Reality Recap – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 5 Episode 10 – #RHOBH

Whoa! Kids moving across country, a physical altercation, a game of poker and Giggy gets naked?! Yes, that all took place last night on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So let’s start with Yolanda Foster. We find her in New York City with her model daughters — Gigi and Bella. She is spending time with them while finishing moving Bella to the area for school. Nothing really interesting happens with Yolanda last night. She is fun to watch, especially with her daughters. Who is going to complain about watching three supermodels hanging out?

yolan(From right to left: Gigi, Yolanda, Bella. Picture from Yolanda Foster’s Instagram)

Last night they do supermodel things as they lay out a bunch of photos of Bella on the floor and ask Gigi which one she likes. Gigi then pokes fun at ‘America’s Next Top Model’ by imitating Tyra Banks and moving Bella onto the next round. (She did a really good job of being Tyra, “And the last model that will move on for a chance to become Americans Next Top model…(dramatic pause)…BELLA!) Bella and Yolanda clap, they are a cute family.

Lisa Vanderpump showed up at the beginning of the show at a spa with the girls. She wore a black dress and bright green heels. They were really, really bright. After that, she is not involved much. She goes wine tasting with the girls, which we will get to next. Then she goes on vacation to Cabo and takes Giggy along with her, because who doesn’t take their balding Pomeranian on vacation with them?! Lisa let’s Giggy get naked while on the beach and you get a glimpse of him standing in a little dog house on the beach without clothes on! (He looked so happy!)

swag(GIF from GiggyThePom.Com)

Mid-way through the episode the girls go wine tasting. Kyle Richards is mortified since she brought Kim Richards, who is a recovering alcoholic. Kyle pulls Kim aside and asks if she is alright. She tells Kim she is sorry and that she thought it was going to be more of a meal not just wine tasting. Everyone is worried but they all agree that Kim has been doing well in her sobriety and that she is very strong right now. Minutes later we find out that Kim is not as strong as she seems.

So now, to the part we have all been waiting for, the poker party! As you may or may not know, Eileen Davidson’s husband was a commentator for the World Poker Tour. Playing off that, Eileen decides it would be fun to have the girls come out to her home in Malibu and for a lesson in poker by her husband, Vincent.

In typical housewife fashion, Kyle gets into an SUV and has her driver pick up Brandi Glanville, while Lisa Rinna has her driver pick up an very suspicious Kim. Brandi comes out of the house yelling to Kyle with three bottles of wine and two wine glasses in her arms. She immediately gets into the SUV and pours Kyle and herself a glass of wine. They talk, laugh and seem to be having a good time. On the other hand, Kim and Lisa are having a very unusual interaction in another car. Kim seems off and Lisa picks up on it instantly. She asks Kim how she is feeling. A mumbling Kim replies, “Ornery. Ornery.” Kim tells Lisa that she is upset because her ex-husband who is sick and has been staying at her house, has not come home at night. You can tell she is upset and anxious about this. Lisa asks Kim if she has been drinking. Kim laughs her off and says no. Then Kim starts talking about getting an acting job and things get even more weird. The two start oddly staring at each other, maybe in an attempt to show some type of acting skills? I don’t know. I was confused by how weird things were getting. Kim then starts angrily jabbing at Lisa, swearing. At this point both Lisa Rinna and the viewers have no idea if Kim is acting or if she is serious, leaving everyone completely confused.

They finally arrive to Eileen’s and everyone sits down at a poker table. Vincent is so patient with the women while teaching them the basics of Texas Holdem. (That must have been so tough!) The girls are totally clueless and they are asking a million dumb questions that are irrelevant to what Vincent is trying to teach them. He handles all the questions with grace. Brandi, on the on the other hand, does not. She calls out Kyle and tells her she is “stupid”. Kyle responds, “I am actually very smart,” and tells Brandi she is trying to learn the game. Brandi, drunk and aggressive as always, yells out again, “No! You’re stupid!” (And they were having so much fun together on the ride in!)

poker kim(Picture from Bravo TV website)

Brandi and Kim sit next to each other and are screaming and carrying on because Kim won a hand. Brandi continues to torment the ladies as she says, “You are all actors,” expecting them to have good poker faces, I guess? No one at the table understands as she keeps loudly repeating it. They play the final hand and of course, loud-mouth Brandi wins. Vincent gives her a little trophy. She cheers, stands up and accepts her trophy and continues to make fun of the other girls. Lisa takes the criticism well and pretends to throw a chip at Brandi. I think she realized that this is just Brandi being Brandi and that she is just bluntly joking.

kyle1(Picture from Bravo TV website)

Kim then starts acting really weird too and Kyle cannot take anymore. She excuses herself from the table and quietly goes into the bathroom to get herself together. Kim goes after her and knocks on the door. “Who is it?” Kyle says. “It’s Kim.” Kyle opens the door and lets Kim in. She tells her that she is getting embarrassed. She then asks Kim is he has been drinking. Kim denies drinking. Kyle asks if she had used any drugs. Again, Kim denies use. Kim finally opens up and tells Kyle that her ex-husband gave her a pain killer before she left the house. Kyle is really disappointed and asks Kim why she would take that. They leave the bathroom and Kim is upset. She gathers her things and Brandi asks what she is doing. She tells Brandi she is leaving and Brandi helps her on her way out. Kyle, concerned for her sister, starts asking Kim questions and following her out. Brandi shields Kyle off, like she is paparazzi or something, and tells her to leave Kim alone. Kim ignores Kyle and walks out with Brandi. On the way out Kyle slightly pushes Brandi to get her out of the way so she can talk to Kim. Brandi does not take it well and turns around pushing Kyle down a stair or two. Kyle goes to the door to watch Kim leave and you can tell she is very worried for her sister.

Kyle(Picture from Bravo TV website)

Next week’s episode hopefully will shine more light on what exactly happened with Kim. There is a point in the commercial where Kyle is talking to her husband, Mauricio, and says, “Kim is in the hospital.” AH! The cliff hangers! Until next week…


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