Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 7, Episode 14 – #RHOA

Hello Mr. Chocolate

The show starts with Kenya and Cynthia arriving at Claudia’s beautiful Atlanta apartment. The last time Kenya was there the apartment was bare. Claudia has put the entire place together and it is absolutely beautiful. She has the most gorgeous view of the city. The girls sit down on the couch to talk about Porsha’s welcome party. Claudia tells the girls that she went to support Porsha since they will both be working for Rickey Smiley. Claudia starts to cry and the girls ask her what is wrong. She shares with us all that people do not think she has feelings because she puts on such a tough front but she confesses that it is just a disguise to hide her emotions. She says that it feels like she is in “high school” because of the way Porsha is acting. She talks about trying to congratulate Porsha and make up with her. Porsha was not interested in making things civil.

Across town, Kandi and Todd are packing for their trip to Los Angeles. We find out that Todd has booked Kandi a role on a movie so they are going out to film her part. The job will last for only a day but Todd lets Kandi know that he will be staying in LA for the full week. Kandi gets upset and asks why he will not be coming home with her. He tells Kandi that he wants to stay to party.

At 10:00PM the night before Apollo is to report to a Kentucky prison, Peter pulls up to the home Apollo shares with Phaedra in a white Mercedes to pick Apollo up. Apollo is not right at this point. He gets in the car and tells Peter that Phaedra is having an affair with an African man name ‘Chocolate’. Apollo says that Phaedra’s phone went off when she was out of the room. Apollo decided to check it and saw a text from a man named Chocolate. In the phone he finds a chain of texts between the two. In the messages there was a selfie Phaedra took, texts that said, “I love you”, and a text that said, “A week from now I’ll be off the plantation” — implying that once Apollo was in jail, Phaedra would be free. Apollo has saved all the texts and is now reading them to Peter. (The entire time Peter is driving and leaning over to see the texts in Apollo’s phone. I was seriously concerned for both of their lives because Peter was so distracted I thought they were going to get into an accident.) Apollo tells Peter he went berserk about it and told Phaedra, “People kill people” over these kind of situations. Peter is very concerned over all of this.

Peter gets home, “CB!” He yells as he walks through the front door. Cynthia comes down the stairs to see what is going on. Peter tells Cynthia about the affair that Phaedra is having with Mr. Chocolate. He tells her about Apollo and how he went nuts. (Peter tells the story to Cynthia with a giant smirk on his face, almost like he is going to start laughing. I cannot tell if this is a completely fabricated story or if Peter just loves the name Mr. Chocolate.)

In the meantime, Kenya is writing and casting for a pilot about her life. We see her writing lines and going through auditions. Cynthia comes in to audition for a part and did a very good job! She was dressed up in a Jamaican outfit with crazy makeup on. She was hilarious and knew the lines very well. She actually did a really good job and they loved her. The other notable person who showed up to audition was D.Woods, who was auditioning for the part of Robin, Kenya’s older sister. D.Woods had a role in Kandi’s play and Kenya thought she was amazing. (If you are a reality TV super fan like myself, you will remember D.Woods from MTV’s Making the Band. She was a member of Danity Kane!) Kenya really likes D.Woods but wonders if she will be believable as Kenya’s older sister since she is younger.

Claudia goes to talk to her boss, Rickey Smiley, about the radio show she is co-hosting with him. She wants to get some tips on how to do better so she can progress in her career. (If you have not heard the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, listen to it. I do every morning and it is HILARIOUS. Rickey Smiley’s voice is amazing and he is SO FUNNY. Claudia is wonderful on the show too!) Rickey asks Claudia about Porsha in which Claudia explains that she had tried to make up with Porsha but that it did not go so well. Rickey says that Porsha is in the building so he is going to go get her and fix things. Claudia is not thrilled about this. Rickey comes back with Porsha and conducts a small therapy session. Porsha (who I used to love) is acting totally immature like she has been. Rickey gets everything to a somewhat civil point and then makes the girls stand with him, hold hands and pray. Claudia (and myself) found this to be really weird!

Kandi is returning home from LA. Her friend is over and is asking how everything went. Kandi tells her about a fight she has with Todd, she says Todd is staying in LA for the week. She wonders if Todd has been cheating because they don’t sleep together as often as she would like. (All of this is total news to me! I did not see this coming.) Kandi admits that the two need to go to therapy together.

Back at Phaedra’s, she and her assistant are walking into the home for the first time since she has left with her kids to stay at a resort to be away from a threatening Apollo. Phaedra surveys the home making sure nothing is broken or torn down. The doorbell rings and we find that Phaedra is hiring people to come change all the locks on the house and the garage door opener. While in the garage talking with one of the men she hired she sees Apollo pull up in his white BMW. Apollo looks like a crazy man. He walks in the house and is yelling. Phaedra is confused because Apollo was talking with the kids earlier that day on his way to Kentucky to report to jail. He was supposed to be in jail already, or so Phaedra thought. (I think Apollo told Phaedra he was leaving for prison earlier than he had to so he could come home and catch her with Chocolate. That is just my theory.) Apollo lets us know that he doesn’t have to report for another 72 hours. He is yelling about the locks changing, he tells Phaedra to make sure that his clothes from the laundry are put away. Phaedra sits in the garage with her assistant somewhat ignoring his craziness. He tries to get a rise out of her saying something about her boyfriends clothes. Phaedra doesn’t really pay attention to it and eventually calls Apollo’s friend ‘Bun’ and asks him to come get Apollo. Bun comes and gets Apollo out of the house. Minutes later Apollo comes back to the house, pulling into the driveway like a mad man. He comes into the house and picks up a drill. He storms into the garage with drill in hand and walks straight up to Phaedra. She tells him to get away from her with the drill. He puts it down and gets close to her. He whispers in her ear, “Don’t call the cops.” (I was honestly scared for Phaedra at this point. He was really losing it. I am also surprised how calm her assistant stayed during the entire thing. The two of them, Phaedra and her assistant, looked hilarious standing next to each other in the garage watching Apollo both with their arms crossed, shaking their heads.)

Next time on the Real Housewives of Atlanta — Kandi, concerned about her relationship with Todd, asks him if he did it all over again, would he marry her. We don’t yet hear his answer but we do see Kandi crying. The girls all find out about Phaedra’s affair. While out to dinner, Kenya calls out Phaedra about the affair with an African guy named ‘Chocolate’. You then see Phaedra get up and start to swing her purse at Kenya as all the girls are yelling, “No!” (Looks like things are finally going down on RHOA.) 

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