Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 5, Episode 13 – #RHOBH

Sister Act

Five things that happened in last night’s episode


1. The aftermath of the Kyle-Kim-Brandi fight

Kyle, upset after her fight with Brandi and Kim, sits down at the gay mixer with Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna and Eileen. Lisa Vanderpump reminds Kyle, “You feel how I felt last year.” Lisa tells her she tried to warn her about Brandi. Kyle reminds Lisa that she has tried to warn Lisa in the past. They both know who Brandi is and they know she is looking for a reaction. Kyle doesn’t understand what is going on with Kim because they just spoke the day before and things were good. Lisa Rinna is confused and wants to know why Brandi gets angry, why she does the things she does and what has happened to her in the past to make her behave this way. Eileen believes that Brandi is getting something from acting this way. She thinks it is the attention, whether negative or positive it is reinforcing her behavior.

In the meantime, Kim is telling Brandi she doesn’t understand her sister anymore. Brandi does not think she is wrong in this situation and says she will not apologize to Kyle for her behavior.


2. Lisa Vanderpump’s adopted son finds out about his heritage

Lisa Vanderpump has been struggling with the idea that Max wants to know more about his heritage. She is conflicted as she does not want to hold him back but at the same time, worried that he will leave her for his birth family. While shopping with her daughter, Pandora, Lisa tells her about Max and her worries. Both of them begin to cry in the store. Lisa reminds Pandora that they must be supportive of whatever he decides.

Max comes over with his results and tells Lisa he wants to see them. She asks why he hasn’t looked at them already. “Because I wanted to look at them with you. I feel weird.” Max says to her. Lisa asks if it is weird to see his birth last name. He says that it is. He finds out he is of Scandinavian and Irish decent.

Lisa can hold back no longer, “If you met your birth mother tomorrow, how would you feel?”

Max says that he doesn’t know if he would want to meet her but that things happen in life. His birth mother was in no position to keep him. He says, “Look where I am now! It’s better.” (Yes, you are living in a beautiful home with millionaires.)

He asks his mother, “Why? Are you worried about it?”

Lisa responds, “Of course! I have been worried about it since the day I picked you up!”


3. Brandi attacks Yolanda after yoga

Yolanda talked to Kyle about what happened at the gay mixer and she is starting to worry about Brandi. She invited Brandi over for some yoga at her home in Malibu. An immature Brandi, mid yoga pose looks to be praying and instead of being in the moment and relaxing she says she is praying that Kyle moves to Colorado. In the confessional she says, “Maybe Colorado is too close. Maybe in West Africa in that city where Ebola started.” (Real nice Brandi!)

The two finish yoga and Yolanda speaks to Brandi about what the girls have been saying about her. They say she has been drinking too much, that she is an angry drunk. Yolanda tells Brandi, “You can’t be acting like that.” Yolanda is trying to give Brandi advice, mother-to-mother. We all know Brandi has a problem with being told what to do, she confesses that this is making her want to drink more. Yolanda said she doesn’t want to hear things like, “Brandi is an alcoholic.” Brandi says that she is not and that if she was she would get help. Yolanda makes it clear to Brandi that if she has a problem, she can come to Yolanda for help. She says Brandi should not go out and drink so much because she starts acting like an “ass hole” and she cannot support that as a mother with grown children. She doesn’t want her kids to think that is ok.

After all of Yolanda’s advice, Brandi feels attacked. “You say I’m an alcoholic, you’ve heard that about your daughter,” Brandi says to Yolanda.

“Who said that?” Yolanda suspiciously questions Brandi.

Brandi had no good response since she was clearly making this up.

“Now you are personally attacking me when I am trying to help you. You want to stab me in the back? The one person who is trying to help you,” Yolanda snaps back at her. Yolanda lets Brandi know that the what goes around comes around and she shouldn’t put out such negative energy because it will come back to her and her children. (Don’t worry, based on Brandi’s tweets I think her and Yolanda are still friends. So are her and Kim. Shhh.)


4. Eileen plays peacemaker (It doesn’t go so well)

The situation between Kim and Kyle is really weighing on Eileen. Eileen lets us know that in the last 5 years she has lost two of her sisters. From this she has learned that life is too short and she believes the two need to make up. She takes the two out for lunch and tried to get them to make amends. Instead, this turns into a war that leaves both women crying. Kyle is offended that Kim does not stand up to her when Brandi belittles her after she has been such a good sister. Kim does believe Kyle is a good sister but said there are times where she has been hurt by Kyle and she is still holding onto them. Kim is still disturbed by the idea that Kyle keeps publicly bringing up stuff that they speak about in private. Again Kyle reminds Kim that it was Brandi who does that. (Kyle is right.) Kyle reminds Kim that her intention is never to hurt her. Kim doesn’t know that Kyle even knows what her intentions are anymore and thinks her intentions are “a little messed up”.

Eileen steps in and says that she does believe that Brandi is adding fuel to the fire. She asks the girls if they would be ok if Brandi wasn’t in the middle and Kyle says yes. Kyle believes that Brandi will eventually turn on Kim but says that Kim will have to find that out on her own.

Kyle’s feeling about the conversation, “Even though you are sisters, you get to a certain point where you say, ‘How many more times can you do this?’”


5. Lisa Rinna questions Brandi

Lisa Rinna meets up with Brandi at M Café for lunch. She is here to ask Brandi some questions that she is confused about. She starts by saying that there has been much conversation with the girls about Brandi and Lisa wants to figure her out. None of the girls understand why Brandi is so mean. “I am not mean,” Brandi responds. Lisa says that she has seen the aftermath of what happened with the Richards sisters. Brandi acts like none of that was her fault and says she has never had issues with Yolanda and only had issues with Kim at first and that was because Kim was using.

Brandi says that she loves Kim but that she feels like her older sister. Even though Brandi is younger than Kim. Lisa Rinna agrees believing that it is a weird dynamic. Brandi tells like that she cannot change who she is deep down to take care of Kim but she also cannot not be there for her and help her. Lisa believes that Kim is on something. Brandi says that she has not seen Kim smoke, drink or take anything. She said Kim is really sensitive to the topic of her sobriety so no one mentions it around her. No one will ask how she is doing, if she has been using, if she has been having trouble, etc. Brandi believes that they are doing this to protect her. Lisa feels not talking about it is not protecting her. She believes something has already happen. She believes Kim has already used. Lisa does not understand why no one will ever say anything to Kim.

Brandi says that maybe Lisa should do some kind of intervention to help all of the girls so that Kim won’t feel like she is being ganged up on. She tells her to talk to Kyle about it. Lisa says she will talk to Kyle because they are dealing with “someone who is in pain and suffering”.


Next time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills We see there is some kind of surprise party happening for Lisa Vanderpump. Kim and Kyle look to be talking or acting with puppets. (Are they in therapy here? I have no clue.) Lisa Rinna and Vanderpump talk about an intervention for Kim. It looks like eventually some of the girls confront Kim and she looks to be blowing them off. We will have to wait until next week to see what happens to clear all of this up.


Until then…


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