NBA’s Fashion Playoff


Every year around this time, NBA fans get excited about the playoffs.   Some fans want to see the reign of Lebron James and the Heat, others would love to watch them fall; Some root for the underdogs; Others just love the excitement of NBA Playoff basketball.  But basketball isn’t the only thing exciting about the playoffs, the designer clothing the players wear to the arenas excites a certain, fashion-foward, type of fan.  Below are some of the latest fashions from your favorite NBA players from round 1, game 1 and 2 of the 2014 NBA Playoffs!


Best Dressed Ballers

The best dressed award goes to the LA Clippers center, DeAndre Jordan.  Seen here wearing a Dries Van Noten printed shirt and a custom suit from Paige Geran, DeAndre wins our Athletchic Athelete Style award.

DeAndre Jordan

(Image from More Th>n Stats)


Runner-up goes to Chandler Parsons of the Houston Rockets.  Rocking these flashy Louis Vuitton shoes and a printed Dolce & Gabanna cotton shirt before round 1, game 1; Parson comes in strong at number 2.

Chandler Parsons (Rockets)Gm1 NBATV Twitter

 (Photo from @NBATV)


Finally, in 3rd place, LA Clippers star, Blake Griffin dazzles us with his fashion forward style.  He gets an A+ in our books for both the black-gray suited look from game 1 and the casual game 2 look.

Blake Griffin Clips Game 1 More Than Stats

  (Photo from @NBATV)

Blake Griffin Clips More Than Stats Gm2

 (Photo from @NBATV)


Honorable Mention

Honorable mention goes to the following fierce fashion-ballers:


Marcin Gortat (right) of the Washington Wizards celebrated his game 2 victory in this gray suit with teammate Nene (left).  If you follow Gortat on Instagram you will love his European style.

gort nen

 (Photo from mgortat13 Instagram)


Matt Barnes, styled by Brandon Williams, is on point prior to round 1, games 1 and 2.  For game 1, Barnes sported red G-star denim pants and vintage YSL sneakers.

Matt Barnes (Clippers) game 1 brandwills

  (Photo from brandwills Instagram)

Brandon Williams does it again in game 2, when he styles Matt Barnes in this fitted blazer.

Matt Barnes Clippers Game 2 Brandwills instagram

 (Photo from brandwills Instagram)


Miami Heat’s All-Star, Chris Bosh looks dapper in this Waraire Boswell suit, Alexander Wang Top and Louis Vuitton shoes before dropping 13 on the Bobcats in game 1.

Chris Bosh Gm1 thomasfaison instagram

 (Photo from thomasfaison Instagram)


Fashion Flops

And now, to our least favorite 2014 NBA Playoff outfits, our Fashion Flops:

To start out the list, poor Kevin Durant.  The OKC Thunder forward looks like a middle school boy before game 2 with his short-sleeve button up dress shirt which is untucked over tight fitting camo pants.  This outfit could be the sole reason for your game 2 defeat!

Kevin Durant OKC Game 2 More than stats

 (Image from More Th>n Stats)


Terrence Jones of the Houston Rockets strutted into game 1 wearing this high-fashion number.  The only problem here is that it’s a huge fashion FLOP!  High fashion or not, Terrence looks like he borrowed my grandmothers sweater.  Terrence, if you ever want to win another game, the basketball Gods need you to change your shirt!

Terrence Jones Rockets More Than Stats Gm1

(Image from More Th>n Stats)


Another Oklahoma City Thunder player rounds out the list of the Fashion Flops.  OKC’s young talent is normally known for their flashy, fashion statements which turn into trends, but this week OKC is a Fashion Flop repeat offender.  What was Russell Westbrook thinking when he stepped out of the house in these two outfits?  Westbrook set the color blocking tone all wrong in game 1 when he walked out of the house in this red number.  Men can actually pull off skinny jeans, but Russell, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!  The red pants look like low-rise, hip hugging jeans that are a little too tight. The unmatched baggy red shirt overtop doesn’t help matters.  One of Westbrooks Instagram followers said he looked like Elmo, and I think he is right!


 (Photo from rustwest44 Instagram)

For game 2 Russell’s clothing situation doesn’t get any better.  Again, we find Westbrook wearing overly tight skinny jeans. Such a shame!


 (Photo from rustwest44 Instagram)



Fashion Finds Elsewhere in the  2014 NBA Playoffs

Aside from the best and worst lists, here are some other NBA Playoff Fashions.


Bradley Beal and John Wall (Washington Wizards) – Post-game press conference, Game 2

wall beal1


Austin Daye (San Antonio Spurs)

Austin Daye (Spurs)

(Photo from Her Pink Jersey blog)

Hasheem Thabeet (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Hasheem Thabeet OKC More than stats Gm2

(Image from More Th>n Stats)

Courtney Lee (Memphis Grizzlies)

Courtney Lee Grizzlies Game 2 more than stats

 (Image from More Th>n Stats)

Harrison Barnes (Golden State Warriors)

Harrison Barnes Warriors Game 2 brandwills instagram

   (Photo from brandwills Instagram)

Jeremy Lin (Houston Rockets)

Jeremy Lin Rockets More Than Stats Gm1

 (Image from More Th>n Stats)


JJ Redick (Los Angeles Clippers)

JJ Reddick More Than StatsGm2

 (Image from More Th>n Stats)

Serge Ibaka (Oklahoma City Thunder)

 Serge Ibaka (OKC)thomasfaison instagram

(Photo from thomasfaison Instagram)


Mike Conley (Memphis Grizzlies) – Styled by Brandon Williams.

Mike Conley (Memphis)1

 (Photo from brandwills Instagram)


Robin Lopez (Portland Trail Blazers)

Robin Lopez Blazers More Than Stats Gm1

  (Image from More Th>n Stats)


Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

Steph Curry Gm 2 Warriors More Than Stats

  (Image from More Th>n Stats)


Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland Trail Blazers)

Trailblazers Gm1 NBATV Twitter

 (Photo from @NBATV)


So far, what is your favorite fashion from the 2014 NBA Playoffs?  Let us know by commenting below!


Jessie Zahner is the owner of You can follow her on Instagram (Athletchic) or on Twitter at @Athletchic.


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