Big Sean Drops 3rd Album Dark Sky Paradise Today

Big Sean dropped his third album — Dark Sky Paradise — today and it is already debuting at number one on iTunes.  A tired Big Sean was in Atlanta this morning to promote his album on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show saying he hasn’t slept in days. The 26 year old rapper had an album release party in New York City last night and explained that he was “on the floor in tears” when his album dropped at midnight. (The night before he was up late free styling for some fans.)

Big Sean describes to the crew at the morning show how Dark Sky Paradise was created. The Detroit native says, “For this album I stuck to my heart.” He explains that there was no label in his “ear” telling him what to do. The rapper built a studio in his home where he recorded the entire album.

When asked about his grandmother…

The rapper was very close to his grandmother who recently passed away at the age of 94 years. Big Sean fills us in on how inspiring his grandmother was, “She was one of the first black female captains in World War II, one of the first black female cops in Detroit. She was also a teacher and a counselor.” He said that he wrote the song One Man Can Change the World (feat. Kanye West and John Legend) about his grandmother and has sound clips of her in the song.

When asked about his ex-fiance…

Co-host Claudia Jordan asked him to clear the air about the hit single from his new album “IDFWU”. Last time he was on the show he denied the song being written about ex-fiance (Naya Rivera) yet in a later interview admitting that it was about her. Big Sean told The Rickey Smiley Morning Show that there was “one line” about her in the song but that it was not about her.

Claudia then asked Big Sean what he thought about his ex-fiance getting married on the day they had originally planned to get married. The rapper responded, “It’s great you know.” Later saying, “I am happy. Happy it wasn’t me.” Then describing, “It’s takes it all off me.” (She must have been a handful.)

When asked about his new girlfriend…

She is beautiful,” Big Sean says of current girlfriend, 21 year old Ariana Grande. He explained that they had a friendship before a relationship and that is new to him. “She is driven, talented, focused.” He explained that she is supportive and makes him want to be better.  When asked what the two stars do in their downtime, Big Sean told us that they have a few secret spots they slip out to but wouldn’t tell us where.

When asked about the Kanye West – Beck GRAMMY situation…

It was great,” he says. “It was funny.” He goes on to let us know that he respects Kanye for being opinionated and expressing himself.

When asked about his rise to fame…

I don’t see myself as famous,” he says. Starting to rap at the young age of 12, Big Sean tells us that he would sell his own CD’s to kids in school. At 17 years old he met Kanye at a radio station and rapped for him. He said that after that, it took some years to develop into the rapper her is. The money was not instant, he was rapping and performing for four years before he had the money to buy himself and his mother a home.

In the end, Big Sean said that he will continue to work hard to prove himself at a top MC. He expressed how happy he is in life and leaves us all with words that are positive and intelligent — “You can only measure success in happiness.”


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