NBA Fashion Friday!


Happy New Year everyone! We are back and we would like to start off the New Year with some end of 2014 NBA Fashion. As we all know, it is a huge deal to play on Christmas Day. The NBA always schedules big matchups with some of the league’s best players. With big matchups comes even bigger fashion. Let’s take a look at what some of our favorite athletes wore for Santa:

Matt Barnes – LA Clippers

I wanted to start the New Year off right so I am going to start with our Christmas Day Best Dressed Award. This goes to the Los Angeles Clippers small forward, Matt Barnes. On Christmas Day he stepped out in this look styled by Brandon Williams, one of our favorite stylists. Barnes is wearing a light burgundy colored jacket, pink button down, dark gray pants, a red rose 3D lapel pin and light colored pocket square. He wore a brown belt and theses amazing red to black hombre wing tipped dress shoes with black laces. The glasses add to the looks sophistication. Williams’ use of color here is absolutely stunning. Bravo Brandon and Matt!


(Image from brandwills and matt_barnes9 Instagrams)

Lebron James – Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA’s biggest star, Lebron James, showed up Christmas morning in the Camubutterfly sweatshirt by Valentino. The matching hat and sunglasses polished off his look.

LBJ(Image from maisonvalentino‘s Instagram)

John Wall – Washington Wizards

It is no secret that Wizards star point guard, John Wall is slowly becoming a fashion icon in the NBA and he did not disappoint on Christmas Day. John took a second outside of a plane to pose for cameras in this festive black and red ensemble. Red pants, bow tie and pocket square were accompanied by an all-black button down and suit coat. He completed the look with a little bit of edge as he accessorized with a simple gold chain that hung below the bow tie.

johnwall(Image from johnwall‘s Instagram)

Kobe Bryant – LA Lakers

LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant looked dapper on Christmas day in this fitted red suit coat and patterned pocket square. The black scarf, button down and pants went well with this look as they emphasized the coat as the main piece. Good job Kobe!

Kobe(Image from @nba)

Carmelo Anthony – New York Knicks

Although his team lost to the Wizards Christmas morning, Carmelo Anthony was winning in the style department. The Knicks star wore a demin button down underneath this red and green puff jacket. He tied the look together with this gold necklace and a plain black beanie. Way to go Melo!


(Image from nyknicks‘ Instagram)

Chris Paul – LA Clippers

Chris Paul always seems to be in style and he stepped his game up on Christmas. Here you see Paul in a pair of flashy red and black plaid pants. He keeps it simple up top with a white long-sleeve thermal and some gold chains. CP3 finished the look off with a brown trilby hat and a pair of Nike’s.


(Image from @ArashMarkazi)

Kevin Love – Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavaliers forward, Kevin Love looked sophisticated in this black suit over top of a white dress shirt. Although simple, he made this style his own going tieless with an understated pocket square. We LOVE it Kevin!

klove(Image from nba‘s Instagram)

Marcin Gortat – Washington Wizards

If you do not know who Marcin Gortat is Google him now and get acquainted. Not only is Marcin becoming one of the best centers in the NBA but he will soon become one of your favorite players. Gortat is a fan favorite in Washington with his black Mohawk, his on-court work ethic, his Polish fashion and his down-to-earth personality. He is DC’s sweetheart and an all-around awesome guy. On Christmas Day Marcin posted this Instagram photo of him with teammates John Wall, Bradley Beal and Garrett Temple. Gortat wears a nicely fitted dark patterned suit with a patterned button down, tie and pocket square. We love the added touch of the black beard and Mohawk. Keep up the good work Gortat!

Gortat(Image from mgortat13‘s Instagram)

Norris Cole – Miami Heat

Miami point guard, Norris Cole brought the heat Christmas Day with his own unique style and ended up being one of our favorites. This casual but fashionable look was created with a plain black tee under a fitted black blazer with a thin lapel. We absolutely loved the black and white joggers with the black high-tops. Nice work Norris!

Norris(Image from norriscole‘s Instagram)

Shawn Marion – Cleveland Cavaliers

Shawn Marion arrived in Miami looking festive in his ugly Christmas sweater.  Marion wore this red snowman sweater and black pants to the big game Christmas Day.

marion(Image from nba‘s Instagram)

LA Lakers Team

The Lakers team style got a little more swaggy Christmas day as guard Jeremy Lin gave each player his own customized purple and gold Monster headphones. Each set had the player nickname across the top in black, their jersey number on one side in purple and the Lakers logo on the other, as well as on the inside. Check them out!

2015 JLin7(Image from jlin7‘s Instagram)

reconbeatlab1(Image from reconbeatlab‘s Instagram)

Recon(Image from reconbeatlab‘s Instagram)

Spencer Hawes – LA Clippers

Last, but certainly not least, Spencer Hawes of the LA Clipper, who was the talk of Christmas Day! Wearing an extremely festive red and green checkered Christmas tree suit. Hawes stuck out while being sidelined and no one could take their eyes off of him. Interesting Spencer, very interesting.

Spencer(Image from nba‘s Instagram)

And that finishes off our NBA Christmas Day fashion favorites. Check back for more fashion from our favorite athletes and visit our new fashion Instragram page, athletchicstyle, for daily style trends.


Jessie Zahner is the owner of You can follow her on Instagram (Athletchic) or on Twitter at @Athletchic.


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