ESPN Voters Say Opening Day is Irrelevant

ESPN Voters Say Opening Day is Irrelevant


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Today, held a poll that asked site visitors: How much baseball did you watch on Opening Day?

Being the baseball loving stats nerd that I am, I answered the question the way that only 9% of the country did. I watched several Opening Day games; I was in the minority. A majority 52% of site visitors claimed they did not watch a single game yesterday, on Opening Day. I find this statistic very hard to believe. While checking my social media pages yesterday, all you could see for hours were people posting pictures of their babies in their favorite baseball onesies, party animals tailgating at 8:00AM, smiling faces at a ballpark and post-after-post of “Happy Opening Day”, “Baseball is back!” and “Finally!”.

So did only 48% of the world really tune in to Opening Day? Aren’t we trying to declare Opening Day as a recognized holiday in the United States? If so, what kind of backing is that!


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