This Week The On-Her-Way-Down Giuliana slurred the On-Her-Way-Up Zendaya

Prim and proper, peachy-white Giuliana Rancic performed a rancid publicity stunt on Monday by tossing the much-loved Disney icon, Zendaya, a dreadlocks racial slur.

What else could it have been? Rancid, oops, I mean Rancic internet searches went through the roof with Monday’s affront and then again with her apology on Tuesday. Rumors say there were up to three takes of the show. But really, does it matter? It was pre-recorded. There was time for a whole lot of thought to go into that clip. What might have been an ad-lib slip by a closet racist (the door jammed a bit), turned out to be a ratings boon.

Consider this. What could get more people talking about a fashion show? Another run-of-the-mill reporter handing out compliments to outrageous fashions or a has-been ripping on an eighteen-year-old beauty queen? Oh and let the peaked-five-years-ago reporter really take a shot at getting back in the game. Make it a racial slur.

How many ways can you spell desperate?

The class act here turns out to be the quintessential teenager, Zendaya. She defended herself. Listened to Giuliana’s apology. Accepted it graciously. Then moved on. And as Kelly Osbourne requested on twitter: we should too.

But Athletchic just can’t keep from uttering one last thought. Dang, didn’t Zendaya look awesome at the Oscars?

_________________________________________________________________________ Cyndie Zahner is a free lance writer. Follow her on Twitter at @tweetyz or on Instagram as athletchicz.

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