim. Kyle asks why Brandi doesn’t tell Kim that. Kim and Kyle sit down and Kyle gets real about things that Brandi has been saying behind Kim’s back. Kim doesn’t want to believe it. Brandi is throwing a tantrum while getting some kind of facial, telling Yolanda that she is judged by the girls everytime she says anything.

This episode looks really interesting and totally drama-filled.

So until next week…


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