Reality Recap – Vanderpump Rules – Season 3, Episode 11 – #PUMPrules

It’s Tuesday – Yay! Vanderpump Rules was on again last night and we are here with your recap.

First, let’s go over what happened last episode. Last week we watch as the cast finishes out their trip to Miami for Scheana and Shay’s bachelor and bachelorette party. Here are the takeaways from last episode:

Episode 10 Recap

1. Jax may have hooked up with a guy.

Yes, that is part of last week’s episode. It sounds super juicy and unexpected, right? Well actually Bravo just did a good job of tricking me to believe that. Watching the episode we find out that Jax, Jason at the time, used to live with an older, gay male when he lived in Miami. They were good friends, Jax drove his car around, they would go out to gay bars together. This older male managed models and helped Jax book his first gig. The two had a falling out when Jax left so the crew planned for an awkward reuniting of the two. As it turned out, the man was an awesome guy. He had much love for Jax and they were happy to see each other. It was almost like they had never stopped talking as Vail asks for details about Jax’s younger years and they both say “Bro-code”. It was really cute. So although everyone now assumes they were just friends, Scheana leaves us wondering if more happened between the two. She tells Ariana that she asked Jax if he ever kissed the man and he said, “Probably when I was drunk.” Hm…so did he or didn’t he hook up with a guy? I guess we will never know.

2. Katie and Stassi’s friendship is on the rocks.

Stassi finds out, through Scheana, that Katie will be attending her bachelorette party in Miami. Stassi is mad since Katie didn’t tell her. Stassi also feels as if Katie is betraying her, turning on her and/or becoming a traitor. For much of the episode she ignores Katie until with Lisa Vanderpump, who tells her to answer the phone when Katie calls. Stassi listens and answers but doesn’t saying much at all.

3. Tom CRIES to Kristen.

Yes, it was epic! We all know how entertaining it is to watch Tom Sandoval cry on television and he did not disappoint. While in Miami, Ariana and Tom are in a cab headed to a restaurant to meet up with the rest of the crew when Ariana breaks down and tells Tom how she is anxious and hasn’t ate in days because of Kristen. Tom decides it best to make amends with Kristen so that she will stop trying to sabotage his relationship with Ariana. He pulls her outside of a bar and they talk while Tom wept uncontrollably. While shedding tears, he tells Kristen that he loved her and thought they would end up together. He told her he wants her to be happy. You can tell by the look on Kristen’s face that she feels like she is winning. She is smiling with tears in her eyes as she watches Tom break down in front of her. She grabs his hand at the table. The conversation ends with a hug and a very seriously delusional Kristen coming to her own realization that she can get Tom back if she breaks him and Ariana up.

Episode 11

This week we observe the cast member lives post-Miami trip. Lisa Vanderpump is shocked to hear that everyone had a good time and got along. She is happy that Scheana decided to invite Katie. She is proud of Katie for going on the trip, making amends with the other girls and putting the past behind her. She tells Katie that she has been living in Stassi’s shadow and she is finally becoming her own person. I think Katie does have a lot of growing to do and so far this season, I think she has come a long way. I, too, as a lame viewer, am also proud to see her growth. Go Katie!

In the meantime, Vail is her normal histrionic self as she runs around the restaurant in a ridiculously short dress and flirts with every guy she sees. In this week’s episode she is focusing all of her flirtatious efforts on Peter. She flirts with him and totally sends him the wrong signals. Vail, that is your fault. I thought you were into him too and I am a female. She is so histrionic she doesn’t even know, she needs to see a therapist for this issue. Anyways, Peter texts her and asks her to coffee. Vail takes it as just that, a very platonic coffee meet up,  because she has no idea she has been flirting with him all this time. They show up for coffee at a restaurant at 5pm and Vail finds it weird that Peter wants to order wine. Who goes to coffee at 5PM? It’s dinner time, you are going to dinner with him, it is a date! Peter orders a bottle and then stares at Vail which makes for a few really weird seconds of interaction that was pushed over the top by the editors at Bravo. Peter says he likes to stare in the eyes of the woman he is into, that’s how he draws her in. WEIRD! I really hope he is joking. After the date Vail goes to SUR, because why would you not go to work after a date?! She makes this huge deal about it and acts like she is totally not into him as she says, “I accidentally went on a date with Peter.” What 30 year old woman “accidentally” goes on a date?! Most likely someone with histrionic or borderline personality disorder. VAIL, GO GET HELP!

Kristen gets back from Miami on a mission – destroy Tom & Ariana. What’s new?! Really! While on a hike with her comedian friend, who used to date Jax, she talked about everything that happened with Tom.

She says that if Ariana weren’t around then her and Tom would get back together because she knows Tom still loves her. When she says that I sit staring at my TV actually siding with her. I really do believe that if Ariana were not around, her and Tom probably would still be together or trying to work it out. So although she is crazy, I do believe that. The other thing that crosses my mind is, “What about James?” Believe me I am not a lover of James. His tall hair, bimmerselfies (I thought it should be spelled beamerselfies but was corrected via Twitter) and his general attitude make my dislike for him grow with every episode. He annoys me. I must say, however, he is a pretty good boyfriend for being younger and dealing with Kristen’s obsession with Tom. I mean really, who wants to deal with that. This episode he does show a little bit of aggravation with Kristen when they are out to lunch and she tells him that the Miami girl wants to confront Tom. Kristen also tells him with sympathy, “Sorry but I am just being honest”, about the conversation she had with Tom and how he still loves her. He sits there clearly annoyed and not wanting to here it. He asks her why all of it matters. She says, the truth needs to be revealed. So her genius plan is to get Miami girl, who is most likely somebody trying to get her 15 minutes of fame, to come to SUR and confront Tom, in person. Thus proving that he cheated on Ariana and breaking the couple up. Then Kristen’s mission will be complete when Tom comes running back into her arms, but wait…what about her current boyfriend? What about James? They are so madly in love. So Kristen after all that work are you just kicking him to the curb? This is a messed up situation and I really hope James just stays in it for the air time, even though I am pretty sure everyone’s serious displeasure with him will definitely not help his current job situation.

Jax has no real excitement in his role in the show at this point so he decides to try and step it up by failing at attempting to get back with Carmen since Tiffany broke up with him after she put him up in a hotel out of town only to find out that he hooked up with another girl. Who does that?! So Jax gets things started by telling Scheana to change her wedding seating chart so he could sit near Carmen, later acting like he did not arrange that. Nice work liar! Then he thought it was a good idea to take Carmen out to get something to eat. He recounts their break up and she basically shut him down. It was great.

Outside of SUR, Stassi is in her new place with the only friends in the world she has left – Kristina, Jenn and Jeremy. They are drinking champagne with gold flakes while sitting on the floor as Stassi shows off pieces of her new jewelry collection. How fancy?! We find out that she is not a simple housewife these days but a business woman who is in the statement necklaces business. I make fun but I do love a good statement necklace. During this boring part of the show, Kristina tells Stassi she understand Katie’s reason for going to Miami but thinks it is messed up that Katie didn’t tell her.

At the end of the episode, things go down. Katie and Stassi meet at lunch to talk about their friendship. Stassi, cocky as always, is expecting a complete apology from her ex-minion Katie. “I love a good apology,” she says, almost bragging and laughing. Unfortunately for Stassi, things do not go as she thinks they will. Katie grew a backbone and after seeing the way Ariana stuck through the entire trip for Scheana, she comes to a realization that Stassi is just not a good friend. She does not apologize and asks Stassi if she wasn’t in Miami, “What was I supposed to do? Sit around waiting for you to call?” Stassi looks shocked and I was too, honestly. Katie doesn’t back down, she explains why she went on the trip, she reminds Stassi that she has never turned on her and talks about how good of a friend she has been. Stassi doesn’t care and starts to cry. There is nothing more Katie can do, so she leaves! And that is the end.

Previews for next episode look completely awesome! Kristen somehow gets Miami girl to come out to LA. Miami girl then goes to SUR and stands at the bar and says, “We had sex.” To Tom as he replies, “No we didn’t.” Several times. It looks hilarious. Good work Kristen, this is going to be the most entertaining part of the season! Who does this kind of stuff on the job? Do you not know you can get fired?! After that interaction, Scheana throws a tantrum because she simply cannot take anymore and she screams, “JUST LISTEN TO ME.” In the most ridiculous voice imaginable. Scheana, why are you crying? Either way, I cannot wait to see what happens, I absolutely love this show and although I do make fun of the cast often, I love them also, they always keep it interesting. Until next week!


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