Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 7, Episode 13 – #RHOA

The Countdown Begins

Kenya starts the show off by sitting down with Roger Bobb to talk about writing a show together. She has an idea – she to write a show about her delusional perception of her own life. In this show, the main character (Kenya) is so fabulous that people trying to bring her down. (Kenya, insane is not synonymous with fabulous.) Kenya talks about three other characters in the show who are based off of Nene, Phaedra and Porsha. (She doesn’t tell us this but makes it pretty clear.) The shows name, “Life Twirls On!” (This is SO Kenya!) Roger Bobb thinks this is a joke, although Kenya can’t tell. He tells her it is a lot to take in and that he is going to be out of town often but he will help out as much as he can.

In the meantime, Phaedra, struggling with how to tell her two sons about their father leaving for prison, decides to get some professional help from her friend who is a therapist. She worries about explaining their father’s situation and taking the kids to visit their father in prison. Phaedra is also concerned about raising two strong black males. The therapist (who I am pretty sure is from Married to Medicine) talks about parents imprisonment and how it can effect children. He drops some facts saying that 70% of people who are incarcerated had a parent who was. He talks about the support the boys will need but is confident that Phaedra can raise these boys in a positive environment.

While Phaedra is out seeking advice from a friend, we see her husband, Apollo, meeting with the divorce attorney. Apollo informs us that he will be turning himself into prison in four days. The lawyers let Apollo know that Phaedra has not yet filed for divorce.

Kandi is at home when Todd breaks the news that they are going to have to end their tour because of ticket sales. Their promoter has not been able to sell many tickets. Kandi, in a ‘I would cry but my mascara is Chanel’ sweatshirt, gets upset because of how this will affect all of the people who have signed on. She feels like she is letting them down or not coming through. Todd tells her that they should have done more homework with the promoter they hired and that this is a learning experience. When Kandi sits down with her crew to inform them of the cancellation, they poke fun at her and blame Todd as they reenact a scene from a previous season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. (This was so funny as Bravo producers showed the clips of her employees acting out a scene of her family back-to-back.)

DISH Nation is throwing Porsha a welcome party since she just got a new co-hosting gig. (It is weird that Porsha is a main character on this show but she is no longer in the opening credits which I am guessing means she isn’t getting paid.) Claudia shows up to the party since she works for the same company. Porsha thinks it is “tacky” for Claudia to show up. Rickey Smiley, who co-hosts with both Porsha and Claudia, gets up on stage in front of everyone and welcomes Porsha with a cake and one of those candles you don’t try to blow out. Porsha (who we all know is not the sharpest tool in the shed) tries to blow it out anyways (nearly lighting the girl who is holding the cakes hair on fire).

Claudia (who love to face confrontation head on) calls Porsha over to her table to try and make amends with her. She congratulates Porsha and says that she is happy for her. Claudia says that she is not trying to be her best friend but that she just wants to be cordial with her since they will be working at the same place. Porsha (I love her but she is so immature) says that she doesn’t find that to be appropriate. She says that there were things that Claudia said while in Puerto Rico that were unforgivable. She makes fun of Claudia’s hair and later says, “There is nothing fake about Porsha Williams!” In which Claudia responds, in the confessional, saying that Porsha is fake from her hair to her boobs to her lifestyle. (HAHA! True, but I love her fake hair and wish I could wear it!) Porsha finishes their conversation by leaving the table before either of them could finish. (Classy.)

Phaedra’s mother shows up at Phaedra’s house to see how she is doing. Apparently Apollo has been drinking and going to the club. Phaedra said that he has been making threats also. Apollo has been threatening to burn down the house. He has punched holes in all of the walls upstairs. (While Phaedra is saying all of this she looks serious but does not looked stressed by it all. I honestly thought she was making it all up, until I saw previews for next week’s episode which I will tell you about shortly.) Phaedra’s mother tells her that she does not want to come over one day to find her and the boys dead so they need to pack their stuff up and go somewhere.

Next episode looks really good but also depressing and scary for poor Phaedra. In the previews for next week we see Apollo in a car with Peter and he is talking about an affair that Phaedra is having. Apollo has print outs of all of Phaedra’s text messages. Peter gets home and is telling Cynthia about it and said that when Apollo started reading the texts he went ‘berserk’. We then see Phaedra in the garage and Apollo is walking up the driveway very angry. We then see them both in the garage and Phaedra is trying to get away from Apollo.

So next week should definitely be interesting…until then, Life Twirls On!


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