Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills– Season 5, Episode 12 – #RHOBH

Drama Queens

The episode starts with Kyle in her store in Beverly Hills with some of her gay friends who she is planning a mixer with. Her party planners come to meet with her and talk about what drinks they will have, an ice breaker game they will play and etc.

In Malibu, Yolanda and one of her employees are packing for her trip to Italy for husband, David Foster’s charity event. (This segment of the show is so uneventful. I like Yolanda but she is extremely boring and I wonder how she stays on the show. Probably because her model daughter, Gigi, is blowing up.)

Over at Villa Rosa, Lisa and Ken are looking at pictures of Max as a baby. Adopted son, Max, has come to Lisa asking to find out about his heritage. In this scene we see Lisa struggling with conflicted thoughts about Max finding out about his family background. She cries in the confessional as she talks about the fear that Max will leave to be with his birth parents but also wanting to be a good adoptive parent. Wanting to allow her son to be able to know more about his background. She doesn’t want to hold him back.

Next we see Brandi and Kim on a couch talking about the fight at Poker Night. This scene flashes back to portions of a conversation that Kim was having with Kyle the day before. Kim talks to Brandi, and Kyle the day before, explaining that she coughed and something snapped. She was in so much pain that she was taken to the hospital. Turns out Kim had a hernia and a cracked and fractured rib. She says she doesn’t remember everything that happened that night because her ex-husband gave her a pain pill so that she could go to the party.

Kyle says that she is not happy that Kim ruined her three years of sobriety but was happy that Kim was at least aware and acknowledging that she made a mistake.

Brandi said she knew that Kim was not right that night. She then tells Kim that it was not a good night for Kim, for herself or for Kyle. She talked about her and Kyle both drinking too much. Brandi then told Kim she was trying to protect her from her sister. (This is where things get weird. I almost feel like Brandi is trying to take advantage of Kim here. She is removing Kim from her strong family so that she can manipulate her into doing things Brandi needs.) Brandi continues to say, “You were better off with me than her.” Kim ends this scene by telling Brandi that she should go get her gay friend, Mark and the three of them should head to Kyle’s gay mixer to break the ice. Brandi agrees to go.

The party starts and everyone is there except Kim and un-invited Brandi. Everyone is having a great time playing a game in which you have the name of a famous person on your back and everyone has to give you hints until you guess who it is. Next thing you know, Kim walks in WITH BRANDI. “This is really akward. This is really weird. Brandi is here.” Kyle says with a look of surprise on her face. She let’s others around her know that she did not invite Brandi. Kim comes over to greet Kyle. Kim tells Kyle she thought inviting Brandi would be a good way to break the ice. Kyle says she was surprised and that Kim could have given her some sort of warning, like a text. Kyle tells Kim that she needs some time to gather her thoughts.

Kyle walks over to Brandi and Kim to say hello. Kyle is really being nice. She apologizes to Brandi for pushing her hand down but explains that she shouldn’t try to get between two sisters. Brandi says Kyle should never have touched her. Kyle again explains the situation and then they get into it.

Kyle explains that Brandi doesn’t know the four decades of history that goes into her relationship with Kim. Brandi responds by saying she accepts her apology but she does know the history between the two. Kyle reminds her that they have only been friends for six months so there is no way that is true.

Brandi, like last episode, again blames Kyle for not helping when she called about Kim one night. Kyle says if Brandi was such a good friend she wouldn’t announce this to everyone all the time, she would keep it to herself to protect Kim. Kyle asks Brandi to tell her what Kyle and Kim talk about if she knows so much about their relationship. Kim then gets angry because she feels like that is private material. (I am honestly so confused on why Kim is mad here.)

Finally Kyle has had it, “Are you out of your f***ing mind? How dare you have the balls to walk in here uninvited and talk to me like that!”

“You invited me and you invited Mark,” says a completely ignorant Brandi.

“When did I invite you?” Kyle says angrily.

Brandi talks about the time about a week ago when they were downtown in Kyle’s store with Lisa Rinna and she invited her. (Brandi, since then you have tried to get between the two sisters. You have infuriated and got into a physical fight with Kyle. I would say anyone with common sense would not show up after that.)

“I am sorry. I thought you were coming to be nice and I came to apologize.” Kyle says to Brandi.

Kim lashes out and tells Kyle she came over to start something.

Brandi goes off on Kyle. Gets in her face. Tells her to back up because she is the kind of girl who would fight her.

Kyle doesn’t understand why Kim is letting this go on with Brandi and she lets her know it. Kim can’t take it and says don’t put me in the middle of it and begins to cry. She sits down at a table, yelling back at Kyle. Kyle tries to talk to her and asks Brandi to leave. Brandi refuses and said she came with Kim and she is leaving with her.

“You’re not wanted.” Kyle says looking up at Brandi.

“Excuse me, neither are you. Ask your husband.” Brandi jabs back (like the piece of trash she is).

“Why are you doing this?” Kyle asks Kim. Kyle explains to Kim that they just spoke the day before about all of this.

Kim, not all there, responds, “It was this morning.”

“NO! IT WAS YESTERDAY!” Kyle screams back at her completely worried that her sister is not even aware of what day it is.

Kyle asks Kim if she is really going to let Brandi get between them. (After Kim said that Kyle was her best friend and no one could tear them apart just one day before this.)

“Ok Kim. F*** you!” Kyle storms out.

To be continued….

Next time – We see Kyle with Lisa V, Lisa R and Eileen in the aftermath of her fight with Brandi. Yolanda gives Brandi advice. Brandi lashes back (like the abuser she is) and brings up Bella’s DUI. And Kyle and Kim sit down to talk about the fight.


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