Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 7, Episode 12 – #RHOA

The girls get back from Puerto Rico and we start the episode watching Nene and Cynthia telling their husbands about the trip. Nene gets in her black, Maserati with Greg and dishes about her interaction with new housewife, Claudia Jordan. In the meantime, Cynthia – who is wearing the most ridiculous, blue cowboy hat, see below – is in her kitchen filling in Peter (husband) and Malorie (sister) on Puerto Rico and her relationship with Nene. Nothing new here, Nene and Cynthia are still not friends. Cynthia and Malorie look for the ‘friendship contract’ that she signed with Nene years ago. Cynthia finds it,  crumples it up, runs to the kitchen and lights it on fire in the sink.

Kandi and Todd have been attempting to get pregnant but have been having some trouble so they go to see Married to Medicine’s Dr. Jackie. Kandi, 38, has been off of birth control for over a year and is wondering if Todd could be the problem. They find out that Todd is not the problem but that they should start living a little more healthily if they want to conceive.

Cynthia’s husband, Peter, is having a grand opening party for his new bar and lounge, Sports One. Cynthia calls the girls to see who wants to make the three hour drive to attend. At this point in the show we find out Claudia is in, so Cynthia calls Kenya to see if she would like to join. “This is Twirl,” Kenya answers the phone. (Yes, Twirl! Why would she not answer the phone like that?) Kenya says she wants to attend but she hates driving. Cynthia says they will each drive an hour so Kenya agrees to go but says that she needs to be put up in a five star hotel and needs full hair, makeup and wardrobe. Twirl is quite the diva.

As it turns out, Claudia drives the entire way as Twirl is in the back seat acting like a 14 year old girl. She hangs up Cynthia’s phone while she is talking to Phaedra (see below), she moons guys out the window on a highway and while pulling into a gas station she makes the girls turn on her song, ‘Gone with the Wind Fabulous’ and proceeds to sing it loudly while hanging out of the sunroof waiving her arms. (Gosh, she is great!)

Phaedra, on the other hand, is not having the best episode as we see her talking to her mother about soon to be ex-husband, Apollo and his report to jail date. We later see Apollo alone with sons Ayden and Dylan at a frozen yogurt shop.  He sits down at a table with them and tries to explain to them that he is going away for a long time.

He makes a good attempt at trying to explain this by asking the kids what happens to them when they get in trouble. Then asking what would happen to ‘mommy or daddy’ when they get in trouble. He asks the kids how they feel when he is away from the home. Ayden, who seems overly intelligent for his age, responds “bad”.  This part of the show is really sad. It is clearly Apollo’s fault that he is going to prison for eight years but it is so sad for his family. It has ruined his relationship with Phaedra and it is going to hurt the boys. In this episode you really see how much joy Apollo brings his kids. Both kids are so happy to be with him, Ayden very talkative with him, clearly expressing his love for his father and Dylan, barely old enough to speak, jumping up and down, looking at Apollo with a smile on his face saying, “Dada, Dada.”

The real excitement of this episode comes when Cynthia, Kenya and Claudia finally make it to Peter’s opening of Sports One. We come to find out that Kordell Stewart, former NFL player and Porsha’s ex-husband, is Peter’s business partner. The girls are all excited to see Kordell. Claudia says she has known Kordell for a while and sits down next to him to chat.  Everyone makes a huge deal about it and Peter attempts to play matchmaker. He keeps saying, “She’s so cute,” of Claudia and continues to say how good they look together. Claudia explains that she works with Porsha everyday so she would never do that, even though they are not friends. She does flirt with Kordell, hanging out alone with him, giving him her number, telling him not to call her late at night and taking a selfie with him.

I definitely saw it all as flirting but Monday morning on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show she claimed that her and Kordell are friends and have been for 15 years. Peter was a guest on the show and claimed he was not trying to hook them up, even though it seemed like it. He said if you thought he was trying to hook the pair up then, “You must have not been watching the show.” No Peter, we were watching and you were definitely playing matchmaker.


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