Remembering Lacey Holsworth – One Month Later

Princess Lacey Holsworth Dances Home

Princess Lacey Holsworth danced her way through the gates of heaven one month ago on Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

She has and will always be sadly missed by many.  In her few short years of life, her sweet and powerful spirit touched thousands—perhaps millions during the 2014 NCAA basketball tournament.  The magical camaraderie that she struck with Michigan State Basketball Player Adreian Payne taught players, coaches and fans about the true meaning of life.  With strength beyond her years, Princess Lacey never allowed her battle with cancer to cloud her admiration and support of Adreian Payne and the Michigan State Spartans.  She was both their littlest and biggest fan.

The Athletchic family would like to offer its deepest condolences to Lacey’s immediate family and her Michigan family.  We know that there is nothing worse in life than the loss of a precious, beautiful child.  We hope you may find some consolation in knowing that many people that never even met Lacy grew to love her over these past few months and were greatly saddened by her death.  What we witnessed here on this plane was the loss of a much loved child, but what our eyes could not see was the passing of a wonderful spirit into the next world.

We are sure that Lacey’s arrival in heaven sparked a celebration beyond compare.  We can almost hear the voice on the loud speaker announcing her arrival:

“Princess Lacey Holsworth, our freshman angel, has stepped onto heaven’s court.  She brings with her a myriad of experience in determination and was recently awarded Michigan’s most valuable soul.  In her few years on earth, she taught a lifetime of love’s lessons.  Her extreme courage touched and inspired the masses, and her warm smile drew the toughest, most revered men down to their knees and into her eight-year-old world of wonder.  She taught them how to love. She befriended all in her path. She was the world’s light for just a short time—but what a light she was.”

_________________________________________________________________________ Cyndie Zahner is a free lance writer. Follow her on Twitter at @tweetyz or on Instagram as athletchicz.

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